Top Senior Rwd Developers - Dec 2017

Web Designer willing to go the extra mile

Navigating Web Design and HTML + CSS comes naturally to me. I understand the relevance of future technological direction and its impact on the design formats we use today. Just as I love Web Design, HTML and CSS, one of my passion is to share my experience and knowledge through collaboration where all participants benefit. I make sure every person I mentor takes away new, solid knowledge condusive to their fields. I mentor with simple to understand language and terminology, clear examples and honest patience. Every time you have a lesson with me, I guarantee you will level up. 🎓 My knowledge in Web Design can be found in further detail in Smashing Magazine: If you are more interested what I have to say about this realm, below are two books I have authored followed by a list of my work: "Mastering Responsive Web Design": "Web Developers Reference Guide": View my work: • Portfolio: • Dribbble: • CodePen: • Medium: "There are no dumb questions, it's just dumb not to ask." — Yours truly 👍

Man of many interests. Designer, product marketer, and full-stack developer with the chops to go deep. Client service is in my blood. I want to make everything better.

Hi, I’m Corey Ward — a multi-disciplinary, designer, product marketer, and full-stack developer with the chops to go deep. Client service is in my blood. I help my clients do things like: avoid unnecessary work in an MVP, create conversion funnels that don't leak, implement sophisticated marketing campaigns, and learn from and iterate on user-reactions. My skills and experience include UI and UX design, highly performant front-end development, best-practices back-end development, and involvement in over 50 company launches. My forte is taking a loose list of requirements and some direction and turning them into fully functioning, well-considered services and applications. I meet deadlines, manage my own time, and can be as involved in decision making as you desire. I pick up new verticals and industries with relative ease, and I've got an extensive background working alongside and supporting the efforts of marketers. Recent projects include an ecommerce project for an established startup in the mobile payments space, a fast and futuristic marketing website for an AI-focused venture studio, an unusually sophisticated career recommendation app for an offshoot of the Kolbe Corp, and a responsive web-app for a marketing-tech startup in SF that acts as the glue for reporting on cross-channel marketing efforts. There are more, of course, with clients ranging from small and non-technical, like ACL TV and Picacho Coffee Roasters to large technical players like OpenStack and Viv.

UI/UX Designer

I’m a designer & developer exploring new technologies and design concepts. Most of my work engagements are focused on improving responsive layout for businesses. Because of this, I’m always researching new responsive layout techniques, pushing the boundaries of web technologies, and creating the tools required to use the techniques I discover. I also build code demos, write articles, record videos, and invest time in helping people learn HTML & CSS.

Leader, Software Architect, UX/UI Architect, CEO, CTO

Leader, Entrepreneur, CTO, CEO, Web software architect, UI/UX Architect; Business architect, analyst; Trainer, lecturer, mentor; Expert in PHP, JavaScript, ES6; Author of next-generation jQuery - BunnyJS and assets-builder. Chen style Tajiquan disciple.

Full stack web developer with extended knowledge in MongoDB

Before you ask: no, I do not do homework/coursework and nor will I help you cheat in your classes. I am a full stack developer with extensive knowledge of using MongoDB. Both in my personal projects and at work I can perform duties from any of these groups: - Server Admin - DevOps - SEO - DBA - PHP programming - jQuery - HTML/CSS and more... I even have some, but not expert, dabbling in node.js and many other techs.

Hello, my name is Adam. I am a developer that is passionate about front-end technologies both for the web and mobile. I also do a far bit of web design using Photoshop, Balsamiq, Illustrator, DevTools. In my free time I enjoy cycling, running, photography, wake boarding, and spending time with my family.

I am an Adobe Certified Trainer, Speaker & Contract Developer; an Adjunct Professor with California State University Dominguez Hills; and the Co-Manager of Los Angeles Web Professionals Group (LAWPG), an official Adobe User Group.

Kai Gittens works at Revlon Cosmetics as a web designer and web developer. He also trains Revlon employees how to use the company's internal content management system and blogs about web design and development at He has produced screencasts that focus on teaching JavaScript to beginners and has written freelance articles for publications such as Inspired Magazine. He has produced websites for a wide array of companies such as Trump Magazine and the United Nations. He has also published courses as an instructor at

Front-end Developer, Web Designer, Mobile Developer

I aim to create beautiful, user-friendly, scalable websites and applications. I design and develop custom solutions that are easy for clients to maintain themselves using open-source Content Management Systems and frameworks. Some of my past clients include small businesses, large businesses, not-for-profits, consulting companies, higher education, financial sector, and individuals locally in Toronto as well as internationally. My focus is on front-end development, AngularJS development, Responsive Web Design, mobile website design and development, Content Management (Drupal, WordPress, ProcessWire) and Accessibility. I have contributed some AngularJS directives and jQuery plugins to the open-source community on Github for productivity, Responsive Web Design, Accessibility, as well as just for fun. I also spend some of my time going to meetups, learning new tech, and volunteering with the local web development communities including Ladies Learning Code and the Drupal User Group of Toronto (DugTO). Some of my skills include: • Responsive Web Design • Front-end Development – Semantic, SASS- and LESS-based • JavaScript development including the AngularJS MVC framework, and libraries including jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, Foundation, Modernizr, Handlebars, Underscore • Content Management System development using open-source PHP/MySQL technologies including Drupal, ProcessWire and WordPress • jQuery and WordPress plugin development • Mac and Linux command line for productivity: Drupal development using Drush, version control with Git, and MySQL • Wiki setup, configuration and documentation authoring • Information Architecture and User Interface Design using Illustrator, Photoshop, as well as designing in the browser • User-centred design including research, surveys, personas/profiles, interviews, user testing • Working in Agile environments

Design Director

Hi, I am a Designer and Front-End engineer, Im good at html structure and Sass/Scss.

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