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Sebastian Chlan, Sdk development software engineerHire Now
Freelance Sdk development developer in Ashburn, United States

Android developer

Started learning to program with 14, never stopped since. Building Android SDKs during the day, exploring Elixir, Scala and React at night.
Eric Vargas, Sdk development freelance programmerHire Now
Freelance Sdk development developer in San Jose, United States

Mobile Software Engineer

Currently I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Ooyala. In my work, I do a lot of SDK development for our mobile video player, I help in both Android and iOS platforms, and I have added several features for both platforms. Also, I have been involved with some startups as a full stack software engineer, to make all they needed. I've also been a mentor for Mactrainee, a small business that gives degrees to professionals. I love coding and learning new programming languages, I have used C, C++, Python, Lua, Ruby, Javascript, Java, Objective-C, Swift. I'm more comfortable with Java, Javascript and Objective-C/Swift because I do a lot of mobile development for both Android and iOS. Been programming for these platforms since Android 2.x and iOS 4, so I've seen all their evolution.
Jeremy Lindblom, Sdk development software engineerHire Now
Freelance Sdk development developer in Gilbert, United States

Software Architect and Engineer, PHP Expert

Software Architect at McGraw-Hill Education. Open source contributor, conference speaker, and community organizer in the PHP community. <3 OSS, PHP, APIs, & AWS
James O'Brien, top Sdk development developerHire Now
Freelance Sdk development developer in Carnegie, Australia

Software Engineer at Blitzm Systems

I manage a software engineering studio specialising in apps for web/mobile platforms. 🤔 📲 🚀 As a co-founder of Blitzm Systems, my primary responsibilities involve project management, client communications and software design. This involves working on-site with my clients to understand their business, and translate their expectations into an engineering plan. While I do write a lot of code myself, I also delegate work to my amazing development team, who are based at our office in Docklands, Melbourne. When I am not developing apps or web systems for clients, I spend my time tinkering with the latest open source software. I'm especially interested in 3D software development and digital signal processing. Check out my twitter profile for updates of what I'm up to:
Conor H, Sdk development developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Sdk development developer in Balham, United Kingdom

FinTech / Payment Service Consultant

Hi, I am Conor, a London (UK) based Software Engineer and Design Consultant On CodeMentor my objective is to help users discover the true viability of a project, discuss requirements and build a specification that can then be delivered to developers to build. In my experience it is not always a good idea to assign architecture work to the develop. Another set of eyes is always useful. I am available for consultation, architecture design documents, and also Proof of Concept / MVP development. I am capable of delivery production grade software but do not currently have that bandwidth available. Having worked in all elements of the Payment Processing lifecycle, I am familiar with terminal / card technology and also the backend acquiring / authorisation platforms, along with everything in b...

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