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An web professional with around 8years' rich experience in the areas of web development using HTML/XHTML, CSS 2, CSS 3, Bootstrap,Foundation Photoshop. Experience in creating rich UI development emphasizing on pixel-perfect implementations with modern programming methodologies and useful interaction design. & I will not charge you if I can't fix your issue :)
Custom Bootstrap design

Custom Bootstrap design

$110 - Delivery in 3 Days

I will create a Bootstrap based site based on your custom PSD/image design and assets. Will do maintenance of your site if required.

Custom Foundation Site

Custom Foundation Site

$110 - Delivery in 3 Days

I will create a Foundation framework based site based on your custom PSD/image design and assets.Will do the maintenance if required.

No icon Html - 8 years experience
I'll be glad to look at any problem that you might be having with your webpage, as until now have faced so many bugs and fixed those quite easily.It's been part of my full-stack experience since the beginning.
No icon CSS3 - 7 years experience
What's to say. i havebeen using CSS since the beginning of my career, I am very much confident in it.Able to Fix any kind of CSS bugs including positioning and so on.
No icon Cross browser - 7 years experience
I like to fix alignment and all sort of cross browser hacks specially issues happens for Internet Explorer..what i meant to say you know :)
No icon Bootstrap - 5 years experience
I'm a huge fan of responsive web design and mobile-first approach. and my first preference is Twitter Bootstrap framework, Also i have build responsive sites using custom media queries from scratch.
No icon Foundation5 - 4 years experience
I have user Foundation framework apart from Bootstrap for some of my Projects, and i am very much confident in it.
No icon Adobe photoshop - 7 years experience
I have arounfd 8 years of Experience in Photoshop including Photoshop cc. Build many website from scratch using PSDs.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 4 years experience
My Javascript knowledge are mostly connected with jQuery. I found jQuery as a great solution for my projects. I am familiar with a lot of jquery plugins.
No icon jQuery UI - 5 years experience
I am to handle bugs related to Jquery UI and can provide custom css Override to the look and feel.
No icon Illustrator - 5 years experience
Expert in creating Brochures and Logos.
No icon Indesign - 5 years experience
I have enough experience in building Catalogues, Brochure, Books using Indesign CC.
No icon Responsive design - 5 years experience
Whether it is Bootstrap or Foundation...or any responsive design..you can rely on me.
No icon Email templates - 6 years experience
Need help in Creating robust email template whether it is simple or responsive...then i am your guy..
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Fantastic work! Satya kept at it until everything tested and approved.
Alan Houser Nov 21, 2016

An amazing mentor. Very patient and helpful. Walked me through and explained clearly the issues I had.
Rin Oct 23, 2016

I'm impressed by his work.It takes patience to find the cause and solve the issue in short time, and he has that one.
pranith Oct 22, 2016

Satya has a very good temper, and knows how to help with your problem.
jonathan Oct 07, 2016

Solved a problem many others couldn't figure out, gave clear and specific instructions on how to fix it. Couldn't be happier! Great stuff.
Jay Jul 28, 2016

Satya has excellent HTML, CSS skills. He solved my issue in no time. I will use him again n again.
Jay Jun 22, 2016

Excellent, quick and accurate! Identified the issue immediately and helped solve it. Highly recommended.
Michael Wasyl Jun 09, 2016

very helpful
don mclamb Jun 09, 2016

Fast turnaround, quality work. Will definitely work with him again.
Nagib Jun 03, 2016

Satya was very helpful with a bootstrap carousel that was not working properly.
John Camacho May 31, 2016

Satya helped me fix some issues with IE7 compatibilities, I would definitely work with him again
Daniele Manca May 28, 2016

Extremely awesome mentor. Even though we had some technical difficulties on my end, Satya was quick with solutions and in helping me solve my problem. Would recommend and use again!
Cameron Miles May 25, 2016

Great help. Presented me with a few options as we moved through the process. Quick turn around. He solved my problem.
Martin Grasser May 08, 2016

super helpful, solution I hadnt thought of
josh lazar May 05, 2016

Good job at coding small bootstrap project.
Kevin V May 02, 2016

Satya's resolution of my issue was near instant. I had spent hours trying to track down the source of this css issue. I will use him for future front end work.
chuka Apr 30, 2016

Was very Professional and got it completed fast.
Mahen Apr 29, 2016

Very efficient and live saving!
Nicolas Nielsen Apr 24, 2016

I'm a graphic designer. I know nothing about html, css, js....none of that. So when I got roped into putting together a custom-website for a third-party, I very quickly got stuck, I was terribly lost on how to proceed. Satya responded very quickly to my request for help, and he came up with a solution to my issue in just a matter of hours. He was very knowledgeable and patient as he helped me work through my problem. Would highly recommend!
Tania Apr 18, 2016

Was willing to Work to make the Item 100% Good Work Ethic .
Mahen Apr 15, 2016

Thank you for your help - it stumped everyone else!
Chiara McPhee Apr 11, 2016

Great work& quick response.
Adrian Tofan Apr 11, 2016

He was very knowledgeable & extremely helpful.
Mark Ambrose Apr 09, 2016

Very fast help! I wasn't able to format my images correctly but Satya was able to find and fix the issue very quickly. If I ever need help with HTML again, I will definitely be asking him.
Henry Wadsworth Apr 06, 2016

Satya has excellent CSS skills. I'd use him again.
Jay Mar 31, 2016