Andrei Verdes, top Rxjava developerHire Now
Andrei Verdes
Freelance Rxjava developer in Bucharest, Romania

Android Developer

Reactive programming was really difficult at start. It changes everything about you knew and forces you to think in streams. At a certain point something just clicked and I can't imagine an Android project without Rx.
Nikita Kraev, Rxjava freelance coderHire Now
Nikita Kraev
Freelance Rxjava developer in Vitebsk, Belarus

Experienced Android developer

Helps a lot in Android development, too.
artur grzesiak, senior Rxjava developerHire Now
artur grzesiak
Freelance Rxjava developer in Warsaw, Poland

RxJS expert

Deeply in love with Rx(JS). Wants to spread knowledge about this wonderful technology.
Krzysztof Zienkiewicz, Rxjava coder and developerHire Now
Krzysztof Zienkiewicz5.0
Freelance Rxjava developer in Franklin, United States

Developer with a passion for testable, performant, and clean code

First of all, I go by KZ so you don't have to hurt your tongue trying to pronounce my name :) I mostly work on the JVM in Java and Android (and recently Kotlin which is by far my favorite!!!) I have a strong theoretical background as well as almost a decade of practical experience. I love learning as much about a topic as I can so I consider myself an expert in the areas I invest my time into (JVM memory model, concurrency, object layouts, etc.). I practice Test Driven Development wherever practical and am a disciplined debugger (I once spent a better part of the day tracking down what turned out to be an equals/hashCode mismatch in legacy code). I'm also extremely passionate about language design and attempt to evangelize new constructs to whomever will listen :) I look forward to workin...
Eliran Goshen, top Rxjava developerHire Now
Eliran Goshen5.0
Freelance Rxjava developer in Wrocław, Poland

UX focused Android applications developer

Starting as a hobby, I developed Android applications for the last few years. I worked on various types of projects, some starting from scratch or coming at later stages, some alone and others as part of a team. I'm friendly, communicates well, and is highly motivated.
Akito Nozaki, Rxjava freelance coderHire Now
Akito Nozaki5.0
Freelance Rxjava developer in Yucaipa, United States

Full Stack Developer/Architect

Java backend with JavaScript/HTML/CSS front end. Also work on iOS application talking to these backend. Latest project involved working with AWS lambda + API backed by JavaScript and DynamoDB.
Jordan Réjaud, top Rxjava developerHire Now
Jordan Réjaud5.0
Freelance Rxjava developer in San Francisco, United States

Software Engineer; Mobile and Backend

Hi, I'm Jordan; Freelance Software Engineer based in San Francisco, California. I've architected and developed mobile apps and backends for startups including those in the self-driving car, drone, on-demand, and athletic performance industries. If you have a project you're working on that you'd like to speak about, feel free to reach out.
Sebastian Chlan, Rxjava software engineerHire Now
Sebastian Chlan
Freelance Rxjava developer in Dublin, Ireland

Android developer

Started learning to program with 14, never stopped since. Building Android SDKs during the day, exploring Elixir, Scala and React at night.
Rafał Niski, Rxjava freelance programmerHire Now
Rafał Niski
Freelance Rxjava developer in Gdańsk, Poland

Senior Android Developer

Rafal is a talented Android developer with five years of professional experience, including custom apps created for companies such as Jagermeister and McDonald's. Among other things, he's an expert in networking, beacons, and location services.
Blaž Šolar, Rxjava freelance developerHire Now
Blaž Šolar
Freelance Rxjava developer in Ljubljana, Slovenia

head of Android development at Kamino d.o.o., public speaker, open source contributor

I'm head of Android development for Kamino d.o.o., a mobile development agency focused on producing high quality mobile apps. In this role I lead team of developers working on variety of Android project. My job, beside usual Android development is to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to producing high quality mobile apps. I try to scope out new technologies, come up with new ideas how to optimize development process and share that knowledge with coworkers. Beside sharing my knowledge internally I also like to create and contribute to open source project. One of the biggest is ButterProject/PopcornTime that allows user to stream video content to their preferred device. Other projects are anything from custom UI components for Android application to tools/plugins that make life for deve...
Adetuyi Tolu Emmanuel, Rxjava coder and developerHire Now
Adetuyi Tolu Emmanuel5.0
Freelance Rxjava developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Passionate solution driven software developer and Google Certified Associate Android Developer {Teacher, Mentor, Trainer}

Young passionate software developer, techy, solution driven enterpreneur.
Tudor Gergely, top Rxjava developerHire Now
Tudor Gergely
Freelance Rxjava developer in Bucharest, Romania

Young, curious fullstack developer with a focus on Javascript. Promoter of opensource, I help others whenever I can.

As a programmer I also like to stay up to date with everything. Doing this is no easy task in the frontend world. I co-organize Cluj Javascripters, a great meetup group (~1000 members), where friends and I have held around 50 workshops and presentations in the past 1.5 years: I always liked to share my knowledge and help others. The biggest benefit is seeing the moment people finally truly understand!
Milos Pesic, Rxjava freelance programmerHire Now
Milos Pesic
Freelance Rxjava developer in Belgrade, Serbia

Android Developer and UX fanatic

Entrepreneur | Android Developer | Android UX fanatic | Java Instructor I've been and Android developer for 6+ years, and I'm currently working full time as a Lead Android Engineer in two startups. Besides Android development I am also doing Java backend development, especially creating REST API's that are going to be used by front-end apps.
Dmitriy Ryazantsev, Rxjava software engineer and devHire Now
Dmitriy Ryazantsev
Freelance Rxjava developer in Moscow, Russia

Passionate android developer

I know how to combine best practices of design, architecture and well structured code inside an android application and then how to measure it's efficiency. I've created my own apps from idea to market ready (one of the app has 250k+ installs). I've took a part in Yandex Browser development that now has 10 millions+ installs. I'm keeping track of latest news, released and best practices in android development and use them to create top quality applications.
Tamás MAKRANCZI, Rxjava software engineerHire Now
Freelance Rxjava developer in Darmstadt, Germany

Android developer with an addiction to penetration testing

I have a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering from Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania. I am a native mobile app developer with 6+ years of experience in Android development, 1 year of experience in iOS development. Besides Android development I'm focused on penetration testing/ethical hacking and data science. These are the domains I'm interested in: - native mobile development - pen testing/ethical hacking - data science - machine learning Also, I'm a big Linux fan.

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