Teaching someone on Windows and thought you could use CodeKit? What to do...

Published Jul 25, 2017Last updated Jan 20, 2018
Teaching someone on Windows and thought you could use CodeKit? What to do...

I have used all of the preprocessing concatinating build thingys at some point. This morning I was using brunch and broccoli. I used yarn for the first time today too. For whatever reason, CodeKit still has a sweetspot for certain WordPress jobs I take. Latetly I've been showing some people the ropes on codementor here - and many of them have windows. I searched for options - but what I ended up with was Prepros.

If you are using Windows and want a CodeKit like interface, Prepros is what you'll end up with too. You need to just buck up and buy it - or the ads will quickly cause you 30$ of anxiety anyway.

Mostly, Prepros has the same things as CodeKit (that I actually use - codekit is much more advanced over all) / but one thing wasn't clear to me. How should I add files to be prepended or appended to my main JavaScript file? In CodeKit, you drag it (which is kinda weird / you know what I'm talking about if you've used it) - but in Prepros, I didn't see any option like that.

It turns out that you can just add this tricky little comment to the top of your main .js file.

//@prepros-prepend vendor/addon-1-scripts.js

This will let Prepros know what file you want prepended - and act accordingly. Same goes for append.

I didn't ever use it, but apparently CodeKit had/has a very similar signifier

//@codekit-prepend node_modules/flickity/dist/flickity.pkgd.js

You can use the CodeKit version too - since Prepros supports it / which may be better for cross compatibility?

After discovering this... I kinda like seeing it there in stone instead using the GUI and then having that stored in the config.

SO! Teaching someone on Windows? Their project isn't really a fit for Gulp? Try this out!


I tried switching a CodeKit project to the explicit //@codekit-prepend style - and I couldn’t get it to work… So - take a look at that yourself / maybe it’s not obeyed in the newer versions… : /


I don't really enjoy trouble-shooting build tools. 😦

But If you can get setup... and you want to learn - checkout my profile and see if we'd be a good fit : )


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