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Senior iOS Developer

Berlin (+01:00)
German, English
I am an enthusiastic iOS Developer.who loves helping people in solving challenges. I have been an iOS developer for past 6yrs, written code in Objective C, Swift and now Swift2. if you have challenges am interested in helping you go through the debugging process and finding solutions to your problem.
Ios expert help iOS - 6 years experience
I have built quite a couple of iOS app over the past few years , using Objective C and Swift technologies over the past 6 years, my most recent Project is called Truppr, A social tool for fitness enthusiast,amateurs who want to make healthy living a lifestyle, through fun sporting games. check it out on the Appstore "Truppr"
Scala expert help Scala - 1 year experience
Scala was the first language that exposed me to Functional Programming and I must confess it wasn't an easy ride to catch on. The concept of immutability and mutable objects. But was all worth it. Now I'm a Scala Ninja and would love to help anyone with related challenges.
No icon Objective-C - 6 years experience
I fell in love with Objective C right from the first time when i can across the concept of delegation. This has helped me with seperations of concerns, that is where i can seperate my event driven action from my view controllers. really cool
No icon Xcode - 6 years experience
Xcode is just the IDE for me
No icon Groovy - 3 years experience
I worked with an organization that built a custom DSL whose business logic was written in groovy and I was able to fully implement an ERP system that included trading platform. and yes this was my first experience with Closures
Swift expert help Swift - 1 year experience
Swift was the second language after Scala introducing me to Functional Programming, with concepts like Closures, Higher Order Functions, to be honest it's all been fun, Now I write succinct code with swift that would normally take me longer lines to write in Objective C. Would love to help anyone facing challenges with swift
A3ParallaxScrollView 0   0
A UIScrollview subclass with a high performance parallax scrolling effect
AHTabBarController 0   0
A traditional UITabBarController with possibilities of adding multiple items behind every tab.
Alamofire 0   0
Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift
awesome-swift 0   0
A collaborative list of awesome swift resources. Feel free to contribute!
Awesome-Swift-Education 0   0
:fire: All of the resources for Learning About Swift
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Segun is very patient and personable. His directions are clear and easy to follow and he has extensive experience in a wide range of issues with iOS. Highly recommend.
Laura Paxton Feb 29, 2016

Expert! Good in explaining, patient. Strongly recommend to hire!
Milos Dec 28, 2015

This guy is a boss. He's so patience and he's super chill. Extremely Knowledge.
Jeff Liu Dec 01, 2015

Remarkably fast and accurate. Great problem solver. A pleasure to work with.
Laura Paxton Nov 30, 2015

vivek takrani Nov 26, 2015

Incredibly patient and helpful.
Laura Paxton Nov 26, 2015