Ed Mays, Scrum developer for hireHire Now
Ed Mays5.0
Freelance Scrum developer in Loja, Ecuador

C#, TDD, and and Clean Coding Expert with 18 Years Experience

After years of working with distributed agile teams, I have a keen understanding of the Scrum process and how to apply its core concepts to create successful software outcomes.
Laszlo Marai, Scrum freelance coderHire Now
Laszlo Marai5.0
Freelance Scrum developer in Debrecen, Hungary

Experienced CTO, full stack web & mobile engineer, problem solver, great communicator

I've been managing and organizing 3 teams using scrum as a CTO: - my first startup with 5 developers - a company, where I was the CTO, 4 developers (+me) - our current startup (team consists of external subcontractors for now) We do 2 week long sprints, planning poker, use kanban, I regularly talk to the users/stake holders about the priorities.
Nicholas J Diaz, Scrum software engineerHire Now
Nicholas J Diaz5.0
Freelance Scrum developer in St Louis, United States

Passionate Software Engineering Consultant

My name is Nicholas Diaz. I am a Software Engineering Consultant. I went to Oklahoma State University for Computer Science. I was self taught before attending school. I know how it is to search for information when learning and how hard it can be to find what you need. I love all things related to programming. I am very passionate about helping people learn who share my love for programming.
Camilo Aguilar, senior Scrum developerHire Now
Camilo Aguilar4.9
Freelance Scrum developer in Ottawa, Canada

Software developer with experience in: iOS, AngularJS, NodeJS. - Python and AI learner.

I'm a scrum master certified by the Scrum Alliance. In the company I currently work I've been holding this position for more almost a year now and we have got some bad experiences and a lot of very good experience using scrum as our main software development process.
Flavius Aspra, top Scrum developerHire Now
Flavius Aspra5.0
Freelance Scrum developer in Graz, Austria

I write, nurture and love clean, testable architectures. Language doesn't matter. I eat two technology stacks and a Linux meal a day.

I write, nurture and love clean, testable architectures. Language doesn't matter (PHP/C/Rust/Golang/Typescript/Python/Java). I eat two technology stacks and a Linux meal a day. How is that possible? After 15 years of programming, you start to not be in love with your toys anymore like a kid, and treat them as tools instead. What starts to matter after reaching a certain level is expressing ideas with code, not the code itself. It's the ideas that you share with your collegues, as well with the machine, that solve real-world problems that matter. Tools are just that, and in our area of expertise, they change over time quite rapidly. What stays relatively constant are the terminology, the algorithms, and the train of thoughts for solving a specific problem, given a specific scenario.
Saad Khawaja, Scrum freelance coderHire Now
Saad Khawaja

Software Architect and Craftsman

I have several years experience helping teams adopt scrum and technical agile practices.
Graeme Humphrey, Scrum software engineerHire Now
Graeme Humphrey5.0
Freelance Scrum developer in Commerce City, United States

Engineer, Problem Solver, Coach

I'm coming up to seventeen years working for a technology company that has grown from $2M to 2.5B during my time there (not entirely all my doing :) ). I graduated top of class (B Appl. Comp.) from Lincoln University, Christchurch New Zealand. After a few years navigating the learning curve I grew into a quality Software Engineer. Proof of this statement can be seen in my employment record. I came to the US to help with a six month project which resulted in me being headhunted. I was told by the founder of the company, "that I was the best Engineer he had worked with". A substantial amount of money was spent by the company to move my family and I halfway around the world. I was placed in a team lead position which evolved into leading multiple teams which developed applications still brin...
Félix Olivares Estrada, Scrum coder and engineerHire Now
Félix Olivares Estrada5.0
Freelance Scrum developer in Tepic, Mexico

Senior iOS Developer

As an iOS Developer, my goals are some of the most important parts of his life. The way how I achieve them and when they are completed, defines the course of my life. The more goals I achieves the better person I am. We always need to be focused on our goals in order to define the way of action. I'm a self-though person who likes to learn new things on a daily basis and to be up to date with cutting-edge technologies.
Byron Sommardahl, Scrum dev and freelancerHire Now
Byron Sommardahl5.0
Freelance Scrum developer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

CTO / Chief Architect at Acklen Avenue

I am a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Certified Product Owner (CPO) by the Scrum Alliance. I currently manage scrum processes for 9 development teams and really enjoy how scrum focuses on people and productivity simultaneously.
Jacob Fierro, Scrum freelance coderHire Now
Jacob Fierro5.0

CEO, CTO, Javascript Lover.

I'm the guy who thinks scrum could/should change the world. I believe wholly in it's ability to derive the most value in the least amount of time. If you're having trouble getting buy in at work or in scholastic project I'm happy and eager to help you solidify your argument. If you're struggling to get stuff done, I can help you implement a working system to get you moving faster, today. I credit scrum with changing my life, I use it in my professional and personal life.
Christian Schlack, Scrum freelancer and developerHire Now
Christian Schlack5.0
Freelance Scrum developer in Kiel, Germany

Backend developer, entrepreneur and agile coach

I'm a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM I). I live an breathe Scrum when working with agile teams. Many times I was Development Team member, on two occasions I served as Scrum Master and I coached Product Owners preparing user stories.
Sean Eby, freelance Scrum developerHire Now
Sean Eby5.0
Freelance Scrum developer in Des Plaines, United States

Software team & product builder

As a Certified Scrum Master, I have worked with many teams who utilize Scrum for their daily development process, as a ScrumMaster, Product Owner, and individual contributor. As well, I have worked with and consulted for a variety of organizations who have implemented agile transformations. I know the Scrum framework well and can help teams better utilize it for results.
Murali Murugesan, Scrum dev and freelancerHire Now
Murali Murugesan4.9
Freelance Scrum developer in Adelaide, Australia
14 years of experience in java and related frameworks and still developing web applications. I do mentoring, troubleshooting, architectural changes, coding guidelines and best practices, challenging development task. Currently working on my new initiative, so expect me online less frequently. But do drop me an email @ muruguesan[dot]murali[at]gmail.com, in case you would like to catch up for a possibility on a session. PAYOUT: I don't prefer to start the session until I understand the issue and I know for sure I can solve/help your question. If not satisfied, claim a refund and I'm more than happy to oblige to refund. Project Work : Definitely a BIG NO. If you are student and looking to complete your project/assignment, then please do not contact me rather DIY.
Gábor Klinda, Scrum freelance coderHire Now
Gábor Klinda
Freelance Scrum developer in Budapest, Hungary

Full stack Javascript developer

I am experienced developer for web applications. I have worked on several project with several different teams so I can easily adapt for the requirements. Being a lone fighter but a team member as well, I always try to solve the toughest problems, but I gladly help my team to achieve the common goals.
Aleksandar Pavic, Scrum dev and freelancerHire Now
Aleksandar Pavic5.0
Freelance Scrum developer in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Web appication developer, PHP, CakePHP, Wordpress, Javascript, Jquery, Ruby on Rails, Redmine, C#, MySql, Microsoft Sql, Linux server administration,

I am managing teams actively on daily basics using this methodology among otherhs. I've wrote a book on Redmine and I'm featuring several use-case scenarios of Redmine + SCM + Scrum...

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