Michael S. Huang, Search api dev and freelancerView Profile
Michael S. Huang
Freelance Search api developer in Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China

Director of Engineering at Marin Software

AdTech + Data Analysis + Build Dev Team
Bryan Mayor, Search api freelance programmerView Profile
Bryan Mayor5.0
Freelance Search api developer in Astoria, United States

Freelance developer with expertise in PHP / Laravel, JS / jQuery and Java.

NYC based developer with 8+ years of experience, mainly with Java, PHP, Javascript and Python. When I am not freelancing I like to help developers on CodeMentor make their projects a success or to help them through the learning process. Mentoring: I like to tailor my mentoring to the particular client. If you are a student learning programming for the first time, I will take you step by step so that you are the one solving problems as we go, with a little help from me. Or perhaps you are working on your own project and need results fast, in which case I can provide solutions and tradeoffs between them so you can learn and make an informed choice. My background: I come from 5 years experience in backend Java at a Fortune 100 company. After leaving that company, I have spent the past two y...
Utkarsh Mishra, senior Search api developerView Profile
Utkarsh Mishra5.0
Freelance Search api developer in New Delhi, India

Programmer since 2006. Lead technology for startups and enterprises.

I love building apps and working on cutting edge technologies, ensuring that they're ready for market in short development time. I also like to ensure the applications to be heavily iterated and improved based on user feedback and performance metrics.
Vera Sativa, Search api freelance programmerView Profile
Vera Sativa5.0
Freelance Search api developer in Santiago, Chile

Seasoned Drupal Architect / Developer

I am an experienced web developer in Drupal with strong background in open source environments including: Linux, Apache, nginx, MySQL, MongoDB and PHP. I’m also obsessed with web standards, SEO and page load speed. I'm specially interested on drupal commerce, and drush + git developer workflows.
Salomon Valverde, Search api dev and freelancerView Profile
Salomon Valverde4.8
Freelance Search api developer in Denver, United States

Software Craftsman

I'm a software developer (generalist / polyglot) who is devoted on learning and educating cutting edge technologies. I have over 12+ years of industry experience with design, development and system architecture. I have a strong background in web application development, yet recently proficient in crafting iOS apps. Majority of my experience has been in business applications, from large complex enterprise systems to smaller sophisticated tools for small businesses. Available to assist with any sized project or issue you have!? Reach out anytime day or night!
Stanley Ndagi, top Search api developerView Profile
Stanley Ndagi
Freelance Search api developer in Nairobi, Kenya

I'm on a personal journey of invoking the builder within me. From a young age I have been tinkering with technology and building away from technology. Software engineering epitomizes this quest!

I didn't intend to study Information Technology but the path was forged from pre-university computer classes to now being an engineer at Andela. I have tinkered with data, the web and IoT.
Ashutosh Agarwal, Search api dev and freelancerView Profile
Ashutosh Agarwal
Freelance Search api developer in Gurgaon, India

Principal Consultant (New Generation Databases like MarkLogic, Search and Analytics)

Ashutosh Agarwal has 16+ years of experience in enterprise software product development with focus on big data engineering technologies and analytical techniques for last several years. His specific areas of interest include schema agnostic operational databases like MarkLogic, search & discovery, semantics, text analytics, scalability and performance.

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