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Jon Davis

Jon Davis

.NET Software and Web Development Expert

Arizona (-07:00)
I've been doing development in software (primarily .NET) and on the web professionally since 1997. I've primarily focused on the Microsoft stack (C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL, IIS, etc), but complementing this I am also very strong in front-end development with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. My expertise does *not* extend to non-.NET server frameworks. I've worked with some of the other server frameworks but I'm not expert in them.
No icon Asp.net - 11 years experience
The majority of the projects I've worked on over the years have been in the context of ASP.NET web application technology solutions, whether Web Forms, MVC, Web API, or SignalR.
Csharp expert help C# - 13 years experience
I've been working with C# full-time for most of the years since about a year or two after v1.0 was released. This is my primary programming language.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 12 years experience
I've been developing with Javascript more and more lately but my first JavaScript efforts were way back in 1997. I've literally been working with it since just a couple years after it was invented, and I've been following its trends ever since. JavaScript is a unique language--easy to learn the basics, not so easy to fully grasp, and very difficult to master. But I am definitely confident working with it as well as with the browser DOM. I have also worked with JavaScript in the context of NodeJS, although I don't consider myself an expert in NodeJS.
No icon Web development - 15 years experience
I'm primarily an ASP.NET expert. I am quite experienced with JavaScript in general as well. Experience has varied from web sites and W0rdPress deployments (very basic, not expert) to custom rich applications. I don't do web design (aesthetic). My expertise does *not* extend to PHP or Ruby, and while I have experience with NodeJS it is not expert level.
No icon Software development - 7 years experience
While the majority of my experiences in software development have been in web application server implementation, I've also built web services, Windows services, and desktop applications using Windows Forms, WPF, mobile development (iOS, Android, and WP7), etc. My expertise does *not* extend to PHP or Ruby, and while I have experience with NodeJS it is not expert level.
No icon Ms sql server - 7 years experience
I am primarily a C# developer, not a DBA / SQL developer. But most of the projects I've been on have required some kind of data persistence, and most of those projects utilized MS SQL Server to do the persisting. My involvement with it has ranged from heavy table JOIN queries to schema design to stored procedure creation to triggers to views to relationships to indexes. I also have some limited experience with SSRS (Reporting) and SSIS (Integration). I don't, however, have much experience with Business Intelligence tooling, and as such I don't think in cubes. I'm only novice to intermediate when it comes to SQL administration such as managing transaction logs and redundancy, etc.
FastKoala 13   5
Enables build-time config transforms for various project types including web apps
Html5BoilerplateVisualStudioMvc301Template 8   4
A pure ASP.NET MVC 3 (Refresh) Web App based on the clean flavor of html5boilerplate.com and with post-build optimizations.
C# ASP CSS Shell JavaScript
xio.js 3   0
A consistent data repository API strategy for local and remote resources.
C# ASP CSS JavaScript
using.js 2   0
Using.js is a simple asynchronous script dependency loader for web browsers
Argotic 1   0
Argotic Syndication Framework
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Awesome mentor!
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Excellent Professional! very knowledgeable and can articulate his programming skill in his code. Kudos!!
usman Aug 18, 2016

Expert problem solving and troubleshooting on the applications that he worked on.
Shadeed Feb 24, 2016

Jon gave excellent advice! He is very knowledgeable and helped me understand various options to the application that I am trying to design. I will definitely ask for his help again in the future.
Laurie Reynolds Jan 22, 2016

Jon's a great communicator, patient and listens to the problem at hand.
Rory Osman Jan 21, 2016

Great troubleshooting to resolve the issue with the application.
Shadeed Jan 14, 2016

Jon solved our problems very quickly regarding a custom ASP application that required minor changes. He quickly performed troubleshooting and resolved the issues. Highly recommend his services.
Shadeed Dec 23, 2015

Jon has solved our problems with a custom ASP application using troubleshooting, code refactoring, and best practices. Highly recommended.
Shadeed Dec 11, 2015

Jon was very helpful in solving our technical issues for our application. I recommend his consulting services.
Shadeed Dec 08, 2015

Jon did a great job. I had a weird bug in the template that I was using but he was able to find a fix so that it would work as needed. Very diligent!
Amy McKnight Dec 02, 2015

Jon was very helpful and patient in helping resolve my problem. I very much appreciate his help.
Matt Higbee Dec 02, 2015

Jon delivered excellent troubleshooting and support of the ASP applications that we are working on. His expertise is highly recommended.
Shadeed Dec 01, 2015

Jon is an expert level troubleshooting Developer. He was able to assess our classic ASP issues and quickly resolve using best practices recommendations. I highly recommend his services.
Shadeed Nov 20, 2015

Jon was very helpful in helping me find the bug in my code. Highly recommended.
Forcom Nov 20, 2015

Jon performed complex review, refactoring, and troubleshooting in resolving an ASP application that was performing poorly. He solved the issues quickly and effectively. I highly recommend his time and services.
Shadeed Nov 19, 2015

Jon was fantastic! Took the time to explain things to me, even provided me a video resource to further learn the topic. He was game to dive in to an issue that was difficult for me to explain but he always kept his sunny disposition. Even though I've only had one session with Jon, it is very clear that he is an expert. I'm thankful, because there aren't too many people that enjoy vanilla JavaScript :)
Claudia Nov 17, 2015

Excellent mentor. Solved the problem in a very clear manner.
Angus Cameron Nov 16, 2015

Jon is very knowledgeable and solves high level ASP.Net issues.
Shadeed Nov 16, 2015

Jon was a huge help and was able to resolve my Entity Framework issues quickly.
Larry Eisenstein Nov 08, 2015

This guy is great, he can assist in either mentoring or going straight through the work if time is of the essence. He doesn't try to juice out the time for additional money and works as efficiently as possible. I definitely enjoyed my session with him.
Codementor Nov 08, 2015

Andy Nov 07, 2015

This is my second session with Jon and as always, he delivers expert level experience for classic ASP troubleshooting, debugging, and provides clear explanations. Highly recommended.
Shadeed Nov 06, 2015

amazing, super helpful and informative
Phoebe Li Oct 12, 2015

Jon was really helpful, he knows how to guide you through the code and explains if you do not understand it. He took his time to understand my assignment and to make sure the requirements were met. I am really satisfied with his work.
Rosalia Oct 11, 2015

This was my first session on codementor.io and Jon was great. Before the session started he took the time to understand the issue and confirm that he could fix it before starting the session. Even after the session started and there was something he wasn't sure of, he paused the session and figure it out voluntarily. I will definitely schedule another session with Jon in the future if I have any related issue. Thanks
Leonard Mbah Acha Sep 28, 2015

Jon was great. Very helpful with explanations for everything. He even paused the billing if he felt the need to make up for a mistake or to explain something further without me being charged. Thanks Jon!
Corey Scott Sep 20, 2015

Jon was a very helpful mentor in showing me the ropes of customizing my CSS files on the fly with the pesky Google Chrome Dev tools -- I highly recommend hitting him up for anything CSS / Javascript. He was also very patient and friendly!
Anthony N La Rocca Sep 18, 2015

Jon is great at explaining things and gave tips on how real programmers would think about my problems. Very insightful.
Nicola Stewart Sep 14, 2015

Jon is an excellent mentor. Extremely knowledgeable and very patient with someone with my limited programming background.
Michael Sep 11, 2015