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Samet Gültekin

Samet Gültekin

Independent iOS Developer

Istanbul (+03:00)
Turkish, English
I've been developing native apps on the iOS platform for more than 4 years.
Ios expert help iOS - 4 years experience
I have been developing iOS apps for more than 4 years. - Developed public transport app for Istanbul, Turkey - Developed cyclist poi app for Istanbul - Developed popular TV show app "Cevap Sende" in Turkey. (Real time voting app) - Developed popular music streaming app "Fizy" in Turkey I am experienced with game engines, Cocos2D and SpriteKit. - Created several mobile games.
No icon Parse.com - 2 years experience
Developer several apps using Parse.com services and framework.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 2 years experience
- Simple projects. for fun.
WPAPIClient-iOS 1   0
Wordpress API Wrapper for iOS
C Objective-C
fancybuttons 0   0
An Android library to easily create fancy buttons without the need of drawable files.
JWGCircleCounter 0   0
A handy timer that counts down in a circular view.
C Ruby Shell Objective-C
MPGNotification 0   0
MPGNotifications is an iOS control that allows you to display in-app interactive notifications that are fully customisable to suit your needs.
Ruby Swift Objective-C
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Awesome mentor!
Pretty good
Could've been better
Needs improvement

Was very helpful given the complexity of the issue, some enlightening discoveries were made which will go towards solving the problem, thank you!
Callam Poynter Apr 10, 2016

Great understanding of IOS and techniques (parse) to simplify the development process.
Tylor Eddy Oct 12, 2015

Outstanding as always
Shahaleel Oct 11, 2015

Samet was very helpful and was able to resolve some issue I was having with Parse and collection views. He went over everything at the end and summarized what he did.
Diego Oct 10, 2015

outstanding !! thank you
Shahaleel Oct 10, 2015

No Words!! Very Helpful.
Arun Annamalai Oct 09, 2015

Fast to respond, helpful!
Nick Oct 05, 2015

Samet is one heck of a developer. He has a sharp sense of fishing out errors and resolving it quickly while explaining it clearly. I'm so booking again. Thanks!
Victor Adu Sep 26, 2015

Exceptional Talent!!
Victor Adu Sep 25, 2015

Samet is patient and very knowledgeable. I like his calmness to listen to your problems and help out quickly.
Victor Adu Sep 13, 2015

samet was fantastic. i was amazed at how quick he was able to jump in and look through the project and find the issue.
Andrew Sep 11, 2015

Woohoo!! Fixed and I understand why!!
Sam Gabbay Sep 02, 2015

I can't believe how quickly my issue was resolved. It was an AutoLayout issue and my app now looks 100% better. So relieved.
Sam Gabbay Aug 28, 2015

Great dude. Fixed ALL my problems!
James Wilson Aug 28, 2015