Ibrahim Šuta, Signalr freelance coderView Profile
Ibrahim Šuta5.0
Freelance Signalr developer in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Result-oriented. JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET Core, React.js, Angular, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Mentor, Full Stack Software Engineer, Consultant.

★ I give discounts for long-term mentorships. Simply contact me and we can figure out something. ★ I will not start the timer until you explain your issue and I am sure that I can actually help or fix it. ★ If I can't fix your issue or HELP you, you'll get a refund. ★ Highly experienced and proficient in JavaScript (ES5, ES6/ES2015 and later) and related tech stack (Angular, React, jQuery, Node/Meteor). ★ Highly experienced and proficient in C#, .NET, Web API / MVC and .NET Core, .NET Core MVC / Web API ★ Coding Practices: Design Patterns, Refactoring, Testing and Testability, Separation of Concerns, Loose Coupling, SOLID Principles, and more I can help you understand your weakness when approaching the problem, debugging, organising your code and making it more readable and maintainable...
Robert Verdes, top Signalr developerView Profile
Robert Verdes5.0
Freelance Signalr developer in Florence, Italy

Software Developer

I started studying C# in 2008 and doing little projects for personal use until I started developing .net solutions full time in 2011 and I'm keep doing so. In the same time starting in 2009 I studied HTML,CSS,JS and PHP and later on started working part-time mainly with PHP,HTML and JS. From 2015 on I've been developing several mobile applications for both Windows Phone and iOS. I probably skipped something but you'll find out ;)
Jacob Heater, Signalr freelance coderView Profile
Jacob Heater5.0
Freelance Signalr developer in Centreville, United States

President/Founder at Code Corps

GitHub Repository: http://github.com/jacobheater I am an engaging individual with a strong passion for software architecture. I have excellent interpersonal skills, and communicate well in both oral and written forms. I am a natural leader and have experience in leading a team of developers, client presentations, meetings, and exhibit good leadership characteristics. I have software architecture experience in small and enterprise level applications, and am highly experienced in the SDLC process. I enjoy working in a team setting, in fast-paced environments and leading a team to success. I believe that writing high-quality code is a must, not a nice-to-have, and I enjoy mentoring developers and learning from other people. I am highly skilled in multiple programming languages and platfor...
Ankit Vaghela, top Signalr developerView Profile
Ankit Vaghela
Freelance Signalr developer in Mumbai, India

Asp.Net MVC | Xamarin | Technical Consultant

If you have a problem feel free to contact me, I always go above and beyond to try to help you. I have 6+ Years total experience in Programming. I have good experience in XAMARIN and XAMARIN forms. I have experience in Asp.NET MVC, C#, Socket Programming, MSMQ, NODE JS, Microsoft Windows Azure. Some of my projects were developed for web and mobile devices, via Web services and using SignalR library we adopt them under iOS and Android. In a project where client required high performance I utilize Redis framework to optimize storage and access to sensitive information. I prefer to work with MS SQL,but also know MySQL and postgre. I have been working with all version starting from 2005 server. I like to design DB model first and then code it. I most work with Google API report...
Kazi Manzur Rashid, Signalr software engineer and devView Profile
Kazi Manzur Rashid4.7
Freelance Signalr developer in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Expert in modern web development in Microsoft technologies running on cloud.

I am working with Microsoft .NET technology from the early beta circa 2002, though my recent project involves a Big Data SaaS application that runs on Amazon AWS Platform where the customer facing application is in angular 1.x with asp.net webapi/signalr., Prior that I worked as an Independent Consultant for 3+ years where I worked various sizes projects on ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI/Backbone/Angular that runs on Windows Azure. I also worked in Telerik - the leading component provider in .NET space, where i was involved in the initial version of the ASP.MVC Component. Prior Telerik, I was the core member of a Start Page application called Pageflakes which later acquired by Live universe. It was maybe the first single page application developed in ASP.NET. Beside my experience, I was ...
Zach Davis, Signalr freelance developerView Profile
Zach Davis
Freelance Signalr developer in Boydton, United States

Passionate software developer and teacher with 15 years of real world experience.

I have been developing on the .NET stack for 15 years. I am also very passionate about passing my experience onto younger developers.
Brett Caswell, top Signalr developerView Profile
Brett Caswell
Freelance Signalr developer in Abita Springs, United States

Experienced Software Developer

I am an experienced and confident software developer. I do not freelance full time, for I am employed as a Full Time Salary software developer for a company whose primary source of revenue is the products that I (in-part) maintain, improve, and develop anew.
Matt MacNaughton, Signalr dev and freelancerView Profile
Matt MacNaughton
Freelance Signalr developer in Lake Oswego, United States

Distributed Software Dev, .Net stack

> Systems analyst, software architect and consultant > Diverse range of projects, roles, businesses and industries > Solid design, coding, team and project management skill > Broad technical, business and analytic experience. > Focusing on distributed systems > Over 18 years experience developing in the MS stacks > M.S. Computer Science; B.A. Psychology and tech writing.
Scott Pio, freelance Signalr programmerView Profile
Scott Pio
Freelance Signalr developer in Fairfax, United States

Software Engineer at QueTel Corporation

Performance-focused and growth-driven senior professional with 13+ years of global business and technology operations success. Known for ability to develop high growth companies, executing various strategic paths simultaneously by understanding intricacies of operations, developing talent, managing change and creating high performance teams. Mr. Pio is a creative thinker, energetic and engaged leader, strategically focused on alignment and execution. Mr. Pio offers a consistent record of reducing costs and improving revenues through effective resource allocation, strategic planning, and technology development. Mr. Pio has a broad portfolio of expertise in process improvement, performance and quality improvement, new product and technology launches, system development, infrastructure, netwo...
Shane White, Signalr freelance programmerView Profile
Shane White
Freelance Signalr developer in Austin, United States

Founder/Developer at Midwest Streams

I am passionate about startups and creating cool software application. In 2012 I founded Midwest Streams a SaaS that makes web-casting a funeral easy. Currently we have connected over 100,000 friends and family to a funeral they may have otherwise missed. I wrote this web application using C#, Javascript, and Azure.
Vincent Chavez, senior Signalr developerView Profile
Vincent Chavez
Freelance Signalr developer in San Bernardino, United States

Full Stack Javascript and .Net Developer

I am an experienced full stack developer with UI/UX roots that keeps the products I produce looking good and function even better. The focus of my career has gone from a major in desktop and backend development to that seeming to become a minor while I focus on majoring in front end code. I enjoy working in both (frontend and backend) environments and really enjoy solving problems. I also enjoy helping those around me, having mentored a few previous co-workers to this day.
Muhammad Khonsari, Signalr freelancer and developerView Profile
Muhammad Khonsari
Freelance Signalr developer in Qom, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Full stack developer & Software Architect

I'm expert in web development and it's technologies and methods. I develop by .NET,C#,ASPdotNET, ASP.NET-MVC, AngularJS and ... also expert in OOP and Design Patterns. I love game programming but I have a little experience in it, I am improving...
Jony Zaman, Signalr freelance developerView Profile
Jony Zaman
Freelance Signalr developer in Corby, United Kingdom

Principal Engineer at Paxton Access Ltd

I am a well-rounded professional software developer with over ten years’ experience developing and maintaining a wide variety of systems for large international corporations and small businesses. My specialties are working with business experts, designing technical and non-technical solutions to meet the needs of the business, crafting and implementing development processes, and leading teams to deliver world class software. Programming Languages: - C# - T-SQL - C - Java - JavaScript - Python Frameworks and Platforms: - .NET 3.0 – 4.5 - Microsoft Azure - WCF - WIF - Web API - ASP.NET MVC - LINQ - AngularJS - NodeJS - XUnit - Moq - IIS Fro...
Ivan Pintar, Signalr freelance programmerView Profile
Ivan Pintar
Freelance Signalr developer in Zagreb, Croatia

ESP Quality Team Lead at Clarity Consulting

I am a person of many interests and hobbies and programming is the one that turned into a full time job. During my career, I have worked on various projects using multiple languages and different techniques. I am quick to adapt to new tools and I enjoy learning new languages, especially ones that throw me out of my comfort zone and make me think outside of the box. In my free time, I enjoy playing music and sports, with varying degrees of success, but it makes me happy non the less.
Andy Lines, Signalr freelance developerView Profile
Andy Lines
Freelance Signalr developer in North Augusta, United States

Highly Experienced Software Developer

My name is Andy Lines. I've been developing software professionally for 12 years, but it's been a passion of mine since I was 10 years old. I have a wide breadth of experience and I constantly expose myself to new technologies, but I have deep knowledge of C#, the .Net ecosystem, and JavaScript. I'm a huge proponent of agile methodologies and value quick feedback. I strive to write clean, well-tested code, and I believe in using the best tool for the job, even if it means learning something new.

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