Why Take Generation X More Seriously Than Millennials On Social Media

Published Jul 15, 2017Last updated Jul 17, 2017
Why Take Generation X More Seriously Than Millennials On Social Media

Millennials (America’s youth born between 1982 and 2000), now aging between 35 years and 17 years are the nation’s largest living population (75.4 million), notes Richard Fry, a senior researcher with Pew Internet Research Center. And their penchant for social networking app doesn’t need any arguments. This is the generation that got used to with digital gadgets and social media much earlier than their parents from Generation X. Wondering about the title Why Take Generation X (ages between 35 and 49 years) More Seriously Than Millennials On Social Media. Here is your answer.

Generation X Spends More Time on Social Media

A recent report from Nielsen is likely to take you by surprise. Generation Xers spend 7 hours a week on social media while Millennials 6 hours a week, Mahita Gajanan claimed while unveiling the report with Fortune. The report is based on a survey conducted in the third quarter of 2016 measuring the media activity across 9, 000 smartphone and 1, 300 tablet users as reported in Bloomberg. So whether it’s investing in social networking app development or reaching out to the target audiences over social media, don’t ignore Generation Xers, rather tap the hidden potential.

Generation X Enjoys a Better Financial Status

Baby Boomers (1946-1964), now between 53 years and 71 years, are the most affluent generation in the America. However, since they are little interested in using digital devices, so it would be better to keep them out of the comparison. Next comes, the Generation X. Their financial assets are to reach $22 trillion by 2030 with a compound annual growth rate of 11 percent, whereas Millennials are likely to accumulate financial assets worth $11.3 million with a compound annual growth rate of 15%. However, as of now Millennials are facing a stiff challenge due to debt, especially from education mortgage, and that trend will continue till 2030 as the homeownership will be the next preference. Figuring about their financial challenges, Kathleen Elkins, writes in Business Insider that Millennials are earning lesser than what their parents used to earn when they were young.

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However, Generation Xers will continue to gain more wealth, and that will increase their purchasing power. And, hence, either it’s social networking app development or social media marketing targeted at them, the effort is likely to pay off better.

A Word of Caution

Remember, this is a mature generation so while investing in technology or marketing endeavour, take into account their interests and preferences and honor their concerns. Unlike Millennials, members of Generation X are more concerned about data privacy and security. So you should be very particular while collecting data, particularly, personal information while getting users registered or signed up to your app. Ask as little information as possible to make them use your app.

UX (User Experience) is another key element that must be honored by your mobile app development company. Interestingly, UX is a broad realm; it includes everything from accessibility of the app content to performance of the app, to friendliness or usability of the content served, and security that we discussed above. So delivering UX requires a team effort, where a UX designer has to make sure that the user-journey is smooth and flawless, the mobile app developer has to do justice with the design and concept of the app itself, and the respective app owner has to take charge of the app content.

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