Kiran Babu, Spring cloud freelance developerView Profile
Kiran Babu5.0
Freelance Spring cloud developer in Hyderabad, India

Expert AngularJs/Spring/VueJs/ReactJs Developer

I am full stack developer with 13 years of industry experience with Enterprise application development. I had worked applications with 160 million userbase, I am self motivated to learn new technologies by delivering the things successfully, As part of my experience i have learned and mastered many things like mobile development, front and backend applications, SEO development I am independent developer to push the idea into implemenation Hands-on software development and troubleshooting experience Highly skilled in designing, testing, and developing software End to end experience Develop, building, shipping, and maintaining of web/mobile products
José Luis Cardosa Manzano, Spring cloud developer and engineerView Profile
José Luis Cardosa Manzano5.0
Freelance Spring cloud developer in London, United Kingdom

Senior Software Engineer

I am the director of my own company and a Software Engineer ready to share with the world all the knowledge that I have acquired over the years. Really passionate about technologies since I was a child, and excited to learn the next new one.
Gabriel Feitosa, Spring cloud software engineerView Profile
Gabriel Feitosa
Freelance Spring cloud developer in Brasília, Brazil

Software Architect

+ Nine years of professional experience in software design, architecture and development; + Knowledge in Computer Science foundations like algorithm development, complexity algorithm analysis, data structures, software engineering methodologies, principles and practices in software architecture and design patterns; + Solid experience in design and development of web applications on AngularJS and Java; + Experience working in companies following the best practices (TDD, Continuous integrations), code review, pair programming and software development methodologies (scrum or iterative and incremental development); + Great experience as a technical and team leader.
Hantsy Bai, Spring cloud freelance developerView Profile
Hantsy Bai
Freelance Spring cloud developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Self-employed technical consultant, solution architect and full-stack developer

Bai has over 16 years software engineering experience, including 7 years freelancing and consulting experience. He has significant experience in building large-scale distributed systems, design and implementing of RESTful application architecture, migrating monolithic applications to Microservice architecture, pragmatic agile programming coach etc. He has written lots of blog entries and sample codes to demonstrate the technologies he had used and he is interested in. Some blog entries were referred by Oracle blog portal. He is active in open source communities and he is always trying to introduce the new cutting-edge technologies in his new projects. In 2012, he was invited by Redhat to attend 2012 JBoss User and Developer Conference at Boston and received the 2012 JBoss Community R...
Daniel Vaughan, senior Spring cloud developerView Profile
Daniel Vaughan
Freelance Spring cloud developer in Exmouth, United Kingdom

Java and Spring Software Development Coach based in Cambridge (UK)

I have an interest in long-term mentorships. I am particular interest in helping people be productive developers with Java and Spring. I interested in long term coaching and study guidance rather than helping with home work assignments and one-off problems.
Philip Krogel, top Spring cloud developerView Profile
Philip Krogel5.0
Freelance Spring cloud developer in St. Petersburg, United States
Sanjay Patel, Spring cloud freelance coderView Profile
Sanjay Patel
Freelance Spring cloud developer in Kolkata, India

Spring framework consultant with 20+ years of experience

I have 20+ years of software development experience, and am a full time Spring developer since 2009. I've also authored many real-world books, and am the lead developer of Spring Lemon. More about me can be found at me blog If you are developing world-class products using Spring framework, I can provide authentic guidance and troubleshooting. I love simplifying and solving complex problems as elegantly as possible, following the best practices, and always strive to write clean, high quality code. Technologies I've used include Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Data, JPA, MongoDB, Neo4j, Microservices using Spring Cloud, Spring Social, Elastic Search, Apache Solr, Google Drive API, WorldCat API, AWS, JUnit, TestNG, RestAssured, S...
Dragan Gajic, Spring cloud freelance coderView Profile
Dragan Gajic
Freelance Spring cloud developer in Thessaloniki, Greece

Software Architect (Java)

I have more than 15 years of experience in a field. Earned first money with Delphi 3/5, then moved to C/C++ for couple of years and settled with Java somewhere in 2005. End of 2006 I've started with Spring framework, and I've continued with it till these days, especially Spring Cloud as their view of Cloud Ready paradigm. In 2006 I've started working in IT service company, and I was involved in many projects in first as a senior dev/TL and as of 2010 as a Software Architect. As an architect I've continued to code, doing code reviews and architectural assessments for various clients. Since the company grow I was asked to develop and execute first Java/Spring on boarding programs (still publicly available here: I've hired an...
Branko Ilic, Spring cloud freelance programmerView Profile
Branko Ilic
Freelance Spring cloud developer in Belgrade, Serbia

A passionate and enthusiastic Java developer. Always searching for new and better ways for solving problems.

I spend my time working with startups trying to bring a positive attitude to every project i am involved with.
Mahmoud Ibrahim, Spring cloud software engineerView Profile
Mahmoud Ibrahim
Freelance Spring cloud developer in Cairo, Egypt

Solution Architect at KnowledgeNet

Specialties: Developing financial softwares for capital market domain using Java technologies

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