How I learned Laravel

Published Mar 15, 2018
How I learned Laravel

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Why I wanted to learn Laravel

I decided to make my final project as a social networking website. I started with the Basic building blocks like html/css, javacsript, php, mySQL etc. But it was so hectic to write code without a framework. So I searched the right approach to make a website and found this framework which made my work a lot easier than before.

How I approached learning Laravel

I went straight to the documentation page of Laravel: and set up my environment. I also took a step by step tutorials course which is also available on this website. The learning process was difficult in starting as the MVC environment was new to me but soon I got on the track and mastered the basics of the tool.

Challenges I faced

Obviously, I found difficulties while the learning as well as developing phase. But the documentation and the forums are so precise that it will solve all of your doubts regarding the framework.

Key takeaways

The key learnings while learning this framework were as follows:

  1. You must plan and design your project before starting the code.
  2. You should divide your project into modules and work on them separately to make a beautiful looking code.
  3. This tool makes you realize the importance of writing the modular code.
  4. It contains methods and in-built classes to connect and modify the database which is quite a beneficial and time saving step.

Tips and advice

For all the PHP web developers, I highly recommend this framework as it is easy to setup and let you learn the MVC kind of approach towards building your project.

Final thoughts and next steps

This is simply the best and most beautiful PHP framework for Websites in the world!

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