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James McLaren

James McLaren

Australian based RoR/Angular JS developer with a passion for helping others learn.

Melbourne (+11:00 DST)
I am an Australian based Ruby on Rails/Angular JS developer who loves helping others realise their passion for development. I pride myself on being able to explain things in a clear and concise manner and in keeping things fun. I primarily work in helping newer developers find their feet but am also very adept at bug fixing in more advanced applications.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 1 year experience
I have implemented javascript on a number of simple web pages, including a dynamic leaderboard. The large javascript project I have done was an interactive math suite (using KineticJS) that included many interactive graphs.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 2 years experience
Sole developer on a Rails-api based backend that powers a large customer facing application. This application involved: -JWT based authentication -Multi-tenancy -Numerous API integrations -SSE
Git expert help Git - less than 1 year experience
I have used git as part of my work flow for many years now. While I would not call myself an expert in it, I am very confidant that I can mentor anyone to get them to a suitable skill level in a very short amount of time.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 1 year experience
I have built numerous web apps in Angular (of varying scale) and a comprehensive ionic based cordova application.
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Awesome mentor!
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Could've been better
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James is awesome! Very knowledgable re: Rails / Angular.
Ryan Johnson Jun 27, 2016

On the $$$ as always
Cameron Lynch Apr 08, 2016

Definitely would use James again for any help I need. Explains everything well, even to someone who is just starting out. Thanks!
William Miner Feb 14, 2016

James was excellent thus far in our first tutorial. Looking forward to learning further with him assisting.
Cameron Lynch Jan 22, 2016

As always, James provides very helpful and fruitful mentorship sessions and is simply excellent!
HK Jan 15, 2016

Just had an excellent mentor session with James! James is highly experienced and knowledgeable in his programming expertise (RoR, AngularJS, etc.) while also being a clear and effective communicator plus a resourceful and quick problem solver. He was able to understand my request (re: a rails controller issue) very quickly with minimal explanations from me, and solved two bugs in just a few minutes for me, which has helped me quickly move on to the next stage of my coding process. James also exemplifies an impressive degree of attention to details, patience and consideration. He is ready to go the extra miles in helping me solve problems and understand concepts; and he constantly tries to help me get the most out of every second of the mentor session. Apart from solving bugs, chatting with him on different general technical topics was also very productive and educational during our mentor session. Very fortunate to have James as a mentor to help out (especially when this is my first mentor session on codementor which has boosted my confidence in using codementor for the long-term). Would definitely consult James again in the near future. My sincere thanks to him again!
HK Dec 02, 2015

Super helpful, kind & knowledgeable. Able to explain concepts thoroughly.
Lis Sep 17, 2015

Patient and knowledgeable. Would work with again.
Dutch Boyd Aug 30, 2015

Best mentor experience I have had on code mentor to date. Definitely worth it, helped me solve with the problems I was having whilst helping me understand what was going wrong at the same time
Harry Lucas Aug 13, 2015

Great guy, great help!
Edward Babbage Aug 10, 2015

James was incredible. He talked me through my issue and helped resolve it. I look forward to working with him again soon.
Maren Woodruff Aug 06, 2015

James was patient, and a big help. I've working on a project I'll need ongoing assistance for and I'm looking forward to working with James again.
Dylan Jul 26, 2015

Quick, good explanation
Patrick Hofer Jul 04, 2015

James was awesome! He got right in and fixed my issue ;)
Edward Babbage Jul 01, 2015

James was fantastic! Was extremely helpful with his ideas and suggestions. I will DEFINITELY be back to get his expertise again!
Justin Lowder Jun 30, 2015

Great help!
Jay Jun 26, 2015

Great help! Thanks again!
Jay Jun 26, 2015

I cannot fully convey with words what my mentor has done. James was not only AMAZINGLY QUICK at understanding what we were FOR THREE DAYS trying to achieve, he was extremely patient, kind and his attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile was amazing AND SHOULD NOT GO UNNOTICED. He solved our problem in just under 30 minutes!! He was just AMAZING and you now have a customer for LIFE. THANK YOU for having James available for us, thank you for this service. THANK YOU!
Wilton Vargas Jun 24, 2015

Excellent! Very knowledgable, very quick, and explains things very clearly!
Jayme Jun 22, 2015