Max Pleaner, Sinatra freelance programmerHire Now
Max Pleaner5.0
Freelance Sinatra developer in San Francisco, United States


I learned Ruby, then started learning Rails. But it was hard. I recommend learning Sinatra first. It's basically a lightweight version of Rails. You'll also get a greater understanding of the Ruby programming and the use of RubyGems. Building Sinatra apps is really a gateway into the world of non-Rails Ruby web programming. I can teach: - datamapper (models without migrations) - activerecord outside of rails - sharing databases - doing everything you can do in rails - simpler app organization
Daniel Trostli, senior Sinatra developerHire Now
Daniel Trostli5.0
Freelance Sinatra developer in San Francisco, United States

Full Stack Software Engineer based in San Francisco, CA. Specialized in Ruby, Javascript, Swift, and Obj-C.

I use Sinatra for simpler apps I'm developing
Michael Mayernick, Sinatra freelancer and developerHire Now
Michael Mayernick5.0
Freelance Sinatra developer in San Francisco, United States

Friendly, patient coach for Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Go, Data Science, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Chatbots, React / Angular / Native. Technical co-founder of VC backed big data startup.

Hey all - I've been developing web applications for 12 years and love teaching, whether it is your first time, you're looking to pick up a new skill, or keep up on the latest technologies. I'm happy to advise also on the best courses to take, how to establish your career, what technologies to learn next, and how to get your first application or company started.
Daniel, Sinatra programmer for hireHire Now
Freelance Sinatra developer in Bellingham, United States

Experienced Ruby and RoR full stack developer. Strong in HTML, JS, CSS, and CoffeeScript as well as testing and deployment.

After working with a lot of Rails apps I decided to go for something simpler and learned Sinatra.
Tony Guerrero, top Sinatra developerHire Now
Tony Guerrero5.0
Freelance Sinatra developer in Los Angeles, United States

Javascript Guru and Coding Educator

I have been in the coding education sector for about 4 years now and I love helping students understand difficult concepts. I have over a decade of engineering experience with a degree in computer science. My specialty is Javascript and database development. I currently am highly invested in the MongoDB community. I will not only get you to the answer quickly but make sure you understand the complex problem or error on the screen :).
Matt Tanguay-Carel, Sinatra software engineer and devHire Now
Matt Tanguay-Carel4.9
Freelance Sinatra developer in Berlin, Germany

Senior Web Developer

I do consulting and web development. I've worn many hats but these days I tend to help startups and coach junior programmers.
Robert J Whitney, Sinatra dev and freelancerHire Now
Robert J Whitney
Freelance Sinatra developer in New York, United States
Along with Ruby and RoR I have been using the Sinatra framework for several years
Khaja Minhajuddin, Sinatra freelancer and developerHire Now
Khaja Minhajuddin5.0
Freelance Sinatra developer in Hyderabad, India

Passionate software developer

I am a very passionate programmer and have been building software for almost 10 years. I love building robust and easily usable software.
Mark Tellez, Sinatra freelance programmerHire Now
Mark Tellez5.0
Freelance Sinatra developer in Puebla City, Mexico

Expert Programmer of 15+ Years - Rails to React, Webpack and beyond

I am now producing FREE ReactJS Screencasts: GET DISCOUNTED HELP! 15% off for my YouTube subscribers! Just show me a screenshot of you subscribed to my youtube channel and I will hook you up. I love to help people just starting out, or solving problems that have been stumping more experienced programmers for hours. I help Entrepreneurs design, plan, and build amazing things, sort of like a Ghostwriter. I placed 6th in the WORLD on this coding challenge using C++ and a genetic algorithm: I would love to help you! I am patient and I like to pause our timer to better understand your problem. If you don't feel like I gave 5 star service, you can have a f...
Igor Petrov, Sinatra freelance programmerHire Now
Igor Petrov5.0
Freelance Sinatra developer in Tver, Russia

Experienced full-stack developer specializing in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Javascript, Ember.js, Angular.js

Hello, If we'll start working together, you will get a proactive, accurate and ready for communication developer that respects client's needs but also offers own suggestions and ideas of getting things done maybe even better. You won't be concerned about what is possible to do or not - my experience and skills talk me that there are no impossible tasks in this world (at least in IT :-)). You'll get a person that already has all skills that you require, worked as CTO, independent consultant, developers team lead and mentor. Interested in everything associated with web development but the most strongest skills are: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Rspec, API development, third-party services integrations, Angular.js, Ember.js, Javascript.
Jason Martin, Sinatra freelance coderHire Now
Jason Martin5.0
Freelance Sinatra developer in Columbus, United States

Full stack Ruby on Rails Developer and AWS Cloud Architect

I'm an expert problem solver. I've been developing production applications using Java, Ruby, and Javascript for almost 10 years, using frameworks like Rails, Spring, and Angular. I love solving software problems, building cloud architectures, and data science.
Mark Coates, Sinatra freelance programmerHire Now
Mark Coates
Freelance Sinatra developer in Rumford, United States

I Dream in Code

Magical Mystery Tourist – Freelancer @firstbytetech, Polyglot, and Writer. (And Oxford comma enthusiast.)
Phil Cohen, Sinatra freelance developerHire Now
Phil Cohen
Freelance Sinatra developer in Seattle, United States

Builder, Breaker, Teacher, Mentor, Speaker

Victor Kane, Sinatra freelance programmerHire Now
Victor Kane4.9
Freelance Sinatra developer in Villa Urquiza, Argentina

Seasoned Full Stack Web App Engineer & Architect. Lean Agile Project & Team Mentor.

FullStack (Process Engineering = Lean UX && Agile && Kanban && UML, Devops = true) => { (React && Redux || Vue && Vuex) && Node && (Express || Hapi) && (MySql || MongoDB || CouchDB) } Drupal (legacy) => { FullStack() }
Brendan Barr, Sinatra freelance coderHire Now
Brendan Barr5.0
Freelance Sinatra developer in Centerville, United States

A javascript developer with 10+ years of trying to write better code.

I am a former musician who came to programming for the money and stayed for the happiness. Nowadays, my role usually involves leading projects, working with the client to define technical and feature requirements, mentoring greener teammates, and best of all, coding. Both in code and in code reviews, I embrace as much functional programming as can fit comfortably in Javascript: identify and isolate side-effects, focus on functions not classes, and never underestimate basic data structures.

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