Flavius Aspra, top Solid principles developerHire Now
Flavius Aspra5.0
Freelance Solid principles developer in Graz, Austria

I write, nurture and love clean, testable architectures. Language doesn't matter. I eat two technology stacks and a Linux meal a day.

It belongs to the Abc of OOP programming. I had to mention it.
Arne Lewinski, top Solid principles developerHire Now
Arne Lewinski
Freelance Solid principles developer in Hamburg, Germany

OOP-Expert software development

Expert in explaining and applying the SOLID principles.
Zach Davis, Solid principles freelance developerHire Now
Zach Davis
Freelance Solid principles developer in Boydton, United States

Passionate software developer and teacher with 15 years of real world experience.

I use the SOLID principles every single day and I understand them very well.
Pedro Afonso de Oliveira Guimarães, freelance Solid principles developerHire Now
Pedro Afonso de Oliveira Guimarães
Freelance Solid principles developer in Fortaleza, Brazil

Developer System Analyst

I'm studying in my specialization course and applying this principles in my current job. I also studying this in Alura platform
Ed Mays, Solid principles developer for hireHire Now
Ed Mays5.0
Freelance Solid principles developer in Loja, Ecuador

C#, TDD, and and Clean Coding Expert with 18 Years Experience

I am an experienced, committed software engineer who continually seeks clean, elegant solutions to business challenges. My lifelong passion for technology drives me to proactively expand my horizons, constantly exploring and evaluating new languages, platforms, frameworks, tools, and best practices and applying them in my work to produce truly awesome results. I also believe that a fundamental prerequisite of highly successful teams is the open, honest interchange of ideas, feedback, and experience, culminating in an environment of personal and professional growth for all involved. It is in this spirit that I offer to share my experience with others as a CodeMentor.
Nicolas Alejandro Santa, Solid principles engineer and consultantHire Now
Nicolas Alejandro Santa5.0
Freelance Solid principles developer in Río Cuarto, Argentina

Senior Software Engineer

I'm convinced that the only way to progress is: - Dedication and commitment - Wisdom and knowledge - Efforts and sacrifices - The Necessary Ambition and Vision My personal/professional goals are: - Take care and give love to my family - Continuous Progress - Be a mentor Also I'm a big defender of public and collaborative knowledge and freedom.
Bogdan Dumitrescu, Solid principles freelancer and developerHire Now
Bogdan Dumitrescu5.0
Freelance Solid principles developer in Frisco, United States

Technical Coach & Developer

I am a highly motivated and passionate Agile technical coach with over 11 years of experience in software development. During this time, I have worked on various projects, in three different countries and within a variety of industries such as insurance, retail, medical, e-commerce and auto racing. Achievements: • Founder and organizer of San Francisco Software Craftsmanship community (community focused on clean coding practices, SOLID design principles, XP, TDD, mentoring, pairing; I also organized the Global Day of Code Retreat 2016 in San Francisco, California) https://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Software-Craftsmanship/ • Founder of London Agile Book Club (community based in London, UK, focused on Agile/Scrum/Kanban methodologies; the group still has regular meetups today after I mov...
Saad Khawaja, Solid principles freelance coderHire Now
Saad Khawaja

Software Architect and Craftsman

I have 17 plus years experience building highly scalable enterprise applications. I have several years experience as a Software Architect and Agile coach. My primary skills include scala, akka, akka-http, apache spark, jdk8, spring, play2, elastic search.
Oyebanji Jacob, senior Solid principles developerHire Now
Oyebanji Jacob5.0
Freelance Solid principles developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Determined, focused and fun.

I love using technologies, while following best practices, to build out scalable applications. I also love teaching. I'm interested in big data and code refactoring, and when I'm not coding, you can find me playing or watching football.
Juliën Hanssens, Solid principles software engineerHire Now
Juliën Hanssens
Freelance Solid principles developer in Den Haag, Netherlands

Digital roughneck, devoted developer, hardcore geek, movie buff, co-founder of two kids, multithreaded Dutchman.

Professional full-stack developer, with a broad range of interests regarding development and geekiness in general. Most importantly, besides having over a decade of experience, is that I seem to have a sweet spot for simplifying issues due to pragmatism and a decent dose of common sense.
Yonas Woldemariam, Solid principles freelancer and developerHire Now
Yonas Woldemariam5.0
Freelance Solid principles developer in Silver Spring, United States

Senior .Net Developer

• More than 13 years of overall software development experience having expertise in all stages of the whole software development life cycle. • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer in .Net • Proficient in Object Oriented Analysis and Design(OOAD), Object Oriented Programming (OOP), ,design patterns, software development best practices, Agile development Methodology, and TDD • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills, productive relationships by working effectively with team members at all levels; easily adapt to new environments and with great potential to learn. • Have a great passion about technology and always try to keep up by reading tech blogs, checking out developer podcasts and webcasts, and attending developer training classes
Neo Ighodaro, Solid principles freelance coderHire Now
Neo Ighodaro
Freelance Solid principles developer in Lagos, Nigeria

CTO at Hotels.ng, Full Stack Developer & DevOps Engineer. Organiser of Laravel Nigeria. I also tweet a lot, sigh.

I am currently the CTO of a company in Lagos, Nigeria. I am also the founder of CreativityKills, a web development agency in Nigeria. I do guest writing for websites like Pusher and Scotch.io. I have over 12 years development experience, primarily in PHP and Frontend. I have expertise in management, DevOps, User interface design, and technical writing.
Dario Garcia Moya, Solid principles freelancer and developerHire Now
Dario Garcia Moya5.0
Freelance Solid principles developer in Hamburg, Germany

Javascript Developer

I am a passionate Front-end developer, a specialist in Javascript. Obsess with code quality, cleanness and maintainable code. "Writing code without TDD is like driving a car to 200km/h with no seatbelt". Also, I am not afraid to jump into PHP, ruby, c#, etc and dive into new technologies. You never stop learning!
Sinisa Kolarevic, Solid principles dev and freelancerHire Now
Sinisa Kolarevic5.0
Freelance Solid principles developer in Novi Sad, Serbia

iOS (Objective-C, Swift) software engineer. Clean code lover. Problem solver.

Hello! :) My name is Sinisa. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I've started hanging out with computers when I was in high school. I've started writing software when I went to college, in 2005. Since then, I never stopped writing it :) I've started my professional software development career in 2012. I've done various professional software development in various technologies/frameworks/platforms. From all the technologies and platforms I have worked with, I've come to love iOS development the most and iOS software development is what I specialize in. I am experienced software engineer with: - 5+ years of professional iOS (Objective-C, Swift) software development - 3+ years of professional Android software development - 5+ years of various professional software development in...
Dimpho Ngache, top Solid principles developerHire Now
Dimpho Ngache
Freelance Solid principles developer in Burnaby, Canada

Full Stack Developer, C#, MVC, Azure, SQL, Backbone.js, Marionette.js

I am an experienced full stack developer with about 6 years of developing resilient web services and responsive user interfaces suing the latest technologies. I have a passion for building software applications that are fault-tolerant easy to maintain. I am a huge fan of Microservices, DDD, TDD and SOLID Principles.

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