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Yuval Kogman, Security freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Alblasserdam, Netherlands

Polyglot developer with an obsession for modularity

There's a crack in everything, and pointing those out is a lifetime pursuit. I think I have a knack for making things break, and I believe the hacker/security mindset leads to much clearer thinking even for software that isn't security sensitive. Having a clear understanding of agency, of trust, and of intended vs. possible uses is vital to writing good code. I also think the fastest way to gain technical understanding of anything is to go straight for the facts, and nowhere in software is the distinction between ground truth and beliefs clearer than in the context of infosec.
Laszlo L. Mari, senior Security developerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Budapest, Hungary

IT Architect / Consultant - Ex: @Google, Built mobile apps for Hollywood celebrities, let's chat!

I hacked into Tsu, the Facebook competitor, currently being resolved I found a vulnerability in Assembly (shutting down soon) and became the first person to hack it.
Lalith Rallabhandi, Security software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Toronto, Canada

Passionate about writing, debugging and securing the code.

I'm Lalith, working as a Software Developer at Shopify. I'm another TDD based software guy worked with a lot of startups and learnt a lot of technologies. I'm good with development and security being able to think out of box for security issues. I'm Rails guy and would love to work on backend services infrastructure and optimisations. I eat, sleep and code daily. Visit my github profile for more details:
Jason (@iDoMeteor), Security software engineer and devHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Marquette, United States

Emergency support specialist, cloud consultant, lifetime coder, Linux ninja, security guru, developer-operations liasion, systems administrator. Often called 'rockstar', 'unicorn', 'hero', 'savior', 'recluse'; seldom called on the phone.

Security minded in everything I do, circa 1990. Pirated more software than you've ever heard of before Internet killed the BBS stars. Took out more underground pornographers than you can shake your Internet cane at. 18 years ago I evolved ethically and traded my gray hat for a white one. Prevention, detection and mitigation has replaced the rebellious angst and boredom which led to my more vigilante-style activities. In my life long career as a rock star cyber guru, none of my clients, local or remote, have ever had any security related incidents or misappropriation of intellectual property or trade secrets. I can provide real-world references which include high-profile criminal attorneys and clients in medical, financial and innovation industries.
Chris Cornutt, top Security developerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Miami, United States

PHP community leader, application security pro, speaker, author and open source contributor

I'm a developer at heart and passionate about building useful, robust web applications and application security. My primary focus is on PHP, but the application security concepts I've learned apply to any language. I'm a veteran of the web with over 12 years of experience working in multiple types of industries. I contribute back to open source projects and have created several of my own, all placed out in the public domain (MIT licensed).
Danny Jian, Security freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Park Orchards, Australia

A Creative Pythoner but also a Fullstack Web-dev-wannabe and a past White Hat Hacker

I've been teaching myself all aspects of security related knowledge since high school. I've gained visions in this area and is able to develop security tools instead of toys. With extensive practice in CTFs and cooperate pentesting, I have granted plenty of expertise in Information Security.
George Delaportas (ViR4X), Security developer and engineerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Athens, Greece

Hacker / Enterprise Architect :: Solve what others don't.

I am a certified whit hat Hacker from the ZDI. Codename: ViR4X In the past I have participated in several security related consortiums and I run big enterprise projects. I am an expert in assessing and finding vulnerabilities and security threats. I do also pen-testing and reporting per scenario. The biggest project I worked for is the Pan-EU SafeCity project. I worked with ESA, NASA, the military and several other companies. You may find references and proofs of my work and even me in the videos.
Chris, senior Security developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Fairfax, United States

Friendly old school programmer ready to teach the basics to anyone who is interested

The year my networks were hit with both the Melissa and the AnnaKournikova VBS macro viruses was the year I became curious about security (for those playing at home that was the year 2001). Now I have a Masters in Cyber Security and know that security is so much more than boring checklists, virus definitions, and patches. Security is as exciting as hacking, just more legal!
Adi Roiban, Security freelance developerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Spain

Developer and cook. I am specialized on server-side, behind the scene, seamless and automated products. I have develop multi-OS server-side on-premise secure data transfer software based on automated processes and TDD. I am a software automation geek.

I worked secure data transfer for more than 10 years. From TLS/SSH for communication, to PKI for managing certificates and integration with secure hardware (ex smart cards) I love the Yubikey and I am using it all both TLS, SSH, GPG and U2F
Dionysis Zindros, Security dev and freelancerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Thessaloniki, Greece

Software engineer

I've worked in the product security team of Twitter and in the incident response team of Google. I'm passionate about building secure systems for the web. I can help you with product security issues such as account management, password management, protocol development, encryption and authentication methods.
Nicolas Genen, top Security developerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Flores, Argentina

Full Stack Developer, Security Engineer & Sysadmin

I've worked for several government entities in the security area managing Intrusion Prevention, WAF Appliances, Firewall and Routers, Corporate Proxies and a lot more.
Marcus Bointon, senior Security developerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Sallanches, France

PHP, email, security, technical writing

I've been aware of security issues for many years, but more recently I've been working for a penetration testing company, performing pentests, code audits (mainly in PHP), writing & editing test reports.
Venkatesh, freelance Security programmerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Security Consultant

Information Security Specialist with more than nine years of experience whose qualifications include a degree in computer science; GIAC GPEN, GCIA, Ec-Council CEH, Microsoft MCP, Offensive Security Certified Professional; and detailed knowledge of security tools, technologies and best practices. Working knowledge over various domains of information security such as penetration testing networks, web applications, Incident handling & response, Malware Analysis, Incident Analysis, Threat Analysis for protecting networks, systems and information assets for diverse companies and organizations including top notch IT Security Research.
Nick McMillan, top Security developerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Westlake Village, United States
My entire engineering career has been in building highly sensitive & mission critical software. I started by building security solutions around voice & data infrastructure for government radios.
Nick Gerakines, senior Security developerHire Now
Freelance Security developer in Sidney, United States
When building software, security plays an important role both directly and indirectly. I'm very comfortable with security tools and procedures and have a solid understanding of encryption best practices and authentication/authorization models for APIs.

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