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Abraham Haskins

Abraham Haskins

Pacific Time (US & Canada) (-08:00)
I've has been building things on Firebase since its initial release and I've been focused on Firebase for the last year. I am considered one of the most experienced Firebase experts around and I regularly draw on my experiences to answer questions and contribute to open-source Firebase projects. I have worked on various Firebase powered applications, both for Firebase themselves and outside clients.
Android expert help Android - 1 year experience
I've been studying Android development - specifically in regards to Firebase, for about a year. I am not an Android expert, but I have extensive knowledge of using Firebase with Android.
Angular js expert help AngularJS - 2 years experience
Firebase and Angular go hand-in-hand and you'll rarely find a Firebase engineer who doesn't do extensive work with Firebase. I am no exception. Around 90% of my Firebase projects have involved AngularJS in one form or the other because I believe it is the best way to build fast and reliable Web applications. I've spent countless hours using every version of AngularFire (the official Firebase/Angular binding) and worked closely with the original engineer when he was creating the initial version. I've also implemented my own Firebase/Angular bindings for niche use cases like legacy browser compatibility.
No icon Firebase - 3 years experience
I am a Firebase expert and one of the most experienced Firebase consultant in the world. I started my Firebase adventure when I was contracted by Firebase to built a large open-source Firebase / Angular. However, my role soon expanded to working with users, writing documentation, building internal and open-source tools. As time progressed I started doing less work for Firebase and more work for people using Firebase. I have helped hundreds of engineers build better Firebase apps by providing them access to my nearly unrivaled expertise of the Firebase platform. My time consulting for individuals, start-ups, established companies, and international organizations has given me a unique perspective on many of the most complex engineering problems which can come up when building with the FAN stack (Firebase / Angular / Node). As I've built project after project on Firebase, I contributed to some of the largest open-source Firebase projects, created various Firebase-focused libraries and tools, and pioneered many of Firebase's best practices.
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Same as last time. Excellent Mentor.
Guy Jacks Feb 16, 2015

Abraham has direct experience in that he actually worked for firebase developing AngularFire. He also dove into my code right away while explaining what he was doing. Great mentor. Thank you.
Guy Jacks Feb 12, 2015

You can tell that Abe has had plenty of experience with Firebase and AngularFire. Definitely got us pointed in the right direction. Champion.
Cameron Bourke Feb 11, 2015