Justice Gray, Sql server freelance coderHire Now
Justice Gray
Freelance Sql server developer in Richmond, Canada

Full-Stack CEO, Lean Startup Consultant, Super Genius, Force of Nature

Director of Technology / Senior Consultant (Aequilibrium) Built two ASP.NET MVC/Angular based applications for environmental client Chief Technology Officer / Co-founder (inContract) API-driven C#/ASP.NET MVC backend, with Angular and JQuery responsive front-end Solution Architect (ESSA Technologies) Rearchitecture, rewrite, user interface/experience redesign of ESSA's flagship fish water management tool to bring it in line with relatively modern day technologies Solution Architect (Students Finance System 2.0) (Alberta Advanced Education (Government of Alberta)) Managed, developed, and successfully delivered a $20M rewrite of Alberta Advanced Education's Student Finance System (several large interrelated web applications tied together under a common data layer). Project delivered u...
Ed Mays, Sql server developer for hireHire Now
Ed Mays5.0
Freelance Sql server developer in Loja, Ecuador

C#, TDD, and and Clean Coding Expert with 18 Years Experience

I have used SQL server as needed for larger projects since 2005. While I wouldn't consider myself a DBA, I can certainly help with T-SQL queries/stored procedures, schema changes, and normalization advice.
Michael Leanos, senior Sql server developerHire Now
Michael Leanos5.0
Freelance Sql server developer in Berkeley, United States

The best products come from innovation through healthy, non-competitive, and agile collaborations.

For the majority of my career, most of the back-end applications I have built have utilized MS SQL Server. I have expert knowledge with designing, building, and managing large MS SQL databases. I'm confident in my ability to build very complex stored procedures, migrations, and integrated database solutions.
Oussama Dinia, top Sql server developerHire Now
Oussama Dinia5.0
Freelance Sql server developer in Paris, France

Senior Full Stack Developer (.NET / Angular ) ​

Lots of experience with SQL Server, as it has always been the database end for most applications I have developed. I also have a good grasp of query performances and database design.
Jamie Hurley, Sql server freelance coderHire Now
Jamie Hurley4.8
Freelance Sql server developer in Lebanon, United States

Lead Software Engineer - Writing code for 21+ years

I've used MS SQL Server since version 6.5 in the 90's. This is in respect to creating schema's and programming against them. In addition, I've used SSRS and SSIS extensively for moving data and reporting.
AJ Tatum, freelance Sql server developerHire Now
AJ Tatum
Freelance Sql server developer in Arlington, United States

Senior .NET Software Developer, IT Business Analyst,, Technologist

With the background from C# mentioned, SQL came along with it at the same time. Have experience with preventing sql injections, stored procedures, and how to make queries run as efficiently as possible by having the right indexes on a table.
Md. Shahnewaz Rasel, Sql server consultant and programmerHire Now
Md. Shahnewaz Rasel
Freelance Sql server developer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Experienced MSBI (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS) & Power BI Consultant

Managed data warehouse for leading pharma clients like - Pfizer, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, RB etc. Completed around 50+ projects all related to MS BI stack. BI Developer, Pfizer RADAR Dashboard [Client: Pfizer] [Jun’13 – Nov’13] Pfizer RADAR is a web based BI solution for the client containing a dashboard and custom reports to enable the client to monitor sales performance of Pfizer brands and competitors. Responsibility: Project Management, requirement analysis, staging, building data warehouse and CUBE, write MDX to generate table and trend chart. Technology: SSIS, SSAS BI Developer, My Market Monitor Dashboard [Client: Novartis] [Jun’11– Mar’12] My Market Monitor is a web based platform to bring local data source (like France, Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain, Norway, Poland, Canada, U...
Jon Davis, freelance Sql server programmerHire Now
Jon Davis5.0
Freelance Sql server developer in Phoenix, United States

.NET Software and Web Developer

I am primarily a C# developer, not a DBA / SQL developer. But most of the projects I've been on have required some kind of data persistence, and most of those projects utilized MS SQL Server to do the persisting. My involvement with it has ranged from heavy table JOIN queries to schema design to stored procedure creation to triggers to views to relationships to indexes. I also have some limited experience with SSRS (Reporting) and SSIS (Integration). I don't, however, have much experience with Business Intelligence tooling, and as such I don't think in cubes. I'm only novice to intermediate when it comes to SQL administration such as managing transaction logs and redundancy, etc.
Pete Fuller, Sql server freelance programmerHire Now
Pete Fuller
Freelance Sql server developer in Greenwood, United States

Expressive and Athletic Software Architect With A Splash of Business Accumen

My experience is wide and varied over many years and has tempered me into a reliable architect/developer. I have been a part of successful projects and part of teams that have turned around failing projects. My spirit for team-work has fit nicely with both large and small projects and with colleagues of all skill levels. With a seasoned track record my patient and thorough approach to software architecture and development produces an optimal application while using minimal resources. Specialties: Sql Server BI and Database development, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) Integration.
Tyler Tomsen, Sql server freelance coderHire Now
Tyler Tomsen5.0
Freelance Sql server developer in Charlotte, United States

Senior Software Engineer at Allscripts

I have worked with SQL server for 12 years, specializing in performance.
Calvin Brown, Sql server freelance coderHire Now
Calvin Brown5.0
Freelance Sql server developer in Memphis, United States

Enterprise Software Architect / Cloud Architect / Software Developer

Xamarin and Amazon certified!!! 21+ years of total experience with 16+ years of enterprise architectural / leadership consulting experience with Microsoft .NET technologies (1.1 - 4.6) using C# & VB.NET.True full stack development and architectural know-how. Continuously proven - sharp, hands-on database expertise using all versions of SQL Server. A dedicated professional with exceptional skills, who is committed to delivering a superior level of performance, energy and efficiency.
Cesar Iduarte, top Sql server developerHire Now
Cesar Iduarte5.0
Freelance Sql server developer in Mérida, Mexico

Front End Web Developer & Design Architect

I have been working with Microsoft SQL since 2000 and currently I work with MSSQL 2012 version for a in-house web applications. Although I'm mostly a user than an actual administrator. I have experience with: * SQL Syntax (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CONSTRAINTS) * Store Procedures.
Oscar Soriano, top Sql server developerHire Now
Oscar Soriano
Freelance Sql server developer in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Software developer for 12+ yrs. Programming is my passion, love what I do.

I have had to write stored procedures and fine tune them based on execution plans. I had to setup disaster recovery plans using db mirroring, log shipping and traditional backup & restore. Have created many ETL packages with SSIS from different sources and destinations (eg. AS400 to SQL). All of this in a bank I used to work and as contractor in a major port.
Niladri Sekhar Dutta, Sql server programmer and consultantHire Now
Niladri Sekhar Dutta5.0
Freelance Sql server developer in Howrah, India

Full stack .NET/Classic ASP/Angularjs2 developer

I have more than of 5 years experience working in Microsoft SQL Server database. Worked with SQL SERVER 2016 temporal tables
Roman Smolkin, top Sql server developerHire Now
Roman Smolkin5.0
Freelance Sql server developer in West Palm Beach, United States
Over the years I've learned many useful skills for writing SQL. I'm not a DBA, and I don't administer the server. But I've written some very complex queries that span multiple pages when printed out ;)

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