Importance of Keeping a Schedule

Published Jul 23, 2017Last updated Jul 28, 2017

As life becomes even more crazy, most can benefit from keeping a daily program to help manage time more effectively when you are juggling your work life, family life, and personal targets. Keeping to a schedule is similar to setting and accomplishing a goal for each day. You'll be less likely to overlook tasks that you want to achieve or get side tracked with external distractions. Here are a few important items to remember when attempting to keep a summary templates for schedule. Make sure you are setting a realistic time frame and schedule for yourself. The point of this is not to cram more into your already busy day but keep it well-constructed. This is a fantastic time to make sure you schedule in significant items that usually get left to the wayside as you have run out of time in your day.

This might be time to make important phone calls, write thank you notes or emails to customers or colleagues, filing paperwork or upgrading your blog. Not only does it feel good to scratch a pen over you least favourite task but you will be less likely to forget about them or put them off. If something unexpected arises and you can't keep to your schedule or cross of all items on your task list, move the items to the next day. However, if you realize that you're doing this frequently you may want to revaluate your schedule and be sure it's not too time constraining or unrealistic. Keep your schedule on your calendar and/or PDA so you're looking at it all of the time. It might be useful to have your whole calendar day blocked out for certain items.

A colleague of mine had a goal of setting time aside to meditate every Friday morning for 30 minutes so she put it on her calendar. This way she wouldn't forget and would hold herself accountable. Don't forget about personal time. Schedule time for making managerial to meditate like my friend or if fitness is important or a present goal then make certain you block out time to go to the gym. By way of example, set a schedule to wake up at 6:30 a.m. everyday, get to the gym by 7:00 a.m. and make it to work by 8:00 a.m. Another thing to remember that often gets forgotten is to leave meal time. How often we are in a hurry to get out the door and don't eat breakfast or get tied down at work and don't eat lunch? Ensure to block out a lunch hour, or even a half-hour if you get a busy day. The break-time will re-energize you and keep you fresh. Be sure that you repeat your schedule every day and every week. You will most likely find that you are accomplishing more, being more productive with your time, and fulfilling your personal goals that often get forgotten.

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