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I am a front end developer and help build start ups for PwC.
Javascript expert help JavaScript - 4 years experience
I've spent four years building front ends, and I am awesome at creating stunning UIs, and am particularly good with animations. I like to do experiments which increase my knowledge like: http://chardos.github.io/experiments/arcs/ http://chardos.github.io/experiments/b_for_bevin/
Html css expert help HTML/CSS - 4 years experience
I'm very good in the UI side of things, and will have no trouble beating a stubborn UI into shape :) I'm also very good with animations.
Ruby on rails expert help Ruby on Rails - 1 year experience
I've been working on several rails apps over the last year, www.niftyforms.com being a good example.
Jquery expert help jQuery - 5 years experience
jQuery is my bread and butter, I know it back to front.
Git expert help Git - 3 years experience
Have been using git at work for the past few years (command line only).
No icon Responsive design - 4 years experience
I have been working in agency environments designing websites for all screen sizes. I designed http://eheadspace.org.au and www.niftyforms.com
No icon Html5 canvas - 3 years experience
I play a lot in my free time in the realm of canvas, as visual experiments are pastime of mine. Example below: http://chardos.github.io/experiments/arcs/
No icon Photoshop - 14 years experience
I've been using photoshop since 2002, for web design, photo retouching, and visual arts. I know it extremely well.
No icon Bootstrap - 3 years experience
I built niftyforms.com in Bootstrap 3.
No icon Ionic - 1 year experience
I've built a small app in Ionic leveraging some of the Cordova API's. Also been through the process of launching the app to the google play store.
No icon Responsive development - 4 years experience
Good responsive development requires a good eye and strong attention to detail. I possess these and make sure a website looks great at all browser widths. I have a lot of experience with customising javascript to respond to different devices/browser widths.
No icon Css3 animations - 4 years experience
waypoints_rails 4   1
Simple asset pipeline management for waypoint.
migrations 2   0
CSS HTML JavaScript
Daily-programmer 0   1
countupjs-rails 0   0
This gem provides countUp.js for your rails application.
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Richard is awesome. He pinpoints the problem quickly and can find the fix in a flash. He goes above and beyond to make sure that he's answered all questions / provided a good experience to the people he helps.
Gauri Manglik Feb 27, 2016

Richard was very fast and professional, he was able to solve my issue within minutes. I would highly recommend him, if you are looking for quality work done in a quick amount of time.
Lee Primeau Feb 24, 2016

Richard is a great tutor. He spent a considerable step by step approaches to solve my amateur coding abilities. i learnt so much and hope to learn more from him in the future. Good Job Man!!!
nick Feb 14, 2016

Great mentor. Very knowledgeable!
Matt Gaudio Feb 13, 2016

Rich is great! He shows me how to achieve the effect I wanted to place in my website step by step. And more importantly, he listens to what you want to achieve first and provide the optimal way of how to code that. Also, if you prefer to work with a mentor that is chill and efficient at the same time. Highly recommend Rich!!
avrilhsu Feb 13, 2016

Richard was great - he worked quickly and helped me with my biggest problem. He was able to give me good advice regarding the responsive structure of my site.
Valentina Feb 10, 2016

Richard's knows his stuff and was quick to solve my problem.
Chris Feb 06, 2016