Christopher Andersson, Segmentio coder and developerView Profile
Christopher Andersson5.0
Freelance Segmentio developer in West Orange, United States

Product. Design. Development.

I have design strategies for, and implemented analytics setups with segment at two previous companies. Both companies had large product development teams (50+ people), and handled data for millions of customers.
Hussain Mehmood, Segmentio software engineerView Profile
Hussain Mehmood5.0
Freelance Segmentio developer in Karachi, Pakistan

Analytics Consultant. Extensive experience with measurement strategy and data collection. Super user of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Kissmetrics / Mixpanel & their apis is a very popular tool for deploying and managing digital analytics tags and sending data to multiple analytics vendors at the same time. Its a great tool to ramp up quickly and try a bunch of different analytics services. Though the initial setup is pretty quick and painless, scaling and maintaining it as your services grow can take some getting used to. I have worked with it a few dozen times from enterprise clients all the way down to starters. Am able to help set the stage correctly, help quickly troubleshoot any possible integration problems. It also helps that I have worked extensively with tools it commonly integrates with [see other expertise] so can help debug where the issue could be.
Matt Thommes, Segmentio freelance coderView Profile
Matt Thommes
Freelance Segmentio developer in Roselle, United States

Web application developer

Familiar with using the JavaScript source to trigger "identify", "page", and "event" requests.
Daniel Hug, Segmentio freelance developerView Profile
Daniel Hug4.9
Freelance Segmentio developer in Puyallup, United States

Frontend Dev: JavaScript, Web App Architecture

I mentor others in Front End Web Dev on a daily basis. I enjoy using JS to create modular and scaleable web apps.

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