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Craciun Ciprian

Craciun Ciprian

Front End Developer with 3+

Bucharest (+02:00)
Romanian, English
Hi! My name is Ciprian and i'm a Front End developer. I work as a fron-end dev since 2013, with Javascript, Jquery, css/html, bootstrap and Sass. Also i know to develop Wordpress websites giving me the opportunity to know PHP. Why you can trust me: * I will not charge you if i can't help you

Hey, I know how to work with Wordpress and i installed on different platforms. Let's talk if you need help.

Javascript expert help JavaScript - 2 years experience
I use Javascript and Jquery daily at my job on different projects
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 3 years experience
css3, html5, responsive front-end
Php expert help PHP - 2 years experience
The Php make sense for me when i want to code as a backend developer.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 2 years experience
jquery coding on front-end an also on wordpress
Server expert help Server - 1 year experience
just ubuntu install and domains configurations
No icon Dojo - 1 year experience
Working with dojojs once, on a financial project
No icon Sass - 2 years experience
Used with Gulp and Grunt on front end
No icon Bootstrap3 - 2 years experience
Used a lot when i want to make a responsive website