How I Developed a USSD Skeleton App in Laravel

Published Oct 06, 2017
How I Developed a USSD Skeleton App in Laravel

Hello all!

In my programming experience, I was once tasked with a job to develop a USSD application for a client who had a fintech start up and wanted his clients to be able to apply for microloans via feature phones, so he needed a USSD application developed.

He had an open source platform known as Mifos, which would be used for loan management. I was quite interested in getting the job, because it would be my first time developing a USSD application.

I had to learn a lot to deliver the right product for my client.

Luckily for me, we have a third party company that provides an API for USSD development (Africasistalking).

I used their USSD API and decided to develop the product using Laravel and MySQL. This was very successful and the client was quite happy with my work.

I have to admit that the logic on the USSD was quite tough on me, but luckily, I managed to complete it.

Afte this whole struggle, I decided to share an open source project on USSD that could help other developers get started easily developing a USSD application.

I put the whole source code on GitHub. I am always ready to assist in this kind of development. Hope this gets to help more developers.

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