Top Senior Saucelabs Developers - Dec 2017

All Things Modern Web

Having worked on enterprise-scale sites such as Facebook, cultivated Clover's suite of 1st party web applications from scratch, hacked on WebVR, and founded a modern web application, ( I've acquired a deep understanding and wide range of skills for the modern web. I'd love to help you with: Architecting a Web Application Are you using the best tools for the job? While premature optimization is bad in most cases, we'll consider the performance implications of big decisions from day 1 to ensure your application will scale as desired. Such big decisions include: - use of a web framework (React/Ember/Angular are the giants, but maybe you need a lightweight less-feature rich alternative like RiotJS, or maybe vanilla JS makes the most sense) - graphics tooling (WebGL/Canvas/SVG graphics all have their tradeoffs, and beyond that assets can be downloaded in multiple ways and formats. Experienced with 2D and 3D rendering) - communication (Making a real time app? You'll probably need WebSockets and a nice protocol. I use a streamlined version of Meteor's DDP. Will clients send a lot of data to each other? You'll probably want WebRTC P2P.) - use of service workers (You'll need this to do push notifications and have offline support. There's other benefits too) - server architecture (Not sure if you should build a feature or use SAAS? We'll dig into this or any other server architecture question you have) Overwhelmed with the choices out there for the modern web? ES6, React, WebPack, Babel, Promises, Ember, Meteor, NPM, Node, Grunt, Broccoli, Browserify, Gulp, WebSockets, Progressive Web Apps, Service Workers. The list goes on. I'll demystify modern web tooling, and show you that it's not that complicated if you use the right tools. 3 years experience with React 2 years experience with Ember Design conscious with a strong intuition for UX.

On the path of becoming an agile tester 11 years of experience in Software Testing. This includes 6 Years of experience in automation testing. Experience working in Agile scrum environment CSTE(Certified Software Tester – Expired) and ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) certified. Proficient in designing, developing automation frameworks for web and mobile applications Experience in Web and Mobile applications test automation using Selenium Web Driver, Appium in Python, Java, Ruby and C# Experience with various automation testing frameworks such as Robot Framework, Cucumber, TestNG Experience in API Testing using PostMan, SoapUI and RESTAssured library Implemented automated test execution of smoke and regression test suites on staging, UAT and prod environments using Jenkins Experience of analyzing test cases for test automation feasibility Experience with JIRA as Task and bug tracking system Experience with databases like SQL server for database testing and data validation, exposure to My SQL and MongoDB Involved in Regression Testing, Functionality Testing, Database Testing, Web services testing, and Compatibility Testing Guiding and training Junior team members on testing techniques and tools Participate and attend conferences of Selenium, Appium Contributed in Open source projects Specialties:- Developing Mobile automation test framework using Appium/Python or /SeeTest /TestNG/Java or Cucumber/ Ruby/Appium Developing Web automation test framework using Selenium Web Driver/TestNG/Java or Watin/Nunit/C# or Cucumber/Capybara/Ruby Developing RESTful API automation test framework using SOAPUI or RESTassured/TestNG/Java or Cucumber/Ruby Managing test artifacts using HP ALM, SPIRA, JIRA Mobile App testing, Web application testing, Database testing,Web services testing

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