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Seaborn Lee

Seaborn Lee

7+ years Java/Android/Rails developer

Beijing (+08:00)
Chinese, English
Experienced Java/Android/Rails/JavaScript developer. I am now a freelancer. I used to be a CTO at a startup, a consultant at ThoughtWorks. I do TDD and Pair Programming everyday. I am an experienced Vim user, Coding Dojo, Code Retreat facilitator. I am the founder of China Software Craftsmanship Group (http://codingstyle.cn).
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 6 years experience
Familiar with raw JavaScript and popular JS libs. I have done some projects with AngularJS (with Ionic). And more project with jQuery.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 5 years experience
Rich experience in frond-end. Familiar with web standard.
Android expert help Android - 3 years experience
I have my own apps in the market. Got money in my first involved in Android. Now working on an Android project.
Java expert help Java - 6 years experience
Object Oriented Programming. Java Core. Thread. Collections. Best practices in Java.
Git expert help Git - 2 years experience
I am loving Github. We use git/git-svn everyday. I know how to manage the git flow. Solve conflict and collaborate efficiently.
No icon Vim - 3 years experience
I use Vim to write JavaScript and ruby.
No icon Tdd - 3 years experience
I am not even use TDD/BDD in daily work, but also teach other developers to adopt them.
No icon Bdd - 2 years experience
I use cucumber, capybara, Appium to test Android apps and web applications.
Awesome-Day 9   5
A simple todo application written in AngularJS.
CSS HTML ApacheConf JavaScript
Study-Group 2   1
dotfiles 1   0
My personal dotfiles.
VimL Shell
JavascriptInterfaceDemo 1   0
Java Shell Groovy
PokerGame 1   0
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Really experienced mentor
Nick Roskam Jul 23, 2015

Seaborn is the best!
Casie Jun 28, 2015

Amazing! Would highly recommend Seaborn!
Casie Jun 28, 2015

He was very prompt and he only took the task because he knew he could solve the problem.
Japa Jun 27, 2015

Gave some great ideas on how to solve my issue! Will definitely be back again.
Justin Tanacredi Jan 28, 2015

Seaborn Lee was extremely helpful providing well thought out responses to my questions. Highly recommended.
Chris Blossom Jan 28, 2015