5 Reasons to use to Visual Studio Code IDE for Angular Development if you are using Visual Studio –

Published Nov 03, 2017
5 Reasons to use to Visual Studio Code IDE for Angular Development if you are using Visual Studio –

If you are still using Visual Studio 2015 for developing your Angular applications, ## here are the reasons why should think moving to VS Code:

  1. VS Code is a free editor from Microsoft, unlike the Visual Studio IDE.

  2. No need to switch between Command Line Interface and the IDE to know if the build process had failed, as you can see your favourite terminal under the Terminal window.

  3. The availability of Extensions like Debugger for Chrome, TSLint, etc for VS Code IDE which can be installed.
    VS Code provides recommends extensions that can be used under the Extension tab and we easily install and use them in a matter of 2 mouse clicks.
    The Debugger For Chrome extension is very useful as I had been switching between the IDE and browser to run the application and search for the component file in source tab of the Chrome developer tools and looking for the line of code to set the breakpoint. But this Debugger allows to set the breakpoint right within the IDE as we used to do while doing server side coding in .net.
    You could refer the angular-tutorial for the steps to integrate the Debugger and get going.
    Extensions like TSLint, JSLint, etc. can save you time that we otherwise spend in recognizing the script issues at runtime in the browser (error console).

  4. One more benefit of the Extensions, you could install productive tools like Angular v5 TypeScript Snippets, which will insert the frequently used code snippets.

  5. You could split and have upto 3 files open side by side while making your code changes.

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