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Ryan D Stegmann

Ryan D Stegmann

15 years experience with JavaScript, I have tons of fun helping others

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-07:00 DST)
My name is Ryan, I have been in the JavaScript world for a little over 15 years, and I absolutely love the direction it's taking recently, especially since Node.JS debuted. I love helping people find their passion, and in general helping in any way I can. I started using Ruby but quickly grasped Node once 0.4 was released and never looked back. I have spent many years with Android Java since the release of it's development tools and soon after Swift where I found beauty in Pod. I think these languages are great places to start off for developers facing a hard time finding their passion. If those don't interest you, take a shot at C# and you'll find development so fun with one of the best OOP languages out there. I am in love with JavaScript because of the imperative libraries with declarative options. The functional programming side of JavaScript has been untouched until recently, and it's great that people are finding many more uses for the language.

I will explain Haskell, start to finish (or no start and no finish), giving you a half-baked idea of what functional programming is and why it's better than every other programming paradigm.

11 JavaScript
9 React
4 AngularJS
3 Node.js
3 iOS
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 15 years experience
I can help you with any of your problems facing JavaScript. While the language has its faults, the V8 engine and more recent Virtual DOM are shining new wisdom into the community! JavaScript is a functional language and developers should start prioritizing it's functional side over it's imperative side. I am very happy to see the turn of events that facebook is bringing to the table by introducing new libraries that win the community over. I am also incredibly excited about reactive programming! I have recently been indulging in React, Webpack, RxJS, Redux, Mithril, Vue, you name it. I love flux architecture and reactive design. JavaScript is just so dang awesome, everyone needs to learn it.
Ios expert help iOS - 5 years experience
iOS has changed so much since I used it, mostly for the better. It is now easier to understand and use, and deployment of apps is so much faster and UX-based. I have written apps on my own and contributed to many pod, the particular one of interest being AlamoFire. I did not stick around because I felt reactive is to replace regular HTTP requests in the near future. It is still a fantastic library to check out. I've started iOS with Objective-C and was happy with the direction it was making, but the swift language was such an upgrade to it that it was impossible to pass up learning. I still like Obj-C but Swift proved the faults with the language. I love the language it uses, swift, and am happy to help with anyone who has trouble understanding the language.
Android expert help Android - 7 years experience
My relationship with android began rather early, and I still love the language. I am definitely a strange guru in this category. I indulged in the language, many nights without sleep, for a full two years. I don't know if it was healthy, and not sure if I would recommend it, but the amount of understanding gained through this binge is immeasurable. I really do love this language to the max, right up there with JavaScript. I continue to love the language and feel it is the best place to start for new developers.
Java expert help Java - 8 years experience
I started Java roughly before I started android. I did not find a lot of fascination out of it, and without android I feel like the language would be long gone. That said, I still like the language, it just doesn't compete with C# and in my opinion the language has probably halted a lot of leeway towards more innovative technologies rather than swarms trying to fix it's caveats.
Csharp expert help C# - 6 years experience
I started C# with .net, and later with unity. I don't think the language has matured enough community-wise, nor do I think the language can compete with JavaScript, but I think it's the best typed, imperative language. I really like Xamarin and it's take on a single codebase for mobile development, but it's hard to argue to use Xamarin over the native languages for Android and iOS simply due to the speed of which it takes Xamarin to release new implementations. I recommend C# to those who want to write mobile applications with a single code-base or want to use Unity to create games, but I feel that C# has more to offer than meets the eye. I have used C# for many years before Java, and felt like .NET was going to be the answer to everyone's problems. Sadly, Microsoft did not deliver but it is still growing due to Unity and Xamarin, which I find are awesome!
Node js expert help Node.js - 6 years experience
I started practice with node.js the second the compiler gained traction. I fell in love with Common.js and I am so happy that UMD is taking a foot to solve the problem between AMD and CommonJS. I have used node to solve quite a few business solutions involving horizontal scaling at articulate, and I found it to be an overall fantastic tool for development. With npm becoming the norm, there is no reason to start learning NodeJS. I would argue that node is one of those things that everyone simply must be required to call oneself a web developer. It has almost entirely replaced Ruby and is on the brink of becoming standard. I have not really tried Django but I haven't heard any arguments to use it over node.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 4 years experience
I started using this tool believing it was the most innovative approach to the HTML5 paradigm. Soon after learning the language from factories to services to providers, I started to realize the language is very domain-specific and becoming a professional Angular does not mean a professional JavaScript programmer. While I am still attentive to angular2's future, I do not see any future in the 'JavaScript inside your HTML' approach. I cannot reccomend this language due to it's Domain-specific language regardless of how interesting it may be. JavaScript does not need a TypeScript and it is very strong on it's own. I feel that the Angular wrapper is just boilerplate compared to react and virtual-dom.
Reactjs expert help React - 3 years experience
I jumped on this baby right when I heard about it. While I was still using angular for business projects, I was learning this bad boy right from the start. I love react's approach to virtual dom and am so grateful facebook has pushed JSX as the norm. I hope we see more innovative technologies than react in the near future, but for now react is definitely something to learn as we progress through JavaScript's story.
No icon Rxjs - 1 year experience
Started to use RxJS more recently, and I love it. I love everything about reactive programming and I love the fact that people are pushing event-driven programming. I can't say RxJS is going to be the ultimatum, as we can see from angular that there will always be a better solution, but RxJS just does what it needs to do. I believe thinking in terms of streams is the approach everyone needs to take in order to innovate their technologies. My experience with this library is still growing as reactive is rather new. I am developing different platforms at the moment to practice with event-driven, but have found the concept to be very easy to understand and more practical than data-driven designs.
No icon Redux - 1 year experience
After hearing about flux, I approached my (at the time) employer about it, and they were intrigued. I started hacking away with many rewrites, but the company was not interested in rewrites at the time so I decided to quit, feeling their approach to 'cutting edge' was not exactly logical. Regardless, I love flux. I think the approach of dispatching actions rather than calling directly makes unit testing your JavaScript much easier and modulating your code becomes second nature. Learning redux is essentially the first step into understanding JavaScript's future.
No icon Mithriljs - 3 years experience
Love this small 'framework', (it's a library), but it just doesn't have the backing which react does. Check this out if you have free time!
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James Shul Aug 29, 2016

Ryan knows his stuff, wasn't very familiar with my project but understood fundamentals and could still help me greatly. Thanks Ryan.
BachOfCadence Aug 28, 2016

Ryan was AWESOME. Helped me very late at night and did so much for my codebase! He also explained things very well. Definitely best mentor I've had so far on this site. If you need JS, React or Redux help, go to Ryan!
Laurie Malau Aug 25, 2016

Ryan was patient and able to dive straight into the root of the problem.
Jake Tunney Aug 09, 2016

very very helpful !
Paulo Jul 28, 2016

Very Communicative. Understood my needs. Very happy with the work. Thanks Ryan!!!
Daniel Rodas Jul 28, 2016

Very helpful.
Humayun Shabbir Jul 28, 2016

A deep understanding of react, was very helpful.
Justin Handley Jul 27, 2016

Ryan was informative and helpful. Thanks for the assistance.
Rob Toyias Jul 26, 2016

Very helpful. Took his time to properly answer all my questions. Provide feedback which I valued very much. Hiring him for a gig because of how great the session went.
Daniel Rodas Jul 21, 2016

Ryan goes above and beyond to make sure you get your solution. Highly recommend.
Ow Jun 16, 2016

Ryan was very quick in helping asses my problem and open with some great guidance for my project overall. Thanks!
drew gillliam Jun 13, 2016

Ryan was extremely helpful in this session. He even gave some extra time to ensure that I understood everything well. He also gave me tips to understand problems from different perspectives and languages like C#, JavaScript, Python, and Java.
Humayun Shabbir Jun 11, 2016

Ryan is an astute observer and a dedicated problem solver. Very much recommended!!!
Ajar Jun 11, 2016

Ryan was great to communicate with and brainstorm different possible solutions for my problem.
Ajar Jun 09, 2016

Productive session. Thanks!
richard b. Jun 07, 2016

Ryan was helpful in solving my problem. Will use him again...
John F. Jun 07, 2016

Helped me debug my Postgres / Node / Express error quicky. Gave me useful pointers for JS programming.
Max Pleaner Jun 07, 2016

Great experience! Ryan solved my issue and I will definitely use his expertise again. Highly recommended.
Josh Stilwell Jun 05, 2016

Another great session. He really went above and beyond with all the preparations he made on his own time. I would highly recommend him.
richard b. Jun 05, 2016

great session, looking forward to the next one!
richard b. Jun 02, 2016

knowledgeable and very generous with his time
richard b. Jun 02, 2016

I am a super newbie programmer and did a crap job of explaining my problem to Ryan, but he still helped me figure it out! I spent 2 full days on this problem and he fixed it in a couple minutes.
Katie Snediker Jun 01, 2016

Got everything working together in my project without adding any extra complications!
Mary Camacho May 30, 2016

Ryan was very good at problem solving, and did a great job helping me get my project up and running.
Andrew Kierum May 30, 2016

I made a dumb mistake and he fixed it quickly. I am happy! :)
Thomas Le May 30, 2016

Very knowledgeable and friendly. Fixed my problem quickly and I am very happy! :)
Thomas Le May 29, 2016

Ryan answered my questions in a very professional and clear manner. He helped me get over a hump in the layout of my programs. Good job!
Eddie May 28, 2016