Learning JavaScript

Published Mar 30, 2018
Learning JavaScript

About me

I am a college student majoring in Computer Science and a front-end Web Developer for a Marketing Agency. I've always had a passion for programming and getting into the nitty gritty of a particularly difficult programming challenge. Coming up with fun and innovative solutions to tough problems is my spice of life!

Why I wanted to learn JavaScript

The company I am at is really starting to grow and take off in the higher education and nonprofit sectors, which means more clients and more high level web development work. I therefore decided I really needed to complete my stack of front-end development technologies and skills in order to more effectively lead our tech department into the future.

How I approached learning JavaScript

If there is one thing I know, the internet has everything. I spent hours just combing through YouTube videos, code practicing sites, and eventually settled on a paid service that had a great combination of video lectures, quizzes, and coding projects. Having variety when learning, I think, helps concepts stick and makes the learning process that much more fun!

Challenges I faced

Having a love for programming and some background in computer science, grasping the concepts of the language was not that hard, but finding the time was. I was constantly pushing it off in favor of other things but I knew I wanted to learn it! So, I made a strict schedule, gave myself a bit of self-motivation, and from there, I was off!

Key takeaways

Practice, practice, practice. It does you no good to watch the videos and then do nothing with it. I've found that the real way to solidify the material is to test it out. Even if you don't have a job like I do, that constantly lets me flex my new muscles, simply making up a fake project or task and then trying to build it out can be just as good!

Tips and advice

Don't be intimidated. It might seem at first that this is a subject that is so far out of reach that you couldn't possibly grasp it, but I assure you, with a little effort, it isn't that difficult. Especially if you have a background in programming, learning this language should be a piece of cake. As one of my professors once told me, once you learn how to learn a language, picking up a new one is easy!

Final thoughts and next steps

My next goal is to complete my studies and gain a complete mastery of the language. After that, it's on to learning a framework (maybe Angular JS) and then onto the back-end so I can someday fulfill my dream of becoming a full-stack developer.

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