Andrew Salmons, senior Sketch developerHire Now
Andrew Salmons5.0
Freelance Sketch developer in New Hamburg, Canada

Experienced Architect - Azure, C#, WebAPI, OAuth, .NET, Swift, Android, Java

Designed mobile app completely in Sketch, collaborating in real-time with product owner.
Manuele Capacci, Sketch software engineerHire Now
Manuele Capacci5.0
Freelance Sketch developer in Cesena, Italy

Digital Product Designer with 10 years of experience

I'm a experienced UX/UI designer, and I'm using Sketch on a daily basis, for a couple of years now, to help startups better design their digital products. You can see examples of my work on and . Oh, I also develop my own plugins. One of them in particular is having a very good response ( )
Tony Jacobson, top Sketch developerHire Now
Tony Jacobson5.0
Freelance Sketch developer in Kirkland, United States

Javascript Developer with 20 Years Experience

Twenty years of web design and programming experience. Deep expertise in UI development (javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, HTML5, pixel perfect ui builds). Can easily integrate web UIs into any type of back-end or middleware templates. Have pretty solid skills on the Angular, NodeJS, MongoDB, Express, and Passport side of things too.
Alisson Enz Rossi, Sketch freelancer and developerHire Now
Alisson Enz Rossi5.0
Freelance Sketch developer in Londrina, Brazil

Lover of great design, venturing in startups and trying to build a better world with smiles =)

My first passion is startups followed by UI and UX. Startups is a great way to achieve your dream faster and easier, so I really encourage you to join this community. I am here to help you with the first steps. I help people built their dream in great iOS app design and code. Also, I am a huge fan of design patterns and object oriented programming, so better than coding is coding with pattern. As Jackson Brown one day said "The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.", so make yourself better today to be ready tomorrow, I'm here to help you.
Martin, Sketch programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Sketch developer in Berlin, Germany

Full Stack JavaScript Developer / Designer

Got some project online for starting with a basic Style Tile: I work with Sketch and integrate this with prototype tools like Invision.
Nick Smith ♞, Sketch freelance coderHire Now
Nick Smith ♞
Freelance Sketch developer in Cedar Park, United States

I am a React Developer from Austin, TX.

I have been designing websites, software, and apps in Sketch for 2. I got tired of hiring a designer to design my apps and websites so I studied design principles: layout, typography, colors, UX, and began putting those theories into practice using Sketch.
Lea Marolt Sonnenschein, Sketch engineer and consultantHire Now
Lea Marolt Sonnenschein5.0
Freelance Sketch developer in Brooklyn, United States

5+ years iOS Development & Design | iOS @ Rent the Runway | Writer @ | Instructor @ General Assembly

I've been using Sketch since it launched 3 years ago when it was only $30. As one of the early adopters I've learned the tool inside-out over the years and wouldn't trade it for the world. If there's one MUST-HAVE tool for any designer, it's Sketch!
Mukul Jain, Sketch freelance developerHire Now
Mukul Jain5.0
Freelance Sketch developer in Delhi, India

Web Lover | Full Stack Developer @ Innovaccer

I have been programming for last 3 years, I love building things and help people to build. If need help in debugging, building, refactoring codebase, adding new features or guidance, feel free to ping me.
Jeffrey Bergier, Sketch software engineerHire Now
Jeffrey Bergier5.0
Freelance Sketch developer in Quito, Ecuador

Experienced Teacher, iOS Developer, UX Designer.

Sketch is a fantastic tool for iOS developers to use. It allows them to easily get artwork from their designers and export it in a format iOS needs. I can help with: - Basic tools of sketch - Slicing - Setting up Exports - Importing Assets into Xcode
Abolaji Femi, Sketch freelance coderHire Now
Abolaji Femi5.0
Freelance Sketch developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Enthusiast

I've worked across different teams to build useable and aesthetic interfaces for web and mobile apps
Bernat Fortet, top Sketch developerHire Now
Bernat Fortet5.0
Freelance Sketch developer in San Francisco, United States

Expert and seasoned Designer in all fields. 12+ years of experience. Unicorn: Design + Code

I'm a Sketch Ninja... Seriously. Sketch is a very simple software, what I bring to the table is 15 years of experience as a Designer.
Matthew Angelini, Sketch dev and freelancerHire Now
Matthew Angelini
Freelance Sketch developer in Yorktown Heights, United States

Senior Consultant at Levvel

I am not the best artist, definitely more of an engineer, but have a decent amount of experience in sketch mocking up iOS applications specifically.
Dianxia Shi, Sketch freelance programmerHire Now
Dianxia Shi
Freelance Sketch developer in Coventry, United Kingdom

Experienced UI/UX designer and Front-end developer

Exceptional ability in UED team management and web development. Specialized in cross-platform Vue hybrid Apps. Abounding cross field project experience in Branding, B2C, IoT, etc. Over 5 years’ experience in front-end development. 3 years’ practise in UI design.
David Elsonbaty, Sketch software engineerHire Now
David Elsonbaty
Freelance Sketch developer in San Francisco, United States

iOS Guru

Started learning and designing my side project apps myself. An example of such can be found on my personal site; the app Kudos Sudoku.
Michal Ostapowicz, Sketch freelancer and developerHire Now
Michal Ostapowicz
Freelance Sketch developer in Sokółka, Poland

Front-End Developer/Web Designer

Sometimes using sketch to create mobile app designs.

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