Flavius Aspra, top Rust developerHire Now
Flavius Aspra5.0
Freelance Rust developer in Graz, Austria

I write, nurture and love clean, testable architectures. Language doesn't matter. I eat two technology stacks and a Linux meal a day.

I've just started learning this. It's the nicest and still approachable language there is.
Shing Lyu, freelance Rust programmerHire Now
Shing Lyu5.0
Freelance Rust developer in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Web browser developer, specialized in web frontend, machine learning and test automation

I am a core team member of the Servo browser engine project, which is one of the biggest project written in Rust.
Robert Lord, Rust freelance programmerHire Now
Robert Lord5.0
Freelance Rust developer in Northfield, United States

frontend developer + designer

Almost all my side projects over the last year and half have been written in Rust.
Mouna Cheikhna, senior Rust developerHire Now
Mouna Cheikhna4.9
Freelance Rust developer in Dublin, Ireland

Software Engineer at Microsoft (Android, Java, Clojure and Haskell developer) - My Work on Github : https://github.com/chemouna

I worked with rust a lot on personal projects.
Yurii Rashkovskii, Rust freelancer and developerHire Now
Yurii Rashkovskii5.0
Freelance Rust developer in Bangkok, Thailand

I can help with Java, JavaScript, pragmatic backend architectures, as well as Rust, Erlang/Elixir, Go, Docker and many other things.

I'm a principal developer at https://github.com/PumpkinDB/PumpkinDB and few small crates (nom_config, futures_shim). I'm very excited about this language. It's a high level language with low-level control of memory layouts and performance.
Chris Morgan, Rust freelance coderHire Now
Chris Morgan5.0
Freelance Rust developer in Hyderabad, India

Software developer specialising in Rust

An early mover in the web space for Rust, I’ve pioneered a number of novel approaches to handling the web, and have been at the forefront of research in the space. I’ve also taught Rust to people continually.
Eduard Bopp, Rust freelance programmerHire Now
Eduard Bopp4.5
Freelance Rust developer in Heidelberg, Germany

Indie game developer. Physicist by education.

I learned about Rust during its development, while hacking on some C code for my Master's thesis. It appealed to me as a systems programming language with high-level abstractions, so I started experimenting with it. As the language is now becoming more stable I have adopted it for my game development project. I am an active contributor to its library infrastructure especially regarding math, physics and 2D/3D graphics. I've also developed a library for functional reactive programming called Carboxyl.
Sebastian Schulze, Rust freelancer and developerHire Now
Sebastian Schulze5.0
Freelance Rust developer in Berlin, Germany

Senior Consutant, Developer

I am an early adopter of the Rust programming language and wrote a few small tools with it already. Since it's very new, i'd love to do more with Rust but am missing the projects for it.
Joseph Callaars, Rust software engineerHire Now
Joseph Callaars5.0
Freelance Rust developer in Manchester, United Kingdom

Holistic software architect.

Only started with this recently, but I'm getting up to speed with it.
Chris Cates, Rust freelance programmerHire Now
Chris Cates
Freelance Rust developer in Hamilton, Canada

Rust, C++, Node.js Guru.

My favourite language used to be Kotlin. But now it's Rust by a long shot. Rust lends itself to a functional paradigm while also being a systems programming language. It's extremely expressive and I feel complete fidelity and control over the flow and results the language provides. It's like C++ but way better and more fun to code in.
Jérémy Letang, top Rust developerHire Now
Jérémy Letang
Freelance Rust developer in London, United Kingdom

Software engineer / technology enthusiaste

I've been working with Rust for personnal project, contributed to open source projects for multiple years (beta time)
xianhua zhou, Rust freelance coderHire Now
xianhua zhou
Freelance Rust developer in Beijing, China

Full stack DevOps

I finished 1 server side project, internally, with http://nickel.rs/, which is very fast. Planning to do a start a project to deal web server logs with Rust.
Michael Gattozzi, Rust dev and freelancerHire Now
Michael Gattozzi
Freelance Rust developer in Cambridge, United States

Backend Developer, Systems Programmer, and Linux Enthusiast

I've been using Rust since it's 1.0 release and have actively been programming a shell written in the language. I've immersed myself in the wonderful community and documentation, striving to improve my mastery of the language daily.
Norman Köhring, senior Rust developerHire Now
Norman Köhring
Freelance Rust developer in Leipzig, Germany

Freelancing programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and hacker based in Berlin, Germany.

Working on some smaller tools and one slightly bigger private project in Rust. I'm relatively new to the language but excited to work with and would like to do more with it.
João Ferreira, top Rust developerHire Now
João Ferreira
Freelance Rust developer in Charneca, Portugal

Expert in Python and data manipulation

My experience has only been form the point of view of a hobbysit, but I have successfully created some working programs with rust, mainly command-line stuff with mathematical significance (think 3D geometries, for example). I created performant data structures (such as graphs).

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