Chris Selmer, Ruby on rails3 freelance coderView Profile
Chris Selmer5.0
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Denpasar, Indonesia

Founder of a Ruby on Rails consultancy, 18 years of full-stack development in multiple languages

I'm on a 6-month backpacking trip in New Zealand, so I'm not available to take on new mentees / projects until May 1st, 2018. Thanks for stopping by! Howdy! If you work with me, you'll find that I'm patient, a good listener, and am great at tracking down annoying bugs. I used to ran one of the largest Ruby on Rails shops in the world. I started as a Rails Engineer, shot up the ranks, and eventually ran the company as Partner and de-facto CEO. Before and after, I've worked as a freelance full-stack developer in a wide variety of languages. I started programming in 1997 and have been loving it ever since.
Mehmet Beydogan, Ruby on rails3 software engineerView Profile
Mehmet Beydogan5.0
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Antalya, Turkey

Experienced Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer - 10 years of programming experience

I am a full-stack software developer specialized in web applications using Ruby on Rails. I have BS degree in Computer Engineering, started programming when I was 15. Software is a passion for me. I have Ruby on Rails mentoring and instructing experience such as; - I was volunteer instructor of Ruby on Rails class at Linux Summer Camp 2015&2016, total of more than 200 hours.(yes 200 hours, yes volunteered, yes it means I'm not getting paid) - I was volunteer instructor of Ruby on Rails Workshop class atAkademik Bilisim 2016&2017, total of more than 40 hours. - I've created free online Ruby on Rails class with 25 participants, total of 15 hours. - 200+ hours online mentoring including Codementor and long-term clients, lots of happy mentees. Currently, I'm available for; - Part-time ...
Kevin Poorman, top Ruby on rails3 developerView Profile
Kevin Poorman4.9
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Brownsburg, United States
I'm a full time developer working on Apex (Salesforce), iOS, Android, Visualforce (Salesforce html/css) as well as Ruby, Rubymotion, Rails, Angular.js and the rare php project.
Aaron Reisman, top Ruby on rails3 developerView Profile
Aaron Reisman5.0
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

If we can think of it, we can build it

I'm a web developer focused on the front of the stack. Specializing in design and the front-end of large mobile and web applications, I am known to be cross-functional by nature. I am a lover of startups and dabbler in backend technologies. My career is built on experiences at Eveo, Apartmentlist, and Hired as well as collaborations with Nike, Microsoft, McCormick and Verizon.
Maxim Gladkov, top Ruby on rails3 developerView Profile
Maxim Gladkov5.0
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Chester, United States

Synergy of Software Development and Business

I'm a Senior Software developer with more than 15 years of experience doing business as a hobby.
Eric Himmelreich, Ruby on rails3 dev and freelancerView Profile
Eric Himmelreich5.0
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Nashville, United States

Full Stack Rails and JavaScript developer

I've been working as a full stack software engineer for over a decade now. In addition I have extensive experience doing 1 on 1 tutoring so you'll find that I'm patient, a good listener, and an encouraging teacher.
Dan Pratt, freelance Ruby on rails3 programmerView Profile
Dan Pratt
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Dover, United States

Full-stack Developer and DevOp

My name is Dan Pratt ( I consider myself a Full-stack Developer and DevOp. I know those are pretty heady buzzwords to hit you with right out of the gate, but I’m being genuine. 
I am truly Full-stack. I have routinely worked front-to-back (HTML/CSS to JS to Backend to DB) on projects, and at points of my career have worked full projects solo because it was the most cost-effective way to get something done. My current preferred stack is React/Reduct, Python/Flask, and Postgres. In the past it was Ruby on Rails, Knockout, Postgres. Before that it was .NET MVC, jQuery, and Microsoft SQL. Before that it was PHP and jQuery and MySQL. So yeah, lots of stacks, lots of change over time.   
I am really just learning how to effectively use React and Redux together, but I am a st...
Dragos Iorgulescu, Ruby on rails3 freelancer and developerView Profile
Dragos Iorgulescu4.3
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Bucharest, Romania
While I can offer expertise and guidance on all stages of a project development, perhaps the most important thing I can teach or show you is how to find answers and solutions in situations where there is no one there to help you.
Andrew Fader, Ruby on rails3 freelance coderView Profile
Andrew Fader5.0
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in The Bronx, United States

VP Engineering, Publicis Media

Aspiring polymath, big picture generalist with extensive full-stack software development experience as well as a generous helping of soft skills, business acumen and the irreverent hacker spirit. Favorite language: Ruby. Prefers free-wheeling workplaces with ping pong and/or foosball tables. Focus on attention to detail and communication, promiscuous pair programming, non-dogmatic agile practice, radical simplicity, ad-hoc refactoring, continuous integration, democratic dev ops, lean structures, and self-aware honesty in the pursuit of constant self-improvement.
Rodrigo, Ruby on rails3 developer for hireView Profile
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Ituiutaba, Brazil

Ruby on Rails developer with 4 years experience. I like React too.

Hello, I'll try to help you with my experience and learn too!
Casey Provost, top Ruby on rails3 developerView Profile
Casey Provost
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Rockford, United States

Senior RoR developer and front-end hacker

Programming brings me joy. Whether it is being part of a team working on a product that delights thousands of users, a small weekend hack project to solve a personal pain, or just building cool things with new technology; for 12 years I have been solving problems with code. I am fluent in Ruby, PHP, and Javascript. I also do fairly well with CSS and SQL. My current passion is helping people level up their Ruby on Rails code. So many startups have immature code that causes them unending headaches and helping to resolve that is incredibly satisfying. In my spare time I hang out with my wife and 9 year old son doing fun things here in Michigan like sledding, cycling, silly string fights, and general shenanigans. Specialties: Software process, agile development, api integration and design, and...
Nayyir Jutha, Ruby on rails3 freelance coderView Profile
Nayyir Jutha
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in North York, Canada

Full Stack Ruby on Rails/React JS Developer

Test driven, hard working full stack web developer and entrepreneur looking to help small businesses create or update their online presence.
Moncef Belyamani, Ruby on rails3 dev and freelancerView Profile
Moncef Belyamani
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Annandale, United States

Web developer since 1998. Rails developer since 2011. Open source contributor. Code for America alumnus.

I'm passionate about solving problems, learning by doing, and giving back to the community. My tutorial for setting up a Ruby on Rails development environment on a Mac has been viewed over 640,000 times since it was published in early April 2012, and continues to help hundreds of new visitors every day. The process is now automated via my laptop script, which has 263 stars on GitHub. I'm currently at 18F in Washington, D.C., working on, a open source shared authentication platform aiming to improve access to government services. Prior to joining 18F, I was developing Ohana API, an open source project that makes it easy to publish and maintain an open directory of community resources using the Open Referral data standard. I started Ohana API with Anselm Bradford and Sophia P...
Tensor-Programming, Ruby on rails3 software engineer and devView Profile
Freelance Ruby on rails3 developer in Cockeysville, United States

Main contributor to the Tensor Programming Blog

I have been in the business for years now. Currently, I work as a full time Freelance Programmer and am working on my startup, the tensor programming blog. I have a large pool of knowledge on many different languages and have the ability to pick up a language or framework rather quickly.

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