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iOS developer with 4 apps. Java/C/C++/Erlang. 9 years of expertise in IT

Moscow (+03:00)
Over the last several years, I've been working for the leading Russian consulting company and designed/developed solutions for companies like Ericsson, Tektronix and others. I was primarily involved in designing telecom solutions and have a solid theoretical background in this area. I have studied and worked hard to get knowledge I have and you can be sure that I will do my best to create a product you wish. More than two years ago I switched over to iOS application development, and now I have enough skills to create any mobile app. Currently I have four iOS apps on the App Store, two of them are free with ads and in-app purchases.
Ios expert help iOS - 2 years experience
I have 2 and a half years of experience in iOS development. I have release four apps on the App Store which I have fully designed and implemented. I have had a practical experience with many iOS SDKs.
Cplusplus expert help C++ - 9 years experience
C++ is a base for the object oriented programming. I have learned all oop paradigms having C++ in mind.
C expert help C - 8 years experience
C is a basic programming language in my practise and the first one I learned long time ago.
Erlang expert help Erlang - 2 years experience
I have designed and implemented a few features and solved a lot of trouble requests for a framework hosting multiple heterogeneous, decoupled applications and providing site infrastructure support functions such as Hardware/Software Management, Alarm and Event coordination, Redundancy, O&M.
Hadoop expert help Hadoop - 1 year experience
I have implemented a few applications for hadoop framework.
No icon Objective-C - 2 years experience
I have released four iOS/Objective-C apps on the App Store and am constantly improving my knowledge in this field.
Swift expert help Swift - less than 1 year experience
I am currently mastering it, since it has been just released.