Getting Started on Codementor

Published Jun 26, 2017Last updated Jun 27, 2017
Getting Started on Codementor

Credit: Bernard Spragg

I enjoy helping others explore and understand software. There's something magical about writing some text that controls incredibly powerful machines to solve difficult problems ... or display GIFs ... maybe both if there's time.

When I started in the web in 1995, I learned everything I could from other people's code. "View Source" pulled back the curtain of the web and made it possible to disect and experiment with software. While the environment has become more complex, the way in which many people learn about the web is the same -- through the experience of others.

I hope to use this space to explore all things web and share my experience to help others understand, appreciate, and use software to discover new and wonderful ways to share GIFs solve the next difficult problem.

~ Ryan

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