How and why I built

Published Aug 31, 2017
How and why I built

About me

I'm a web developer, who loves to help out startups find stability. I really enjoy new challenges and am eager to jump on any problem that needs solving.

The problem I wanted to solve

I wanted to be able to build feature-full projects in minutes rather than days, and luvpay helped me realize the many problems with bootstrapping and encounter different problems that I would not normally face in a side project.

What is

Luvpay is a way to collect money fast & easy. With a focus on custom forms, luvpay was a great practice for my skills.

Tech stack

Nodejs, React & Redux, webpack, sass

The process of building

I started by wanting to build a feature-full project by myself, with importance on speed.

Challenges I faced

I found many problems with the architecture, since I wanted to build a maintainable codebase in a very short time. To solve this, I used both domain driven and concept driven to decide on the right architecture design.

Additionally, I was able to solve most of the sync-asynchronous issues I faced by using observables.

Key learnings

Simplicity is key, always pick the right tool for the job, and side-projects should never need to take months or years to finish. Investing too much time in a project can lead to short-sightedness among other issues.

Tips and advice

Try to focus on the simplicity of your project when designing your architecture, and always be wary of future developers and/or designers that you may add to your team.

Final thoughts and next steps

I built this project in a week, and do not want to touch it for the sake of novelty. It was a great project, and I was able to learn a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, and I am glad to have finished the project in the small timespan I started with.

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