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Custom Windows Service Implementation

Custom Windows Service Implementation

$360 - Delivery in 4 Days

Simplify your desktop application and improve performance by offloading expensive tasks to a Windows service hosted background process.

26 JavaScript
16 C#
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 19 years experience
I've been coding JavaScript since it was a baby. I have a deep understanding of the language and I put in the effort to stay current with all of the modern frameworks, libraries and best practices. I'm also a top 10% JavaScript answerer on StackOverflow.
Csharp expert help C# - 12 years experience
SO careers profile at smartcaveman.com . Top 10% stack overflow for C#, .NET, LINQ, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. I have 19 years of experience in software development. Most recent position as lead architect (head of IT department) of a high traffic e-commerce start up in NYC for past 2 years (not yet listed on SO careers). My professional responsibilities have included mentoring/teaching coders since the late 90s.
undefault 2   0
A small helper library for configuring EqualityComparer<T> and Comparer<T>
anonymous 1   0
Anonymous service implementations for many of .NET's core interfaces.
json-ld.net 1   0
A JSON-LD processor for .NET.
smooth 1   0
A .NET library to promote standardization, reliability and reusability of custom operators
aether 0   0
Optics for F#
F# Batchfile
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asp.net-mvc inversion-of-control
javascript jquery html css
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Today I learned about binding to 'this' keyword using .bind(this), global & local scope, and Observables
Tony Elam Dec 14, 2016

Worked on RxJs today. Problem-needed to flatten a nested object into a single object i.e. {'a':'value', 'b':'value', 'c':'value', 'd':'value'}. Also, I needed to return this value as a string. Solution- used a conditional statement and JSON.stringify.
Tony Elam Dec 13, 2016

Very deep evaluation
jerry ding Dec 09, 2016

another great session
Tony Elam Dec 03, 2016

great session. debugging RxJs Observables.
Tony Elam Dec 02, 2016

Thanks Michael for helping me with Rxjs and showing ways to debug Observables.
Tony Elam Nov 06, 2016

smartcaveman is incredible! He is dedicated to giving you the best experience by offering thorough explanations. I appreciate his patience and eagerness to ensure satisfaction.
Cece Goodwin Nov 04, 2016

He is very knowledgeable with Karma/Jasmine unit testing. He easily debugged my setup configuration problems and was patient when I was not wording questions as clearly as I intend to. 100% recommend for Javascript knowledge and troubleshooting!
Matthew Slomski Oct 21, 2016

Michael exceeds expectations each and every time. He's quickly becoming my go-to developer for ad-hoc javascript projects.
James Scaggs Oct 17, 2016

Great! Very patient and helpful.
Diedrie Redley Oct 14, 2016

Super helpful, smart, fast and good communication skills.
James Scaggs Oct 07, 2016

Very smart, knowledgeable, patient, understanding, versatile. Focuses on the root of problems, tries to be as efficient as possible with time.
Jerry Sep 26, 2016

He was able to quickly identify the issue I was encountering. Very knowledgeable! Definitely recommend!
Josh Sep 22, 2016

Helped me get on the right path.
Robin Clark Sep 20, 2016

Got it working straight away i recommend smartcaveman.
Warren Cooper Sep 07, 2016

Wow one of the greatest mentors on CodeMentor. Would give 10 Stars!!!!!
Merlin Sep 07, 2016

Once again "The Cavemane" comes through! Worked on two issues, one was crucial and was resolved which was worth the all the money combined..
JG Aug 20, 2016

smartcaveman definitely had the technical skills and knowledge to find out what the issue was with my web page. Since I combined jQuery for a carousel and a html audio player with my minimal knowledge of css for blocks, floats, flex and divs, he had his work cut out for him. Eventually he found out the issue, all the while, sharing his knowledge, skills and suggestions to assist me in working smarter with less effort and much less stress. I plan on utilizing smartcaveman in the future! It was a pleasure working with him and he's smart too! I guess he's always in the cave improving his skills so he can help all of us. Very nice. Such a good experience I have not had in such a long time - and I did try to hire others recently. Such a time I had with others I was really hesitant to try another internet service. A great experience and a very, very pleasant time. I LEARNED A LOT and had my problem figured out too! Thank you, smartcaveman!
Elise Aug 20, 2016

My experience was very satisfying. My mentor got right to diagnosing the issue I was experiencing. As a result, my issue was resolved completely. He even took the time to look at another issue about which I was curious. I will no doubt be looking to the 'smartcaveman' with my next issue.
JG Aug 16, 2016

Very honest and smart!
Alex A Aug 13, 2016

Caveman saved me. He did a great job helping me debug and write Javascript to work with web services.
Darrin Jones Aug 12, 2016

He's great!
Robert Helperin Aug 12, 2016

Amazing! Explains clearly and really knows his stuff. Highly recommend and will definitely request again!!
Lin Z Aug 06, 2016

Our session was great! He really knew his stuff. Will be going to him again if I need anything in the future.
Wilbert Aug 05, 2016

Smartcaveman is great her really helped
Michael Partain Aug 04, 2016

Very knowledgable and professional.
mike endicott Aug 04, 2016

Very wise in the ways of C# and functional methodologies. Very helpful and actually focused on mentoring, not just writing the code for you.
Jerry Jul 28, 2016

Helped me the model the case and walk thru the problem very logically. Helped me walk thru real case scenarios and industry standards and at the same time give career advice. Got really good balanced advice.
Mohammad Jaffery Jul 28, 2016

Had a great learning experience. Everything was explained, we worked through a unit test together, and I was challenged to understand what was going on. Everything was genuine and he took the time to answer every question I had.
steven kauyedauty Jul 22, 2016

Saved my @ss again!
Robert Helperin Jul 15, 2016

Michael was highly responsive and knew what it would take to resolve my issue. Will definitely contact him in the future!
Cynthia Holly Jul 15, 2016

Best out of best, caveman really a smart caveman. he resolved issue with no time. Thanks a lot caveman
bobby Jul 14, 2016

Very smart, very helpful and approaches the project in a very wise way that makes it clear he's been helping people a long time.
Robert Helperin Jul 13, 2016

Extremely competent, able to solve issues from both technical and conceptual point of view. Excellent communicator, I would recommend to anyone looking for an assessment from a professional at the highest level.
dimitre613 Jul 12, 2016

Extremely good suggestions for getting my project done. Helped me understand my priorities, common pitfalls and what I could do to get better as time goes on.
Zack Vera Jun 30, 2016

Great job getting me back on the right track with what I needed to do in HTML and CSS style sheet to dress up my app.
Darrin Jones Jun 30, 2016

Michael helped understand how to increase the assembly version every-time a new version of a application is updated and loaded.
Guillermo Ithier Jun 27, 2016

Michael helped me understand how to break down large scale projects into parts for better clarification on what should and most importantly should be included during refactoring.
Guillermo Ithier Jun 21, 2016

Excellent! Highly recommended
Dee Jun 08, 2016

Amazing mentor, would recommend, point out the problem in shortest time.
Ethan Zheng Jun 02, 2016

Smartcaveman was quick at grasping what overall representation was, and helping me delve into third party code for debugging.
Jean-Paul Jun 01, 2016

Well worth it! You will learn from him! Its an investment. Well worthwhile! FANTASTIC
Jeff Ward Jun 01, 2016

Awesome guy! Great job and explains good!
Kristoffer May 28, 2016

Great session. Managed to solve my Licensing validation issue and move forward with my project. Also learned quite a few troubleshooting methods I was not aware of. Overall a great experience.
Greg Andreev May 25, 2016

Solid Javascript mentor; nice to work with.
Devin Vail May 23, 2016

Fantastic Mentor. Gave me options on how I want my tutoring done (complete project and explain, or explain along the way). Very detailed and personal. Made sure I understood everything that was happening in the code
John Skoziak May 21, 2016

Michael knew exactly what the issue was and guided me to fix a query that I wasn't able to solve myself. He knows his stuff and is very smart, the perfect combination when choosing a mentor. 5 Stars all the way!
don May 18, 2016

Michael is very knowledgeable and experienced
Daniele Manca May 14, 2016

Excellent help, thank you!
Rebecca Mills May 13, 2016

Smart, fast, helpful and great at explaining.
Louise Sutton May 12, 2016

Very Helpful He really cares about my goals and how to help me achieve, gave me awesome business perspective on what to focus on my project and really took his time explaining me ruby on rails . Thank you Really recommend as the best mentor
steve chek May 11, 2016

Thanks for your help!
Rebecca Mills May 10, 2016

Jesse Greco May 10, 2016

Michael did a good job of listening to my issue. He identified a solution and walked me through how it should work.
Darrin Jones May 10, 2016

Technically capable and good communicator.
simon@mail.com Apr 29, 2016

Great asset to codementor. Very clear, precise, and easy to understand.
Tim Apr 28, 2016

Very helpful, and knowledgeable. Exactly what I was looking for.
Muhammed Ali Sakhi Apr 28, 2016

Beyond my expectations! Thank you Michael for the help and support. Will definitely hire him again.
Robert Apr 27, 2016

He was very knowledgeable about angular and jasmine.
Bill Apr 21, 2016

Helpful chat
Jerry Tan Apr 17, 2016

Solid, intelligent. Helped me find a needle in a haystack.
Tony Jacobson Apr 16, 2016

Very Good! Program works great!
Marianne Crowley Apr 16, 2016

Excellent at both coding and teaching.
Jim McFarland Apr 15, 2016

Good guy. I needed advice and strategic mentoring. He took care to understand the issue, had experience, code and advice that was helpful.
Michael Jackson Mar 30, 2016

This was a super informative session. I needed help with a program in C# and got so much more! The tutoring I received was invaluable. Thank you so much! I will call on this tutor again and know I have found the best possible resource right here!
Marianne Crowley Mar 27, 2016

as always, really helpful!
M112 Mar 25, 2016

Michael was really helpful. I just wish it the session could have been cheaper. Thanks!
Dan Livin Mar 17, 2016

Very Knowledgeable and quickly finds the issue and fixes it.
Nav Mar 15, 2016

best mentor. explain everything in details.
jeet Mar 11, 2016

At first , it didn't go well. Later Michael realized something's going on and he politely asked me about that. After I explained to him Michael soon make the conversation much much better. Definitely a good mentor
Lin Yuan Mar 04, 2016

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Thomas Pilkington Feb 27, 2016

Michael is awesome. Gets to the issue and helps! I have a lot of gratitude to him.
Julia Feb 26, 2016

Very knowledgable and was able to answer my questions. Great at explaining things and helping me see my issue from a better angle.
Zach Owen Feb 26, 2016

Pleasant, Knowledgeable, Inspiring, Encouraging and a great Mentor to have. Everyone needs a good mentor. Pick This One!
Mohammad Jaffery Feb 24, 2016

FANTASTIC MENTOR!!! Highly recommend!! In addition to being a rock star developer, he is an amazing mentor. It's rare to meet a developer who can communicate with a beginner as well as he can write code. If you get the chance to work with him jump at it, you won't regret it!
Jay Wilson Jr. Feb 19, 2016

Good mentor, he tried to fully understand my issue, helped throughout the process of completing my task and taught me some good stuf that I was not really aware of
M112 Feb 17, 2016

Great mentor!
Julia Feb 12, 2016

Very knowledgable
Brian Feb 11, 2016

best mentor ever
jeet Feb 11, 2016

As usual! He fixed my issues in matter of no time! :) Thank you very much:)
daniel Feb 06, 2016

Again! Hes done a super nice work! Hes coded a whole paypal shopping cart from scratch for me, and he did it while he knew i had urgent! :) THnak you so much for ur help! :)
daniel Feb 03, 2016

Super friendly, and definitely knows what hes doing!
daniel Feb 02, 2016

Very knowledgeable and helpful.
Sam Uresin Dec 04, 2015

Always helpful and ready to answer my questions at any insane time :)
Rhoda Oct 09, 2015

I really appreciated that the mentor asked if I wanted to learn as much as I could or if we just needed to solve the problem and get right down to business. I appreciate that because there will be times where I will want to do each type of session. This session was a learning session and it went about an hour and a half. Very informative and great teaching etiquette in a remote setting. No hesitation using again and recommending to others.
Josh Boddiford Sep 18, 2015

Very helpful feedback. Clear explanation of concepts needed to achieve goals.
Barry Sep 04, 2015

The session showed me how to develop c# like a pro. Totally worth it!
Alexander Per Sep 04, 2015

Michael was has lots of experience and knowledge about details of my environment that he was able to share with me. He stayed on target getting my particular problem sorted but saw opportunities to improve other parts of my code and noted these for future reference. I was impressed by his knowledge and working ethos.
Craig Sheppard Sep 03, 2015

I'm delighted to have solved an immediate pressing problem and plan to continue learning with Michael as we work through architectural issues
Robert Wilkinson Sep 03, 2015

Mike was very helpful in providing specific guidance and advice for the code as well as other general questions. He's patient and knows the content well. Thank you!
Yuri Sep 02, 2015

Mike is very good and knowledgeable. He made sure we worked out objectives and strategy to get the most our of our time. I would definitely recommend him if you need help with troubleshooting
Craig Cocker Sep 02, 2015

Michael really emphasizes making sure you understand the concepts related to your problem. It makes solving the problem that much easier and you become a much more skilled developer in the process. I highly recommend working with him.
Kishan Bhoopalam Sep 02, 2015

I have now been using Michael for a number of weeks and am very pleased with the results. The reason for the multiple mentoring sessions is that I had become very comfortable with my old software style and I realized that there was much that had happened in the software world that I had missed. I am trying to bring myself fully up to date with modern software practices and there is much to be learnt and practiced.
Robert Wilkinson Aug 29, 2015

Michael was clear and easy to work with. He understood and solved the concerns that I was having, plus identified other areas of improvement. His experience with data, systems and applications is top notch. Will definitely book a session again.
Greg Crossfield Aug 28, 2015

smartcaveman was excellent to work with. He helped me think of my problem in a whole new perspective which made solving the issue much easier. I would highly recommend working with him.
Kishan Bhoopalam Aug 27, 2015

He really knows how to teach and tackle your questions. Thanks so much for all you do. You are a great code mentor.
Gloria Aug 20, 2015

I was very skeptical of using an online mentor, especially with the prices. My experience was very positive and even though we didn't resolve the issue while we were in the session together due to time constraints, he was still available for me to ask a few questions afterwards. I solved the issue and understand the concept a little better. Thank you!! I'm sure I'll be in touch again...
Rhoda Aug 19, 2015

Awesome service, extremely personable and helps you really understand the logic behind the concept, not just the answer.
Dana A Aug 16, 2015

The mentor helped solve the issue i was having in a very simple and easy to understand manner.
Nav Aug 14, 2015

Gave me the answers I needed as quickly as possible. Thanks!
Yoni Binstock Aug 13, 2015

Great session!
Brian Aug 11, 2015

Very knowledgeable and was able to break down and comprehend with what information was provided. He was able to start coding immediately, and demonstrate concepts that need to be implemented.
Jay G. Aug 10, 2015

Michael is very straightforward and helpful.
Brian Aug 10, 2015

Like always he has come and helped me out of a jam while making sure I understood what was causing the issue.
Angelis Pseftis Aug 10, 2015

smartcaveman helped me transfer my input data into a JSON file and was very patient on explaining what was really happening in the backend. He is an excellent programmer and mentor. Thanks
Guillermo Ithier Aug 10, 2015

Helped me understand the process on how java translates JSON data.
Guillermo Ithier Aug 08, 2015

He is really professional. Knows about really small and rare details which makes his unbelievably good.
bugfarmer Aug 08, 2015

My experience with Michael was by far one of the best experiences I have had on the Code Mentor site. Not only was he extremely informative but he truly cared about what I needed to get done. Each time we met he made sure our goal was met and went beyond my expectations with each interaction. I plan on hiring him in the future for all my projects and would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone looking for assistance. Please feel free to message me on more about my time with Michael. He has really changed my overall opinion about websites like Code Mentor and the quality of work you can expect to get. Angelis
Angelis Pseftis Aug 07, 2015

Huge help, great mentor! Thanks Michael !
Quintin Henry Aug 07, 2015

Michael is by far the best mentor I've had thus far. Here's why: - Extremely patient despite my amateur skill level - There wasn't one question I asked that he was not able to immediately explain from a high level. This allowed me to understand the underlying concepts instead of just accepting something is done a particular way. - Only teacher to truly ask me what my objectives were as to not waste time/money. - Despite being strapped for time he made sure that I had a solid plan/outline of next steps to achieve my goal before signing off. I highly recommend for any development help you may need, he has an extremely wide breadth of knowledge! Hope to work with him again soon.
John Balladares Aug 07, 2015

This session was supremely helpful! I not only have a plan in place to tackle my specific issue, but also came away with a high-level understanding of the importance of encapsulation.
Diana Eastman Aug 06, 2015

Michael was very helpful for me. He has given me valuable insights and solutions not only for my problem but also in the long run. I definitely like to meet him again.
Gunnar Jul 28, 2015

Michael was great on every aspect of my project; I definitely look forward to working with him again.
Guillermo Ithier Jul 26, 2015

Michael helped me the google API set-up, he was extremely helpful and patient explaining things.
Guillermo Ithier Jul 26, 2015

Michael helped me with the design process and with the best decisions to implement on my server/client side applications. He is very knowledgeable on both ends and has lots of experience on building great apps. I'm definitely looking forward to working with him again.
Guillermo Ithier Jul 25, 2015

Answered all of my questions professionally. Thanks
Jarrod Reeves Jul 24, 2015

Smartcaveman was able to help me work through my issue, and also approached every step with the mindset of a teacher. He was willing to explain what the root cause of my problems were, but most importantly he resolved everything quickly and professionally. Highly recommend!
Drew Miller Jul 23, 2015

Michael was very helpful. As we stepped through the problem he explained every step and I will be looking for his help the next challenge which I am sure is just around the corner.
Ben de Groot Jul 23, 2015

He was great. Really knew how to dig under the hood and debug my app. Gave me some pointers and new debugging tips. Would definitely reuse him for deeply complicated debug sessions
Jeff Scott Ward Jul 22, 2015

I had a complicated problem that'd require extending a lot of Bootstraps native functionality, but he instead suggested a different approach that'd be far more in-tune with my dev environment, all while being very communicative of his reasoning. Definitely using for code reviews in the future.
Minh Jul 22, 2015

Excellent job explaining and walking through many aspects of my code. Great mentoring and general advice on how to be a better programmer. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who needs help with their code or programming in general.
Daniel Jul 17, 2015

Exceptional grasp of development best practices, general & specific to my problem. Wonderful to work with Michael! Look forward to many more in depth mentoring sessions. -J
Jason Probst Jul 16, 2015

Michael was great. We got through a lot of issues and I learned a lot. I'll definitely reconnect for long term mentoring. His knowledge of programming is thorough.
Tiffany Jul 15, 2015

Michael is an excellent communicator and whilst our focus was on getting the job done, he explained each step clearly, so that it was easy to follow along.
Michael Mulligan Jul 15, 2015

Excellent understanding of all the underlying technical issues, and a rapid understanding of my objectives. Very pleased with the outcome and I definitely intend to use the same mentor on an ongoing basis
Robert Wilkinson Jul 09, 2015