Miroslav Kuťák, senior Solidity developerView Profile
Miroslav Kuťák5.0
Freelance Solidity developer in Prague, Czechia

1000+ sessions, #1 iOS & Swift Mentor of 2016, senior iOS dev, co-founder @Movez LLC

Developing a cryptocurrency powered ticketing platform for my company Movez - the Disco Coin
Keno Leon, freelance Solidity programmerView Profile
Keno Leon
Freelance Solidity developer in Mexico City, Mexico


I've been involved with web technologies for the last decade and have grown as a developer and am very exited about the current state and where things are going. I am also a designer with a passion for UI/UX and the display of visual information. I've made a few tutorials on web & front end technologies to get you started: http://codepen.io/k3no/posts/published/
Richard Artoul, senior Solidity developerView Profile
Richard Artoul
Freelance Solidity developer in New York, United States

Uber software engineer with a passion for teaching computer science and programming

I'm an experienced dapp developer who has built Ethereum Smart Contract based applications. Here is a blog post I wrote where I teach others how to do the same: https://medium.com/@richardartoul/how-i-built-biggestg-com-an-ethereum-dapp-4e7176d3920a
Antonio Marras, senior Solidity developerView Profile
Antonio Marras
Freelance Solidity developer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Ethereum solidity smart contracts developer and auditor

Smart contracts development adn security auditing
Ivan Turkovic, top Solidity developerView Profile
Ivan Turkovic
Freelance Solidity developer in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Entrepreneur and Ruby & Javascript Consultant

I am a geek, visionary, startup enthusiast, occasional tech blogger, software developer & entrepreneur and most of all a salesman. I am simply uninterested in mediocrity. I don’t settle for average. People say I have a mind that is always running--I'm just that guy who's guilty of staying up all night thinking about how I can be truly exceptional at what I do. You might call this a truly positive or competitive spirit, but I call it passion. I have cofounded that received +$1 million funding. I do web application (ruby on rails, padrino, lotus, javascript, haml, sass, css, twitter bootstrap, backbone.js, angular.js, sails.js, loopback, MEAN stack, ember.js, d3, react, ionic, cordova, phonegap, jquery, sinatra, less, bdd, spec, cucumber, tdd), mobile devices (objective-c, swift, iPhone, i...
Drew Taylor, Solidity freelance programmerView Profile
Drew Taylor5.0
Freelance Solidity developer in Montreal, Canada

Creative scientific-mind | Critical Developer at InfiniteInternet.ca

Constantly tackling new programming tools, Drew has developed a powerful learning curve that has allowed him to master technologies such as JavaScript, Ionic framework, blockchain, Solidity, Scrypt, LAMP and MEAN techstacks. Having worked as lead engineer and project manager for projects of all sizes, his experience gives him the ability to understand projects as a whole, foreseeing potential pitfalls down the road. Currently he's tackling internet security, an imminent need in our world today. Feel free to check out some of his recent projects: 1. http://studentunityproject.com/ 2. https://www.give2gain.com/ 3. https://www.letsgothere.com/ 4. http://lifeonhold.aljazeera.com/
Vasiliy Gorin, top Solidity developerView Profile
Vasiliy Gorin
Freelance Solidity developer in Kiev, Ukraine

Solidity Developer (Smart Contracts on Ethereum)

ERC20 Tokens, Crowdsales, etc.
Jason Martin, Solidity freelance coderView Profile
Jason Martin5.0
Freelance Solidity developer in Columbus, United States

Full stack Ruby on Rails Developer and AWS Cloud Architect

I'm an expert problem solver. I've been developing production applications using Java, Ruby, and Javascript for almost 10 years, using frameworks like Rails, Spring, and Angular. I love solving software problems, building cloud architectures, and data science.
Jaynti Kanani, top Solidity developerView Profile
Jaynti Kanani5.0
Freelance Solidity developer in Mumbai, India

Full stack developer with 6+ years of experience (Javascript, Python and Go)

Ehsan Rezaie, Solidity freelance coderView Profile
Ehsan Rezaie
Freelance Solidity developer in Vancouver, Canada

Developer with over 15 years of professional experience in various technologies.

Developer with over 15 years experience building software in various industries, most recently focused on iOS apps and creative applications using Swift and C++. I have a strong computer science background with emphasis on software architecture and user interfaces. I have worked in aerospace (including a contract for NASA), telecommunications (Nokia), video games (Capcom, Ubisoft) and social-network startups. Most recently I am working on freelance projects and pursuing my interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
Nikola Vuković, senior Solidity developerView Profile
Nikola Vuković5.0
Freelance Solidity developer in Subotica, Serbia

Student at University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mathematics

Experience with Ethereum blockchain. Dapp development with Web3. Experience with Metamask. General knowledge of web development, with a stronger inclination towards frontend. Deep understanding of CSS (as well as SCSS), very proficient in Javascript and HTML5 features. Experienced in using various frontend frameworks and libraries (such as React and React Redux). Experienced with Python and a bit of PHP (plain and Laravel) and web site/app deployment (Heroku, Openshift, cPanel hosting, etc.). I've developed web apps both in a professional environment and for personal purposes for over 3 years.
Hao Wang, freelance Solidity developerView Profile
Hao Wang5.0
Freelance Solidity developer in Oakville, Canada

DevOps Expert on Cloud & BLockchain Developer & Good at Troubleshooting

A versatile, eager to learn, dependable and all-rounded Full Stack engineer with years specialized experiences in: 15+ years Strong Linux Background on many distributions, such as Ubuntu, CentOS, OpenSUSE, etc. Agile Software Development and Operation Automation with Java/BASH/Ruby/Python frameworks. Proficiency in PHP, JQuery, JavaScript and AngularJS. DevOps on daily basis with Vagrant, IaaS, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Git, Docker. Cloud Computing: AWS EC2/S3/Route 53, OpenStack/Opennebula Deployments, Kubernetes. Practical experiences on VOIP encoding and Video streaming formats. Hand-on experiences on Big Data: Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Kafka. Experience with the processes of software testing: Unit, I&V, User Acceptance, Regression. Profound knowledge of Open Source projects. Exper...
Bhavish Balhotra, Solidity dev and freelancerView Profile
Bhavish Balhotra5.0
Freelance Solidity developer in Toronto, Canada

iOS & Blockchain developer

Bhavish is a technology evangelist designing path-breaking Blockchain based systems for various industry segments using a mobile first approach. Proven expertise in iOS and Blockchain system development.
Scott K, Solidity developer for hireView Profile
Scott K5.0
Freelance Solidity developer in Miami, United States

Network Security, Linux, Penetration Testing. Azure/AWS Cloud, Compliance, Best Practices, BlockChain, ICOs, Crypto-Currency, Asterisk, FreePBX, etc. Over 25 years experience.

Some recent examples include; 1) Integration and Implementation of Cisco ISE with Trustsec and Cisco ASA/Sourcefire/FireSIGHT/FireAMP for endpoints and Networks 2) integration and implementation of Cisco ISE with Cisco ASA. 3) Integration and Implementation of Cisco ISE, Cisco Trustsec, Cisco AnyConnect and 802.1X authentication with Microsoft Active Directory, Guest Internet access, Cisco ASA, and Sourcefire/FireSIGHT/FireAMP. 4) Transitioned company networks from one company into two while performing all upgrades. Work included Cisco ISE, Cisco Trustsec, Cisco ASA, Cisco Prime, and Cisco WLC 5) Implementation, Integration, Training of Cisco ISE with 802.1X Wired/Wireless configuration with Trustsec.. • Upgrade of WLC and integrate with Cisco ISE and Cisco Prime in over 350 Hospitals ...
Charles Voltron, Solidity software engineerView Profile
Charles Voltron5.0
Freelance Solidity developer in Portland, United States

Technologist/Start-Up Consultant/Developer

I am passionate about both the high-level strategy of building software products as well as the nuts and bolts code.

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