Top Servlets Developers of June 2017

CTO at SchoolCom

I am a geek by profession . I am passionate about new technologies and love to dig in to it. I strongly believe the relationship among science, technology and life.

Sr Web and Java Developer by profession and your friend by nature.

Web&Java developer and loves to fix bugs. I believe in Karma and I believe in the below quote. REAL PROGRAMMER'S EYE IS A DEBUGGER. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **If I can't fix your issue, you'll get a refund. I do not start timer until you explain your issue (Or) if I am not sure about the issue** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ note:ping me for more details

Software Architect

Thorough knowledge and working experience in software development methodologies, principles, and best practices. Experienced in designing and implementing data models for optimal database and application performance. Experienced building web services (SOAP/RESTful). Thorough knowledge and working experience in the development and implementation of Web sites, desktop applications, and Mobile applications. Experienced in secure coding practices. Highly skilled in JAVA and .Net programming language implementing WEB and back-end multi-threading high performance software. Microsoft Certified Application Developer in ASP.NET(C#) Experienced in the administration and configuration of Linux and Windows server, SQL Server,mySQL, Apache, and IIS Server. Worked in multinational/multicultural work environments dealing with colleagues and business partners from different backgrounds. Highly skilled in the MS SQL Server,mySQL, and Database Design and Implementation (Stored Procedures, UDF, triggers, views, Data Transformation Services,…) Experienced in CTADE (VOS 9.0), Envox 4.0,and Envox 6.0 platforms, implementing Interactive Voice Response(IVR) applications. Familiar with the setup and configuration of the Dialogic boards and the “IQ 4000” (SS7/ISDN protocol converter). Built integration software for Pinnacle DekoCast, and PlayBox Titlebox TV broadcast systems in implementing SMS2TV applications. Utilized the TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP,POP3 and SMPP protocols in applications. Designed and Implemented hardware interface boards and wrote applications to interface to external devices.

Java/Node/Angular Architect with 10+ yrs of professional experience

- Have masters in software engineering - Work as software architect - Interested in coding, teaching, journalism, writing, philosophy

Application Developer at Avaya

I am a calm person, friendly and loves to help. I like to solve logical problems and I believe that I am a bit clever, after hearing a lot of that from other people. I made good friends and I've met fantastic people. I am seeking to deepen my knowledge in software engineering and become more self disciplined and self planned.

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with interests in Scientific Computing, Simulations, Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems, AI and Machine Learning, and Game Development. I'm passionate about inventing new tools and solutions, and more importantly helping people along the way in doing so. Over the past years I've worked on projects in domains such as desktop applications, web applications, embedded systems. Currently I am involved in projects related to machine learning and AI agents.

Experienced Full Stack Developer

I've seen many things during my career. I've had the chance to be alongside the architects and create designs and architectures. I've overseen hundreds of code reviews, and written many lines of code. I'm also managed a devops team and saw how the organization went from no devops to a great one.

Freelance consultant and software engineer

Addicted to startup culture and cutting edge technology. I specialize in web technologies, from engaging web and mobile applications to robust and scalable backends and APIs. Also an open source contributor and occasional speaker at local developer conferences and meetups.

A result oriented and solution focused developer, who loves to help people solve their development problems !

Having 7 years of experience in developing, deploying and maintaining Java/ J2EE applications. Result and detail oriented focusing on efficiency, scalability and maintainability of the applications.

Software Software Engineer

I am a 26 year old Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead for the largest pool product manufacturer in North America. I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University at Albany and currently develop enterprise business applications and lead a team of eight Java developers. In the past I have worked for the New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations, New York State Education Department, Railex, Global Market Research, HRP Associates, AREEP, and many other companies with great success and excellent references. I have done paid or compensated usability research for Amazon Web Services, IBM, and Stack Overflow. I have a very strong knowledge of Java and the Java Ecosystem, web services, message oriented middleware, object relational mapping, relational databases, cloud services (AWS and Openstack), service oriented architecture, data structures, algorithms, design patterns, programming paradigms, object oriented design and analysis, scripting and ETL development, and software engineering principles. I began coding when I was 12 and what separates me from my peers is that I have a passion for development that has been burning for over 15 years. As a lifelong developer I have taken high school and AP computer science (scoring a 5 on the AP exam) and can tutor specifically for that test. As a university student I took the following computer science, mathematics, and informatics courses: Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Architecture, Discrete Structures, Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus based Mechanics, Calculus based Electromagnetism, Numerical Methods of Computing, Advance Object Oriented Development, Software Engineering, Programming at the Hardware and Software Interface, Systems Programming, Social and Security Implications of Engineering, Discrete Probability, Statistics, Introduction to Databases, Database Performance Principles and Transaction Management, Web Programming (informatics), Computing and Information (informatics), information in the 21st Century (informatics), Intro to Web Technologies (informatics), Research Methods of Informatics, and Networks and Systems.

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