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Aur Saraf

Aur Saraf

I design, develop and teach software for the last ten years.

Jerusalem (+02:00)
I'm doing this because I love introducing people to programming ideas. I have lots of teaching experience spanning from Python to x86 Assembly language. I also have a lot of experience designing elegant code, as well as diving deep into existing systems to debug or add a small feature.
Python expert help Python - 5 years experience
If you're beginning a project and want to make sure you're doing it right, or if you're a complete beginner that wants to figure out this whole programming thing, I can help you. If your code is beginning to feel kludgy and you don't know the language and ecosystem well enough to find the correct way to design it (or a specific part), I can help you. I touched almost every kind of python project, and have been teaching it to non-programmers for a few years. My intimate familiarity with Python together with my experience with other scripting and non-scripting languages enables me to give well-backed design advice.
Django expert help Django - 4 years experience
Built various internet and intranet apps with Django, sometimes using an SQL DB and sometimes using git or svn as the backend.
C expert help C - 5 years experience
Lots of experience writing real world low level C projects, mostly on linux.
Haskell expert help Haskell - 1 year experience
I worked maintaining a web app written with Yesod. I'm good at the practical side and not as good with the deep theoretical side.
No icon Assembly - 5 years experience
I've been teaching x86 assembly level for a few years. I used it, mostly in a security context and for debugging, throughout my career, as well as for hobby.
No icon Pair programming - 5 years experience
I have a lot of experience diving quickly into unfamiliar codebases, figuring out what improvements would be cost-effective and what is best left untouched. I am also experienced at working on new features together with other programmers in order to get a result that is better than what each of us would have done alone.
re2 19   3
modern regular expression syntax everywhere with a painless upgrade path
wirematrix 8   0
A matrix screensaver that dumps network packets sniffed from the local network
purewars 3   2
Spacewars clone in Haskell
esdl 3   0
Erlang SDL bindings
C Shell Erlang Objective-C
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