Anton Selin, Software engineering freelance programmerView Profile
Anton Selin4.9
Freelance Software engineering developer in Carnaxide, Portugal

Chief Software Architect (Javascript, Angular 2, .net core), MSc in IT Management

Participated in creation of many systems mainly using SOA, Event driven and microservices architecture.
Tarek Mehrez, Software engineering freelance coderView Profile
Tarek Mehrez5.0
Freelance Software engineering developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Machine Learning enthusiast and Engineer.

Been part of several Software Engineering teams, including startups in Berlin & Cairo, and big companies such as Amazon. Implemented several projects for several platforms. Took part in the scrum process with several teams. Recently I have been focused on implementing software as microservices for an enhances architectures.
Alessandro Russo, Software engineering dev and freelancerView Profile
Alessandro Russo5.0
Freelance Software engineering developer in Lisbon, Portugal

Founder and Technical Lead at WebYourMind LTD

Senior Software Engineer and Tech Entrepreneur (Founder@WebYourMind LTD) with 13 years+ experience developing MVPs, and Projects for multiple Enterprise and Mid-Sized Companies, ranging from Cloud HCM/HR Industries, Fashion, TLC, Financial, Media companies and Supply chains. During my career I have worked with a wide range of technologies, framework and methodologies (AngularJS, MEAN, PL/SQL, Firebase, Oracle, AWS, Azure, Javascript, Webpack, Gulp, MongoDB etc). I am an AngularJS and Javascript trainer and 1 of the admins of both the Italian Community (AngularJS Developers Italiani) and the official slack community, AngularBuddies. My (currently) preferred stack is: Angular 1.x (ES6 Component Pattern) + Webpack/Gulp + Node.JS, Swagger (API) and MongoDB/Firebase. Myself and ...
Thiago Araujo, top Software engineering developerView Profile
Thiago Araujo
Freelance Software engineering developer in São Paulo, Brazil

Computer Scientist

I'm experienced with software development, software architecture, database modeling and design and deployment.
Akash Tandon, Software engineering freelance coderView Profile
Akash Tandon5.0
Freelance Software engineering developer in Delhi, India

Data science practitioner | Machine Learning Engineer | Open Source developer

I have worked on various aspects of software engineering and development, right from ideation to testing and deployment, during my various stints as a tech employee, free-lancer as well as an open source contributor. Writing good code requires discipline and creativity in equal measure and each of my stint has helped me improve on both fronts.
Dan Connolly, Software engineering freelance coderView Profile
Dan Connolly4.7
Freelance Software engineering developer in Leawood, United States

enthusiastic mentor, mad about software quality

I'm passionate about software quality. My first manager, Martin Streicher, taught me that code, documentation, and testing merit equal resources. "No more untested, undocumented code" was my 2006 new year's resolution. Bloch's "Effective Java" is a great summary of the best practices I've picked up over the years. I am the lead software engineer in the Informatics Division at the University of Kansas Medical Center. I set up mercurial and trac for version control , issue tracking, requirements and use case development, documentation practices, and milestone management practices.
Gokul Chittaranjan, Software engineering software engineer and devView Profile
Gokul Chittaranjan
Freelance Software engineering developer in Mysore, India

Data-driven Products, Data Science and associated software engineering

Have experience building production quality data science (statistical and expert systems) pipelines, conducting exploratory analysis, defining/building data-driven products, and mentoring and building data science and associated engineering teams.. Have worked with startups in the HRM, ITES, computational advertising, financial regulation, and search and indexing verticals from across the globe. Comfortable with building data driven systems using Python, Java, and a whole host of open source libraries and data storage technologies, using the cloud and so on. In short, have experience defining and building end-to-end software systems and models that process data for several business verticals.
Jorge Merino, Software engineering freelance coderView Profile
Jorge Merino
Freelance Software engineering developer in Provo, United States

Software Engineer with 25 years of Experience across different platforms.

Involved on the full development cycle with several apps, many financial type of apps in different platforms such as IBM, Microsoft, Linux, Android, iOS; Web oriented using the cut edge emerging technologies; doing integration between in-house and third party apps; focusing on Quality of UI, UX and Performance. Projects done in Europa, Mexico and USA with Manufacturers, Retailers, Contractors and Franchises.
Ahmed Hosny Ibrahim, Software engineering consultant and programmerView Profile
Ahmed Hosny Ibrahim5.0
Freelance Software engineering developer in Assiut, Egypt

Senior Software Engineer

Working for 7 years in the field and especially in Back-end development, helps me to work in different roles such as Team Lead and CTO.
Alberto Curro, top Software engineering developerView Profile
Alberto Curro5.0
Freelance Software engineering developer in Southampton, United Kingdom

Senior Software Engineer & DevOps

Involved in all phases of the software development and engineering facets for more than 10 years
Jay Alchy, freelance Software engineering programmerView Profile
Jay Alchy5.0
Freelance Software engineering developer in Canton, United States

All Around Software Enthusiast

I have a degree in software engineering from the University of Detroit Mercy. Graduated with a Magna Cum Laude.
David Huang, Software engineering freelance programmerView Profile
David Huang
Freelance Software engineering developer in Bothell, United States

Generalist Developer

I've done product management and development work for years with my current web app startup. Prior to that, I spent almost 6 years as a technical PM ("Program Manager") at Microsoft, where I worked in both established and incubation/startup teams as a PM. I've worked on projects targeting a range of users and customers, including consumers, developers, and enterprises. I've also worked with teams with as small as 1-2 engineers and as large as dozens of engineers. I was the lead PM for a product release that was being delivered from 3 different continents and 7 different cities. My experience spans two decades. Starting in grade school, I picked up Microsoft certifications to establish credibility and pick up clients for custom software gigs before college. I then solidified the found...
Slobodan Barisic, Software engineering dev and freelancerView Profile
Slobodan Barisic
Freelance Software engineering developer in Munich, Germany

Motivated software engineer. Switched lots of technologies in past 3 years. Always came back to programming. Love it.

Java Development of enterprise logistics applications. Java - backend, Extjs - frontend. Writing queries against Oracle database. Extensive use of Spring MVC, Spring Intergration and Spring Batch. Experience with AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Taking care of application through whole lifecycle - from planning and development to automatic deployment with Jenkins. Scala Server side application development using technologies: Scala, PostgreSQL, Javascript, Html5,CSS3, Play! Framework. Worked on a project which is a web based microfinance system. Responsible for development of different features of the application which involved using Play! Framework and Scala/Java programming language with PostgreSQL database.
Thomas Edwards, senior Software engineering developerView Profile
Thomas Edwards
Freelance Software engineering developer in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Software, Distributed Systems and Embedded Systems Engineer 7+ years

C and C++ are my bread my butter languages, this is where I started and is the language where I have the most experience. I've produced small applications or algorithms all the way to largely distributed systems with C++; where performance or hardware interaction matters C++ is my language of choice. I am familiar with a wide variety of libraries and frameworks with the language; I have also written my own personal C libraries to help with things that I am currently writing. I follow the standard extensively and have written code using the 03, 11 and 14 standards. Career Related Experience. Solfa, Uk, Ltd Technical Director - 2.5 years. My job was to build a team of highly skilled C++ software engineers and be actively involved in the architecture and development of a core company p...
Leonardo Gonzalez, Software engineering freelancer and developerView Profile
Leonardo Gonzalez
Freelance Software engineering developer in Cota, Colombia
I have over 20 years of experience in software engineering, specializing in data-driven web applications and web services using open-source technologies. Due to a breadth of experience at start-ups as well as Fortune-500 enterprises, I have gained extensive experience in front-end / UI, database administration, design, and development, software architecture, infrastructure and systems administration. I have focused on content management systems, eCommerce and social network applications in the areas of telecommunications, education, medicine, entertainment, and social media.

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