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I'm a software engineer. I do most of my work in Python2.7 and I'm currently involved in creating tools that make hadoop more useful. I have acted as a mentor a few times to junior employees and I'm told I'm a good teacher and I do enjoy teaching quite a lot. I stay in a not very expensive place and I'm collecting stars thus my low rate. My primary expertise is Python, the other technologies I've listed are things I work with often, but I wouldn't call myself an expert.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
I mostly write code that makes use of jquery but I've done some pretty cool things without it. I once created a fully js spreadsheet editor for a client. I'm good at it and I know many of it's quirks.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
I use it when I must - usually in combination with some python based web framework. I can make things look reasonable but tend to rely heavily on jquery-ui themeroller for that.
Python expert help Python - 6 years experience
I have made daemons, guardium plugins, web applications, internet crawlers. I have used python's multiprocesing to simulate large networks in order to test application layer protocols, as well as lower level routing algorithms. I've used python to interact with many different database types including some home grown ones. I've done a lot of very different things with Python and can usually make it dance. There are very few aspects I haven't had to dig into at some point or another. I am familiar with many of the built in libraries.
Jquery expert help jQuery - less than 1 year experience
Some of the tooling I develop requires a front-end, I usually opt for web applications. I use jquery to make responsive, functional and visually appealing web apps.
Git expert help Git - 5 years experience
I use Git daily in my work. I usually work with small teams and have experimented with a few different work flows.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 1 year experience
I've used angular to do some fairly involved things but I would not yet call myself an expert. I've made the basics such as controllers, services, directives and am familiar with their uses. I've used it in place of d3.js for some svg manipulations and played a lot with $q and related things. Done fancy filtrations etc.
Hadoop expert help Hadoop - 1 year experience
I use hadoop in order to solve difficult multi-step problems and develop tooling to make solving these problems easier. I've written a lot of Pig Latin and also work regularly with the streaming api. I have installed and configured Hadoop in a number of different situations.
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She is more of a teacher and a good mentor. She taught me a lot and improved my programming skills.
Kosisochukwu Oct 23, 2015