Git Alias: Merge Conflicts

Published Nov 07, 2017

Like many engineers, I spend a lot of time working with git. It's an incredibly powerful tool with more options than most people ever need. If you work in the CLI like I do, you've probably added a few aliases to help make you more productive. Today, I added a new one to list merge conflicts.

    conflicts = "!f() { git status -s | grep ^UU | cut -d ' ' -f 2; }; f"

This will give you something like:

❯ git conflicts

The value for me is piping it into git diff to show only the merge conflicts:

git conflicts | git diff --

Or opening all the conflicting files in Sublime to reconcile the changes.

sublime $(git conflicts)

If you don't have a link set up for Sublime, check out Ashley Nolan's post on setting it up.

That's it! Do you know a better way to solve this problem? What other git aliases do you use?

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