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Sebastian Sastre

Sebastian Sastre

Author of airflowing, founder of flowing. A coder who cares about UX w/+15y on OOP

Brasilia (-02:00 DST)
Spanish, Portuguese, English
Having covered a wide diversity of problems I can help you to go far with AngularJS or Meteor. I'm currently involved in fullstack and mobile projects. Some of them Ionic-based. My favorite thing? JavaScript. Cool unusual languages? Smalltalk and LISP. Also doing html5 Single Page Applications. I even made a framework to get really productive: http://github.com/flow-stack/flow. I've implemented http://airflowing.com using Seaside as foundation and my own framework on top of it. It's horizontally scalable and its object database is ACID compliant. Airflowing is a SaaS for service companies. I have a strong bias towards designing User Experiences that makes sense, Design Thinking and fast prototyping. I can use a lots of hats, we can talk business, Customer Development, investing, SaaS as much as front-end and back-end technicalities.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 7 years experience
JavaScript, with all its defects, is still one of my favorites. I'm using it more intesely on the last 7 years gradually doing more and more frontend stuff. For airflowing I make intense use of jQuery and for other clients I use this framework I've released under MIT license: http://github.com/flow-stack/flow. With Angular I like to use directives a lot because things are more reusable and flexible that way. Here you can see a sample: http://github.com/sebastianconcept/25m
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 8 years experience
I've implemented http://airflowing.com which is a SaaS for small companies. This web aplication is rendered from the server side but we can use all sort of frameworks for getting your html and CSS sorted.
Ios expert help iOS - 1 year experience
After doing some mobile apps with hybrid technologies, I've discovered that implementing the apps with Swift was almost the same effort with a lot more control and way better results.
Node js expert help Node.js - 2 years experience
I found NodeJS great. I help in many startups using it at its backend. Once I've saved the day with it by doing a small web app for a client in 1 day (in combination with jQuery). I also contribute to this open source project that uses it in its backend http://amber-lang.net Let me know what kind of problem you need to get solved.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 7 years experience
I use jQuery intensely. I help 5 startups do parts of their frontend based on jquery. It has a really nice API. Quite object oriented. It's just good. I can help you to get things done with it.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
I primarily use github and gitlab for projects. I even contribute on some open source projects. For me the best about git is to be able to take a Jenkins (or any other continuous integration system) and automate deloyment.
Coffeescript expert help CoffeeScript - 1 year experience
I mostly use CoffeScript for writing unit or integration tests and Jasmine specs.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 5 years experience
I've implemented Mapless* that uses as backend MongoDB (Mapless can also use Redis and Postgres). I help on several startups that uses it from different languages. I really like to use MongoDB. It's very nice to work with JavaScript for a document oriented database. Drop me a line on what you need to get solved with it. * http://sebastianconcept.github.io/Mapless/
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
I'm using AngularJS almost every day. It's one of my main skills. I have a style that is quite object oriented and clean scalable code. I care a lot about Separation of Concerns because I see messy code that cannot scale way too often. I can help to get things refactored and usually I influence to embrace good practices so your app can grow (remain flexible and scalable).
Devops expert help DevOps - 2 years experience
I'm using linux servers for deploy since 2007 and a couple of years ago I've starter to make Jenkins to take the code pushed to a gitlab repository and create the staging and production builds. It takes some time until you configure it all but is great once you have your things sorted out. Feels like having a factory.
Meteor expert help Meteor - 1 year experience
Meteor has very nice features and I can help you to keep good practices with it. In Object Oriented Programming I have 15 years of experience. With JavaScript since 2006. With Meteor I have a very nice relationship because It saved the day for a project with a client. Implemented a prototype of what they needed in ~1h.
No icon Oop - 15 years experience
I have 15 years of experience doing software done with pure Object Oriented technologies. Covering areas like control systems, payment gateways, management systems, desktop system, LAN systems and web applications. I'm the author of this SaaS http://airflowing.com
Swift expert help Swift - 1 year experience
After developing some mobile applications with hybrid technologies (ionic and meteor) I've discovered that implementing them using Swift renders way better results, a lot more control over what's going on with the app for almost the same effort.
No icon Smalltalk - 15 years experience
Basically I've implemented http://airflowing.com using seaside as foundation and my own framework on top of it. It's horizontally scalable and its object database is ACID compliant. Airflowing is a SaaS for service companies. Smalltalk is very powerful, I can help you to go really far. My favourite thing? Doing html5 Single Page Applications using this framework I've made to get productive on that: http://github.com/flow-stack/flow
flow 17   12
An Amber-Pharo stack
CSS Shell Smalltalk JavaScript CoffeeScript
Mapless 6   7
Mapless is a small framework for storing objects in a key->data fashion (i.e.: noSQL databases) without requiring any kind of object-data map using MongoDB and Redis as backend
HTML Shell Smalltalk ApacheConf
OmniBase 5   0
OmniBase is Smalltalk efficient objects repository, BTree and filesystem based with full ACID features
Shell Smalltalk
Aggregate 4   0
Aggregate is a small persistance framework with a clean API that uses OmniBase as backend
Shell Smalltalk
Creativity 4   0
Creativity is a prototype of a Smalltalk browser for Pharo biased to productivity and development experience and ceative smalltalk flow
Shell Smalltalk
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Awesome mentor!
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The meeting was great , very helpful guy , and patient with someone that doesn't have a good basic knowldge with Node.s or terminal and so on. Once again thank you :) i will get back to you as soon as possible .
Ilyass Nanaa Oct 29, 2016

I have used more than a few mentors here, and Sebastian is truly standing out as the mentor that is sincerely interested in helping you, and goes that extra mile. I often come here when I'm in a hurry, and if I can get a hold on to Sebastian I know I can lower my shoulders. It once took all night all weekend, but Sebastian never gave up!
Dag vB Bunkholt Jul 29, 2016

Sebastian is very helpful.
Nobuyuki Fujioka May 11, 2016

Thanks a lot. He was very helpful. My issue was solved. Sebastian did it! He knows a lot about Meteor and how to debug the code. He also gives me some security hints on how to improve my code. Thanks a lot
Sebastian Weiss May 10, 2016

He was great. Took the time to understand what needed to be done, then helped me resolve a couple issues along the way to the answer I was looking for. Will look for him again.
John Reynolds Sep 29, 2015

Sebastian is a really knowledgeable guy with a great personality and learns quickly. He spent some time before our session showing me useful resources to help me get started with my project and showed me best practices with using Meteor, which I thought was really awesome of him. Then he started the session when we were ready to dive into my project request. He has been a great help with pointing me in the right direction and how to go about solving issues as a developer. Definitely recommend 5/5. Thanks again! :)
Nuvi Sep 26, 2015

Excellent! Great Debugging session!
Chris McNabb May 07, 2015

Excellent mentor, understands what I need very well, and gives fast helpful advice! Expert in Meteor
Anton Loss Mar 31, 2015

One of the best Meteor developers around
Andrew Mello Mar 10, 2015

Sebastian was very helpful and gave me best practices as wel as help tacking down my issue
Leigh Boone Mar 04, 2015

Sebastian was fantastic to talk to, he was very thoughtful and gave me advice on my problem, looked at code structure and gave me direction in an encouraging way. Cool guy.
Peter Balman Feb 12, 2015

Very Knowledgable !
Scott Hause Jan 31, 2015