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Laszlo L. Mari, senior Riotjs developerHire Now
Freelance Riotjs developer in Budapest, Hungary

CEO @ Dakai - Blockchain Solutions (Past: Google, IDG, Blockchain Consulting)

React on steroids in a much smaller space. This is Riot and I use it in most of my browser extensions!
Rory O'Keeffe, top Riotjs developerHire Now
Freelance Riotjs developer in Dublin, Ireland

Generalist lead web engineer with years of startup experience

Hi guys and girls! My name is Rory, and I'm a full-stack web developer from Ireland. I've been working as part of small teams since 2010, delivering web apps pretty much constantly ever since, using technologies ranging from Rails, C#, Python and Node.js on the backend to jQuery to Angular, RiotJS and React on the front. I can help with some pair programming, teach you about a concept you're struggling with or help you work out a specific problem. What makes me different? I remember what it's like to be stuck with things. I get myself lost on a regular basis - it's good practice and an essential part of the constant learning that a successful programming career requires. So don't worry. I know what it's like to be lost, and I know how to help you get, well, found!
Nigel Berkeley, senior Riotjs developerHire Now
Freelance Riotjs developer in Ashburn, United States

Generalist with a focus on programming

Offering now basic Polymer help for beginners. Jack of all trades within IT and passionate about learning and sharing my knowledge with others. Key skills are within LAMP but have also a wealth of knowledge in areas other than just coding as you will see from my profile. Started my freelancing company in Sweden in 2007. Been interesting in programming and IT since I was 8.
Ricardo Banegas, Riotjs software engineerHire Now
Freelance Riotjs developer in Stockholm, Sweden

Experienced Frontend-architect/developer for high-traffic websites

Largest part of my work life I've been working with Sweden's biggest #1 Websites. So working with code architecture/security in mind, site-speed optimisation and big teams of developers is second nature to me. My passion for web creation started as a young teenager. Ever since I have learned many different languages & platforms and web design & technical guidelines from the best co-workers - which gives me a strong base to adapt to any technical project. I strive to make it easy for the user and to work continuously with optimisation - this to get the best results. Specialties: Frontend Architect, Frontend developer, Mobile developer, Backend developer, Digital Revenue Optimisation Expert, Project Manager, Tech-team leader, A/B-testing, PHP OOP, JavaScript OOP/HTML5/CSS3, Respons...
Rubén Sospedra, senior Riotjs developerHire Now
Freelance Riotjs developer in Barcelona, Spain

Fullstack developer, co-founder & CTO

If you go for it, you can go wrong. It may cost contempt or loneliness. It may not be legal. I studied for four years a degree in social sciences, totally useless for the development of my current job. I worked hard in jobs utterly unrelated to computer science. I spent tons of time in my sport career. And I don't regret nothing. Only if you live the way you want, you will become who you are. However, this would not justify a lower level, because of that I'm going madness with coding. My whole life became programming. It is full passion and enthusiasm. I've always like computers, I can remember my very first computer: an iMac G3 collected from the garbage. And it worked perfectly! That experience, the sound of keys being pressed by my fingers, the smell of the hot wires, that magic so...
Jonathan Itakpe, Riotjs software engineerHire Now
Freelance Riotjs developer in Lagos, Nigeria

Full-Stack Web Developer

I am an experienced Full-Stack web developer with years of experience under my belt. I primarily focus on Backend web development using languages such as Python, PHP and Javascript.
Chris Damian, Riotjs freelance coderHire Now
Freelance Riotjs developer in Miami, United States

Java, Web & Mobile Developer (Full Stack)

Full stack developer skilled particular in Java, web and mobile, having worked with various clients on a number of diverse projects. Projects range from e-commerce, analytics, radio, banking and more.
Jeremy Tribby, top Riotjs developerHire Now
Freelance Riotjs developer in Ashburn, United States

Front-End Engineer/Designer at EFF

Hi! I love working with open source software and teaching as well! My views on front-end development do not reflect those of EFF ;-)
Phil, top Riotjs developer for hireHire Now
Freelance Riotjs developer in Magnolia, United States

Freelance full stack developer

Hi there. My name is Phil, and I'm a full stack web developer based out of Houston, Texas. I build everything from microservices and APIs to user-facing web applications from the ground up. I love making apps fast, secure, responsive, and user-friendly. I've written everything from compilers in C++ to video games in Lua.

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