Olumuyiwa Osiname, Rspec rails freelancer and developerView Profile
Olumuyiwa Osiname5.0
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Ruby on Rails Developer

I always build out features using Test Driven Development.
Rajarshi Das, Rspec rails freelance coderView Profile
Rajarshi Das
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Mumbai, India

Full Stack ruby on Rails Developer Rails contributor, Many Open source gems and contributions

1) For TDD I have worked on rspec 2, 3 versions 2) worked on rspec core, expectation mocks 3) also worked share examples. matchers
Mehmet Beydogan, Rspec rails software engineerView Profile
Mehmet Beydogan5.0
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Antalya, Turkey

Experienced Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer - 10 years of programming experience

I am a full-stack software developer specialized in web applications using Ruby on Rails. I have BS degree in Computer Engineering, started programming when I was 15. Software is a passion for me. I have Ruby on Rails mentoring and instructing experience such as; - I was volunteer instructor of Ruby on Rails class at Linux Summer Camp 2015&2016, total of more than 200 hours.(yes 200 hours, yes volunteered, yes it means I'm not getting paid) - I was volunteer instructor of Ruby on Rails Workshop class atAkademik Bilisim 2016&2017, total of more than 40 hours. - I've created free online Ruby on Rails class with 25 participants, total of 15 hours. - 200+ hours online mentoring including Codementor and long-term clients, lots of happy mentees. Currently, I'm available for; - Part-time ...
Leif Gensert, Rspec rails freelance coderView Profile
Leif Gensert5.0
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Phuket, Thailand

I help business with their tech

I have been a developer basically all my life. Started early in high school with programming games on my calculator, studied computer science and after graduation made my career as a developer. I worked for small startups and large coorperations. I always loved helping out my colleagues and figuring out complex problems. Whenever a nasty bug was resolved it put a smile to my face. I use Ruby on Rails on a daily basis and know my way around. On the side I have been coaching this wonderful technologies to newcomers. It's alwqys great to see technology through the eyes of someone else.
Robb Shecter, Rspec rails freelance coderView Profile
Robb Shecter4.8
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Las Vegas, United States

Expert software developer and rockabilly bassist

I love building apps that truly work well and exceed customers' expectations. I'm constantly learning and reading to improve myself. My personal interests are open data and public health; I'm the creator of several projects used by thousands for accessing the law and government health reports. I cannot give legal advice via codementor, but I can answer general questions about licensing, copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property.
Eduardo Del Balso, Rspec rails freelancer and developerView Profile
Eduardo Del Balso
Freelance Rspec rails developer in San Francisco, United States

Learning should be fun, let's do this!

I'm a professional software engineer with 10 years experience. I've become an engineering manager in my career and have found a love for teaching and mentorship. I'd love to problem solve whatever you are facing together. I'm trying this out for the first time, so I'm offering a really low rate to start. Please reach out and say hi! :)
Mayowa Pitan, Rspec rails freelance coderView Profile
Mayowa Pitan4.7
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Ruby on Rails, SQL and Javascript ninja

I have worked with Ruby and Rails since 2015 and I have built several web applications and apis with it. I have also worked with the IBM WATSON AI and built an investment app in conjunction with a hackathon team. I would be happy to help you learn the basics of building web applications, troubleshoot any issues you may have, understand best practices when it comes to development, or help wrap your head around building maintainable software with Ruby, Rails and Git. In addition to Ruby/Rails and its testing framework, I have a couple of experience with Javascript, I major in jquery and quite proficient with React as well. Reach out and schedule an intro session! I would love to talk with you.
Eqbal Qur'an, Rspec rails freelance coderView Profile
Eqbal Qur'an
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Ashburn, United States

Solution Architect / Ruby on Rails Engineer

Specialties: Ruby . Rails , Computer Engineering , Software Engineer , Web Development , Account Manager, Open Source , Cloud Servers , Django , Erlang , Scala, Qt , Titanium , Xcode , Git.
K M Rakibul Islam (Rakib), Rspec rails developer and engineerView Profile
K M Rakibul Islam (Rakib)5.0
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Mississauga, Canada

Top Ruby on Rails Mentor of January - December, 2017 & January - February 2018 (14 months in a row!) at Codementor | Experienced (8+ years) and friendly Ruby on Rails Developer/Mentor (with passion for helping others learn) | 1000+ Sessions

I am the Top Ruby on Rails Mentor of January, February, March, April, May, June, July and August 2016 (8 months in a row) and January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2017 & January and February 2018 (again 14 months in a row!) at Codementor with 1000+ sessions. https://www.codementor.io/ruby-on-rails-experts I am a Senior Software Engineer from Toronto, currently working as a Ruby on Rails Developer at theScore Inc. I am passionate about helping and mentoring people, especially who are new to the web development and the programming world. I am specialized in explaining core concepts of Ruby and Rails along with the best practices. I focus on the learning experience of my students and make sure they get exactly what they want. I hav...
Andrew Fader, Rspec rails freelance coderView Profile
Andrew Fader5.0
Freelance Rspec rails developer in The Bronx, United States

VP Engineering, Publicis Media

Aspiring polymath, big picture generalist with extensive full-stack software development experience as well as a generous helping of soft skills, business acumen and the irreverent hacker spirit. Favorite language: Ruby. Prefers free-wheeling workplaces with ping pong and/or foosball tables. Focus on attention to detail and communication, promiscuous pair programming, non-dogmatic agile practice, radical simplicity, ad-hoc refactoring, continuous integration, democratic dev ops, lean structures, and self-aware honesty in the pursuit of constant self-improvement.
Egor Vorobiev, top Rspec rails developerView Profile
Egor Vorobiev
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Minsk, Belarus

Ruby On Rails developer

Hi, my name is Egor and I am an active member and speaker of "Belarus Ruby User Group", right now I am working as a lead ruby on rails developer. I have a solid experience in complex projects. Sometimes write articles to my blog (https://medium.com/@egor_vorobiev ) I started to learn programming when I was 14. So when I came to university, I was hired right away. After 8 months of hard work I started to lead a small team, and next time I took part in about 10-15 small and big projects. Feel free to contact me.
Sergey Alekseev, Rspec rails software engineerView Profile
Sergey Alekseev4.8
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Minsk, Belarus

Founder of https://asoft.co – Chatbots, Shopify Apps and World-class Web Projects

Hey! I’m an experienced Ruby on Rails developer and a founder of ASoft LLC. I give speeches, contribute to open source and write blog posts. I completed my Bachelor of Computer Science degree during my study with exceptional software programmers. I developed my first Rails application more than 4 years ago. Since that time I learned a lot and I continue learning something new every day. I like to share my experience. In 2013 I taught a Ruby on Rails course in the university to about 70 students. Codementor is a great way to help people and learn something new as well. Recently I gave 2 speeches about remote pair programming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sklY800ous & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq_q1ml39RQ. Full CV can be found on ➡ http://asoft.co/people/sergey-alekseev. ...
Nick O'Neill, Rspec rails freelance coderView Profile
Nick O'Neill5.0
Freelance Rspec rails developer in New York, United States

Full Stack Web Developer (Rails focused)

I have been doing full stack web development now for nearly 17 years. I was self taught initially but then began seeking more formal education to improve my skills. Over the course of 17 years I've: - Built countless websites (static, PHP, Wordpress, MoveableType!, and now tons of Rails apps) - Managed linux servers - Sold a blog that targeted software developers! - And more... I'm ready to help you out with your web application challenges. I can probably be most of use with Rails apps but if you need help with strategy, architecture, etc, I can help with that too. I have helped others build successful software businesses including selling my own. Ready to help! Would especially love to help with refactoring code.
Tijesunimi Peters, Rspec rails freelancer and developerView Profile
Tijesunimi Peters4.9
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Willing to learn and teach

I am a very down to earth to helping and making sure something works
Valentine Zavadskiy, Rspec rails consultant and programmerView Profile
Valentine Zavadskiy5.0
Freelance Rspec rails developer in Minsk, Belarus

Web-developer with 7+ years of experience.

Start doing web-development at the age of 16. Since that launched a lot of projects, mostly using Ruby on Rails. CEO of consulting company with 15+ people.

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