How I learned In transition to full0stack development

Published Mar 23, 2018
How I learned In transition to full0stack development

About me

Basically, I am from a small village in India where normally girls are used for household works only after schooling. However, my enthusiasm for creating a colorful world pushed me to earn more credits in my studies and convinced people around me to support my journey towards a beautiful career.

Finally, I entered into the colorful web world and adopted the behavior of always "accepting a challenge." My mind thrives to take challenges that keeps me active and satisfied. Now, I'm taking a step to make me as full-stack developer by adopting the MEAN stack platform.

Why I wanted to learn in transition to full-stack devlopment

I am basically an Angular developer, so I want to be in the MEAN stack, because it will create an entry for a solo UI developer to understand the complexity of data-driven performance as well as usability issues with less time analysis. I can handle whole applications from back-end to front-end alone, which will help my clients easily.

How I approached learning In transition to Full stack devlopment

I approached the Grandfather of Learning, Youtube, only at first to get the basics of MEAN stack. I later bought some Courses from Udemy to understand in depth about folder structure and the standards needed to be followed as a good developer. A lot of trial and error was needed to resolve upcoming errors daily, and I reached out to some mentors as well to resolve things in my network.

Challenges I faced

I faced challenges with deprecated version code, which is not at all supported by current versions. I changed the code to make it supportable and every time I got multiple solutions to single problems, which may or may not work most of the time.

Key takeaways

Being a basic developer is easy with available information on the Internet. But when it comes to expertise level and in depth standard coding, which will serve real-time data and performance problems, you need to spend it with experts and think broadly.

Tips and advice

Dare to take chances in your career and always be open to accepting new challenges.

Final thoughts and next steps

As I mentioned, I want to broaden my expertise level and broad thinking in the web world. Improving communication is also one of my goals in this process with various countries' developers 😃

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