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Rishat Muhametshin

Rishat Muhametshin

A Meteor + React guy with focus on rapid launch

Atlantic Time (Canada) (-04:00)
I'm a full-time freelance programmer, occasional open source contributor and local developer community maintainer. I use Meteor and React with modern Javascript, Babel and Webpack, and focus on bringing a product to the public market. My core domain expertise is transportation and logistics, however I've been revolving around AI, information architecture and HCIs recently.
21 React
18 JavaScript
8 Ecmascript 6
5 Node.js
4 Redux
4 Meteor
Meteor expert help Meteor - 4 years experience
I've been using Meteor first for small R&D projects and then, after it's become more mature, for real-life production-ready apps. Meteor is a great framework for those who want to reach the MVP milestone quickly, for it's a full-stack framework, with built-in CLI tools, perfect Mongo support, tons of useful packages and Galaxy, where you can deploy your app with just a few commands. I'd recommend Meteor to anyone who has a strong vision and needs to launch quickly.
Reactjs expert help React - 2 years experience
I love React and the way it evolves, it's all about FP, statelessness, functional purity and reactivity. Among many app state patterns, I have chosen Redux, since once configured, it's clean and concise and the state transition flow is so straightforward. I'd definitely recommend React for the front-end. It's way more powerful, and code is significantly more reusable, than it looks.
No icon Ecmascript 6 - 2 years experience
ES6 changed the game. I use async/await, generators and decorators a lot, let alone object spread and destructuring assignment, for cleaner code that anybody can read and understand at once, fluently, without pain. ES6 is just what every Javascript programmer needs to know by default these days, and the deeper the better.
No icon Lodash - 3 years experience
I just use lodash a lot. Even if it's not pure functional programming (no lazy evaluation, no currying by default), the toolset is just great. I believe Lodash is the first step in transition from old-school Javascript, with its prototypes and obscure wrappings, to modern, clean and functional Javascript.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 5 years experience
JavaScript is one of strongest areas of expertise I have, and the language I use longest. I stick to using modern tools that save time and make the development process cleaner and more productive. Among them, ES6, Babel and Webpack are my favorites.
No icon ClojureScript - 1 year experience
I use ClojureScript for side projects and for academic purposes, i.e. non-production, ad hoc things that test hypotheses and allow build things fast but in scalable fashion. I mostly use Reagent with Hiccups template engine, it's quite simple, compared to Om, and lets produce deliverables fast.
Mongo db expert help MongoDB - 4 years experience
Mongo is my document storage of choice. I use it from its early days, first with Python and then as a part of Meteor core bundle.
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 6 years experience
I'm a huge fan of responsive web design and mobile-first approach. I used to use Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation frameworks in the past, for they provided some nice responsiveness out of the box, but these days I use Flexbox and a little pinch of patience to implement beautiful responsive layouts myself.
til 2   1
Today I Learned
itunes-jekyll-template 1   2
A Jekyll template that generates RSS feed that is a valid iTunes podcast feed
coding 1   0
Tips on coding learned hard way.
canvas-example 0   1
Example of scrollable, draggable, zoomable canvas showing a catalogue of images
CSS HTML JavaScript
accounts-ui 0   0
Accounts UI for React in Meteor 1.3
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Awesome mentor!
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Amazing, super intelligent!
Chris Marshall Nov 21, 2016

Great knowledge - super helpful
Mike Oristian Nov 03, 2016

Very Knowledgable and patient! Thank you again!
Tiffany Lo Oct 17, 2016

Rishat is very patient and helpful. He walked me through all the concepts and was very descriptive so I was able to understand. He explained concepts I have been trying to understand for hours in just one hour.
Gertrude Nyenyeshi Oct 17, 2016

Henrik Sep 20, 2016

very helpful
Jim OKelly Sep 14, 2016

Great help for
Steven Anderson Sep 11, 2016

Rishat is very knowledgeable with React and Redux. Highly recommend him!
Harry Sep 05, 2016

Fast, polite, helping, decisive! Great mentor!
Alessandro Annini Sep 04, 2016

Great mentor, clear concise and friendly.
Joel England Sep 04, 2016

Rishat is amazing!!! I recommend him to anyone for anyone needing JS, ReactJS, HTML, CSS expertise. He was able to help me debug things even while tired for problems I had difficulty with.
Erin Pangilinan Sep 02, 2016

He immediately identified the problem with my use of redux-form and showed a solution.
Carl Sorenson Sep 02, 2016

Super helpful and nice!
Antonin Archer Sep 02, 2016

Rishat was very helpful, great at explaining and bug hunting and I would love to work with him again.
sara ines calderon Aug 18, 2016

Yes I am back! He is very consistent with helping students. He is also very patient. Sometimes not everything is gonna work. But he will try to figure things out with you. That's awesome!
Tiffany Lo Aug 07, 2016

I'm beyond impressed at how he was able to explain things to me while showing me what I needed to do. Very professional and patient, and was able to execute under the estimated 2 hours. It was an hour and change. Now I am able to catch up on few other class works I fell behind in properly completing. I will be back for more React and Ecmascript 6 help! If he knows the tech and I need help with it. He'll be my go to for much needed assistance. Thank you so very much! :)
Tiffany Lo Aug 02, 2016

Incredible! I plan on working with him in the future. He truly know his stuff.
newbie Jul 28, 2016

Helped me debug a relatively complex issue with react / react-router / react-router-redux...
Justin Handley Jul 27, 2016

Rishat was helpful as always, ensuring that the issue was fixed and that I understand the methodology behind it. A+ mentor!
Taylor Raboin Jul 21, 2016

Rishat was great in walking me through my problem, I highly recommend him!
Thomas Pham Jul 07, 2016

Rishat is a fabulous teacher. Outstanding teaching skills, experience and knowledge.
Ahmed Jul 06, 2016

Rishat is an amazing mentor. Very helpful and experienced. Thank you!
Ahmed Jul 06, 2016

Good meteor developer, recommend
Flavio Carvalho Jul 06, 2016

Straight to the point and could explain to me (a react/javascript novice) what was happening. Thanks!
Rasmus Sjørslev Jul 05, 2016

Super helpful. Found a bug that would have taken me a long time
patrick iwanicki Jun 21, 2016

Great like always! One good think about Rishat is that you learn also while he research for weird bugs. Just watching how he do, its already super helpful, moreover he explain exactly what's going on so you can do a great pair coding session!
giorgia sambrotta Jun 20, 2016

Once again Rishat was very helpful. This time we found an annoying bug but Rishat didn't finish the session before it was fixed. i'm grateful for this :) Also, i learn a lot like always pair-coding with him.
giorgia sambrotta Jun 13, 2016

As common saying say: Second time is always better then first, today session was great. We cover many many different topics and i solved all my issues, even the philosophical ones :) Rishat is very fast and go straight to the point!
giorgia sambrotta May 11, 2016

Rishat was very helpful, we went directly to the point, he gave me good tips on how to further develop my app and he give me a good overview on different solutions i could use. Now i have the right input to keep coding!
giorgia sambrotta May 04, 2016

Great mentor! super helpful.
Jennifer Mutasa Apr 12, 2016

Of the 4-5 mentors I contacted, Rishat was the nicest and speediest with his help. I asked "silly" questions, and he was very patient.
Sarah Sareh Apr 06, 2016

Rishat is succinct and very friendly! Got my answer in less than a minute!
Sarah Sareh Apr 06, 2016

Great explanations
patrick iwanicki Mar 05, 2016

Very helpful..highly recommend!
patrick iwanicki Mar 04, 2016

12 minutes and massive head ache solved. Straight to the point and clear communication. Highly recommended for any Meteor project.
Henrik Feb 22, 2016

Great. looking forward to my next session
Laide Feb 22, 2016

Rishat very quickly helped me and provided terrific guidance on best practices with building REST Apis.
Laurie Reynolds Feb 21, 2016

Thank you very much! Big help.
Daniel Feb 18, 2016

Rishat is a great mentor. Explains what he is doing all throughout the session.
Garry Chan Feb 15, 2016

Rishat is great at debugging React and Redux apps. He used the console log to break down every detail of my code in action. We couldn't solve this latest issue, but he pointed me in the right direction.
David Ewers Feb 13, 2016

Rishat patiently looked through my code, helped me find the problems, and showed me how to fix things. He got me over the hurdle. He has very good understanding of React, Redux, and Meteor. I will call on him again for certain.
David Ewers Feb 12, 2016

Excellent! Very helpful! Showed me what I needed to do. Excellent help! Thanks!
Cary Grant Anderson Feb 04, 2016

Fast, to the point. Great feedback. totally recommended.
Vlad Feb 03, 2016

Very sharp. Picked up on the updates I needed quickly and put in place good solutions to make them work.
Gene Billingsley Dec 16, 2015

Liv Ia Dec 14, 2015

I enjoyed my session and my request to implement an animation was done quickly and well explained
Tom Clarkson Dec 13, 2015