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Krzysztof Zienkiewicz, Rxandroid coder and developerHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Franklin, United States

Developer with a passion for testable, performant, and clean code

First of all, I go by KZ so you don't have to hurt your tongue trying to pronounce my name :) I mostly work on the JVM in Java and Android (and recently Kotlin which is by far my favorite!!!) I have a strong theoretical background as well as almost a decade of practical experience. I love learning as much about a topic as I can so I consider myself an expert in the areas I invest my time into (JVM memory model, concurrency, object layouts, etc.). I practice Test Driven Development wherever practical and am a disciplined debugger (I once spent a better part of the day tracking down what turned out to be an equals/hashCode mismatch in legacy code). I'm also extremely passionate about language design and attempt to evangelize new constructs to whomever will listen :) I look forward to workin...
Eliran Goshen, top Rxandroid developerHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Wrocław, Poland

UX focused Android applications developer

Starting as a hobby, I developed Android applications for the last few years. I worked on various types of projects, some starting from scratch or coming at later stages, some alone and others as part of a team. I'm friendly, communicates well, and is highly motivated.
Sagar ., Rxandroid developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Bengaluru, India

Apache Taverna Committer at The Apache Software Foundation

I am an open source evangelist and a passionate product enthusiast and believe in writing generic code, It's fun writing generic code once and then using functionality without doing anything. I have good experience in writing an android application in MVP architecture and believe in writing clean code. I Interned in Summer, 2016 under Apache Taverna (incubating) and open source contributor at Mifos Initiative. Now, I am committer in Apache Taverna (incubating).
Kehinde Ogunde, senior Rxandroid developerHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Software Engineer and Creative Thinker

Hi, I'm a software engineer with experience in creating Android and Web apps using Java/Kotlin and JavaScript respectively, I'm a fanatic of 2D animation creation and mobile/web UI designs. I also have experience working with Relational and Non-Relational databases using MsSQL/MySQL/SQLite and Firebase/MongoDB respectively. Checkout what Beehive Startup (a US based company) says about me.
Adetuyi Tolu Emmanuel, Rxandroid coder and developerHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Passionate solution driven software developer and Google Certified Associate Android Developer {Teacher, Mentor, Trainer}

Young passionate software developer, techy, solution driven enterpreneur.
Ted Cohn, freelance Rxandroid developerHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico

Entrepreneur, CTO, Software Developer, Architect and Patent Holder

Silicon Valley veteran technologist, architect, software developer and entrepreneur with focus on consumer, mobile and AI chatbots. Lead developer at B&N Nook team in Palo Alto. Cofounder of six start-ups, author of 10 patents and numerous trademarks. Experienced product design, systems architecture, bots, Android, iOS, 3D/Unity/Games and user interface design. CV at
Bruno Nascimento Santos, Rxandroid engineer and consultantHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Android developer with experience in back end and also QA

I'm a Sofware Engineer who had different hats during my working life, from backend to QA and mobile developer. I like solving complex problems, design new architectures, discuss what algorithm is more suitable for each situation, help others and always learn!
Terril Thomas, top Rxandroid developerHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Central District, Hong Kong

Mobile Engineer (Independent Consultant)

• 5+ years of experience in Android & IOS Application Development. • Worked on around 40+ Native Android Applications. • Design Application Architecture and Flow. • Time estimation • Debugging and Bug fixing. • Coordination with QA team. • Application Deployment. • Code Review. • Code Clean-up. • Good communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills • Solid background in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. • Good command over Core JAVA. • Design patterns and other custom frameworks. • Worked on Git, Mercurial, SVN using the command prompt. • Hands on Knowledge in IOS using swift (Have developed 6 applications on IOS) • Training juniors. Android Skills: Activity. Service. (Service, Intent Service, IPC -AIDL) Broadcast Receiver. Fragments, View Pager , Navigation ...
Angel Kjoseski, senior Rxandroid developerHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Skopje, Macedonia

Android/Java Engineer

Persistent and disciplined software engineer who is committed to constantly providing quality solutions. Team player, but also eager to complete complex individual tasks. Willing to help, listen and learn.
Jan Shair, freelance Rxandroid programmerHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Newbury, United Kingdom

Entrepreneur,IT Consultant

Its Janshair Khan! Software Engineer turned Entrepreneur and Founder of Tapdevs. My core expertise are using internet in right manner, Leading Projects related to software development that includes Mobile apps development, Website Development and anything that lies in category of Internet & Technology. My Areas of interests are Software Services: As an IT Consultant of Tapdevs, I am offering my services to manage projects in field of mobile applications engineering , Web Engineering, embedded systems and all new trends/gadgets entering in market that requires software engineering. Consulting: Taking up consulting assignments to help global enterprises set up and execute strategies for entering the Pakistani market and hiring the right people. Volunteering: Working closely with...
Nick Qi, Rxandroid developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Rxandroid developer in Tokyo, Japan

Freelance Developer

Thank you for visiting my profile, I am Nick Qi, a freelance developer focusing on Android framework and application development. I've been working for clients from various countries in different projects. And in recent years I've added Rails and Javascript into my skill portfolio. Now I am trying to make new friends from the world by offering my proficiency, please reach me if you need help in Android, javascript or Rails development.

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