Joshua Tyree, Ruby on Rails4 freelance coderHire Now
Joshua Tyree5.0
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in McAllen, United States

Experienced entrepreneur and web developer

I picked up Ruby on Rails initially at version 3.x. Since then, I've created a large amount of Ruby on Rails enterprise applications. I'm experienced in most relevant frameworks associated with Rails 4 and 5. My expertise also branches out into optimization. My greatest achievement being attaining a sub 10ms response time for dynamic product queries over API using Spree Commerce.
Suyesh Bhandari, Ruby on Rails4 software engineerHire Now
Suyesh Bhandari
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Elmhurst, United States

Expert Ruby on Rails developer

Application development and Advanced Object oriented development in Ruby are currently the basis of my current skill set. My strength is in Ruby programming and I am passionate about writing clean code that stands the test of time. My precise communication plays a vital role in team-work, and can add great value to a new/ongoing project. I strive to engineer a high quality, stable and scalable application and progress my career by integrating the necessary technologies. - Over 5 years of experience in the field of information technology especially in designing, developing web applications. - Around 4 years of experience in web development using Ruby on Rails - Well versed with complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process which includes designing and implementing the so...
Jerry Kurian, Ruby on Rails4 freelance coderHire Now
Jerry Kurian
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Bengaluru, India

17 year Experienced Develop who can connect with business with technology. Loves to code.

Rails is the best web development platform that i have used and its my go to framework for developing a web application Used it extensively to develop my latest product.
Erin McLaughlin, Ruby on Rails4 software engineerHire Now
Erin McLaughlin
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in New York City, United States

Highly Experienced Web Application Developer (Drupal, RoR)

I'm beginning to learn RoR, and have started building a fairly complex tracking website for organizations to use internally.
Mark Tellez, Ruby on Rails4 freelance programmerHire Now
Mark Tellez5.0
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Puebla City, Mexico

Expert Programmer of 15+ Years - Rails to React, Webpack and beyond

I am now producing FREE ReactJS Screencasts: GET DISCOUNTED HELP! 15% off for my YouTube subscribers! Just show me a screenshot of you subscribed to my youtube channel and I will hook you up. I love to help people just starting out, or solving problems that have been stumping more experienced programmers for hours. I help Entrepreneurs design, plan, and build amazing things, sort of like a Ghostwriter. I placed 6th in the WORLD on this coding challenge using C++ and a genetic algorithm: I would love to help you! I am patient and I like to pause our timer to better understand your problem. If you don't feel like I gave 5 star service, you can have a f...
Mehmet Beydogan, Ruby on Rails4 software engineerHire Now
Mehmet Beydogan5.0
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Izmir, Turkey

Experienced Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer - 10 years of programming experience

I am a full-stack software developer specialized in web applications using Ruby on Rails. I have BS degree in Computer Engineering, started programming when I was 15. Software is a passion for me. I have Ruby on Rails mentoring and instructing experience such as; - I was volunteer instructor of Ruby on Rails class at Linux Summer Camp 2015&2016, total of more than 200 hours.(yes 200 hours, yes volunteered, yes it means I'm not getting paid) - I was volunteer instructor of Ruby on Rails Workshop class atAkademik Bilisim 2016&2017, total of more than 40 hours. - I've created free online Ruby on Rails class with 25 participants, total of 15 hours. - 200+ hours online mentoring including Codementor and long-term clients, lots of happy mentees. Currently, I'm available for; - Part-time ...
Youssef Hossam, senior Ruby on Rails4 developerHire Now
Youssef Hossam5.0
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Cairo, Egypt

Software Developer

I am a software developer and a long time geek who is driven by a passion for development, a desire to solve problems, and a love of tech. My passion has always been to build stuff, whether software or hardware. I just like to create!
Nicholas Ng, Ruby on Rails4 freelance programmerHire Now
Nicholas Ng5.0
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

FullStack Rails Developer & Founder and Technical Lead of Virtualspirit

I'm a Full Stack Rails developer and founder of tech consultancy, Virtualspirit. I always like to share my knowledge to other because I know I'm once a beginner. We can chat and discuss to fix your problem together! I interested on coding to solve the real world problem, big data analysis, growth hacking, finance, meeting new people and chit chat about technology, investment and startups. About Virtualspirit: Virtualspirit ( is a ruby on rails tech firm to provide web & mobile development. Besides, we also do all sorts of internet marketing and we produce awesome contents, for your needs! We worked with clients in UK, US, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Most of them are startup's founder, established business or digital agency owners. Say 'Hi' to me :...
Valentino, freelance Ruby on Rails4 programmerHire Now
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Floral Park, United States

Rails Developer, Web Designer and Computer Software Ninja

I've been working with Ruby on Rails since 2007, and haven't looked back. Everything from simple apps, to large scale apps with mobile counterparts, I've had my hands in nearly every stage and level of the development stack. My experience ranges from back-end development to nearly all client-side development using React.js.  I have several years of experience in design and UX both for web, mobile, and tablet applications. I currently work as a software consultant for Reenhanced.  Feel free to explore some open source work I am involved with. I created and maintain the open-source project GitReflow which won the 2015 Fukuoka Ruby Award judged by Ruby's creator Matz.
Eumir Gaspar, Ruby on Rails4 freelance coderHire Now
Eumir Gaspar
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Perth, Australia

Front end / UI specialist but I have since expanded my skill set to include devops, back end (ruby/rails), and even database optimization

I work with ruby on rails professionally and have been pair programming the past 6+ years so I know have a history of mentoring junior colleagues (who I also interviewed and paired with as part of our hiring process).
Flavio Wuensche, Ruby on Rails4 software engineerHire Now
Flavio Wuensche5.0
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rails Developer. Microsoft Excel & VBA specialist.

Industrial Engineer. Web Developer. Relevant financial background. Flavio is prepared to become an immediate contributor on tasks concerning the development and deployment of Ruby on Rails applications (both front and backend), querying databases, and managing work with git. Based on previous experience, further qualifications he can offer are mostly related to Finance, Analytics, and Process Automation.
Francisco José L. Magalhães (Franzé), Ruby on Rails4 freelance developerHire Now
Francisco José L. Magalhães (Franzé)5.0
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Fortaleza, Brazil

Software Engineer

Restless software engineer. I am always willing to learn about new development technolgies and thinking about new software development processes. I have worked on a variety of projects requiring a diverse set of back-end and front-end languages. I have also worked on multi-cultural teams both remotely and on-location. I enjoy working in a team environment, sharing ideas and experiences. Let's talk about your project! GitHub:
Ilya Zayats, Ruby on Rails4 freelance programmerHire Now
Ilya Zayats5.0
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Barcelona, Spain

Lead Engineer

Ilya is a full stack developer that loves meeting new people and motivating them to build awesome things together. JS/React/Flux/Redux/Ruby/Rails/Testing
Jacqueline Homan, Ruby on Rails4 dev and freelancerHire Now
Jacqueline Homan5.0
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in Erie, United States


I started learning computer programming with Ruby and Ruby on Rails in March 2013 in a Linux environment (Ubuntu, which is Debian-flavored Linux), so RoR is what I got the most open source project and in-depth training experience in. I am a full stack RoR developer very strong in BDD/TDD and Agile. Since then, I have branched out into JavaScript, Node, Magento, PHP, Angular, Backbone, and now F#. My work experience includes writing manifests, doing security patchwork, and programatically re-rasterizing image files and sanitizing infected databases and wesites. But oddly, PHP and JavaScript is what I got the most actual job opportunities for getting paid work experience in—even though I had to learn PHP and developing on the production server on the fly, which is strange consideri...
Ricardo Aravena, Ruby on Rails4 software engineerHire Now
Ricardo Aravena5.0
Freelance Ruby on Rails4 developer in San Mateo, United States

Devops fanatic with 18+ years of overall experience

DevOps hacker. Love to create infrastructure as automation.

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